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BONES Recap: ‘The Killer in the Crosshairs’

March 11, 2011 by  

Hey, hey BONES pals! It’s great to be back from yet ANOTHER hiatus, and if the first minute of this episode didn’t have you smiling, well, I’m not sure what to say! I loved the juxtaposition of B&B sharing an impromptu (on Booth’s part) jogging competition against Jacob Broadsky preparing for what looked most certainly like another hit job. It was a refreshing change from the near standard nowadays of some unsuspecting person finding a corpse in an offbeat location. It’s rare that we actually see the killer commit his/her crime, so right away, this episode proved to be different from most. It’s a “staccato-mamba” of an episode! Let’s get to it!

The Case:

Seeing a victim eaten by rodents ISN’T new or surprising, but that was the fate of our victim, Walter Crane, who was carrying a briefcase with cash inside. Booth and Brennan arrive to the crime scene in their casual clothes, where they are joined by Caroline. When Booth figures out that the bullet was copper and that the killer didn’t take any of the money, he realizes that whoever killed their victim was just in it for the hit, and he identifies the handmade bullet as something Broadsky would do. He calculates the trajectory and pinpoints where the bullet came from while Brennan ascertains that it severed the spine of the victim. Booth declares that snipers don’t get to make the call on who they kill and that it ends now. “Broadsky is mine.”

At the lab, Brennan measures the isotopes in Walter’s body and determines that he is from the Midwest, making him not Walter Crane at all. Hodgins finds bleach on the victim, leading him to see that “Crane” had been counterfeiting money. Booth finds it interesting and mentions that Broadsky might go after a counterfeiter. At the FBI building, Caroline gives him a file with Walter’s real last name, Coolidge. Coolidge was instrumental in putting another man in prison, Ortiz. Booth interrogates him and wants to know how he got in touch with Broadsky for the hit. Ortiz says Broadsky contacted him with Walter’s name.

At the FBI building, Brennan is more concerned with Booth’s reaction to Broadsky. He’s touchy and reading too much into her words, saying, “I am not him.” Brennan insists that nothing she said made any such allusion.

Later, in Booth’s office, he’s going through all the records of any US Marshall who might be connected with Broadsky. Brennan isn’t having any luck, but Booth pulls up the profile of Paula Ashwaldt. He recognizes her as someone Broadsky saved. Brennan quickly recognizes that Booth admired Broadsky’s actions in that instance.

Booth goes to talk to Paula alone, asking her if she’s talked to Broadsky and when she’s hesitant to give information, he calls her on it, saying he knows what it’s like to owe someone your life. But he’s also clear to point out that what Broadsky’s doing now is murder. He shows her Broadsky’s victim from his Heather Taffet hit. Paula is horrified; she trusted Broadsky. Booth gives her the benefit of the doubt and doesn’t take her in immediately for questioning.

It’s possibly the wrong move, as later, when Brennan and Booth are investigating at Paula’s cabin, he gets a call that she has killed herself at her desk. He’s in for a bigger shock when at the end of the day, he arrives to his apartment — how cool was that safe-covering set of books, yeah?! — and Broadsky is there.

He is mad that Paula is dead and blames Booth, identifying (as we all probably did) that Booth feels guilty for her death. But where we might not blame Booth, Broadsky is quick to, and he points out that he plans to do something about it–he’ll make Parker fatherless, if need be.

Back at the lab, Angela identifies the bullet and concludes that it was programmable, thus causing it to split before impact. When she later figures out that it’s a “smart bullet,” Brennan still relies on what Booth said — Broadsky wasn’t good enough to make it.

Booth brings in a weapons dealer/ammunition maker he knew from the war, Benny Winkler. He is somewhat scrawny, but spunky and he tosses out insults and snide comments toward Booth, despite the fact that he’s in Booth’s interrogation room. Benny finally describes Broadsky’s specifications for the bullet he made for him, including what building his target would be in.

Angela uses the description Benny gave to narrow down the building as something built before 1939. Caroline figures it out: it’s the women’s bathroom in the federal courthouse. B&B go there (and was anyone else surprised that Booth let Brennan go inside to measure the parameters of the room?!?) to investigate.

Brennan thinks they should evacuate the building, but Booth says no, that will just give Broadsky the opportunity to run and wait longer. Meanwhile, Angela is at the lab, creating a trajectory path using the mathematics from Broadsky’s practice shot, and she tells Booth it’s from a rooftop.

We see Broadsky on a rooftop and Booth and Brennan on what appears to be a neighboring one, as they communicate with Caroline, who is at the courthouse. She states the building is mostly empty, save for one lowly female lawyer who is defending a crooked cop. But they aren’t sure why Broadsky would choose the woman as his target. Brennan states that it’s likely the architecture is symmetric, and Booth agrees: Broadsky’s aiming for the men’s bathroom. They run to the other side of their rooftop and spot Broadsky.

He’s certainly aiming for the crooked cop, and Booth makes Brennan help him. He aims and fires at Broadsky, hitting his gun. Booth is frustrated by his “miss” and puts out a BOLO on Broadsky, also knowing it’s likely his sniper rival is long gone.

The Squints:

It’s always fun to see my squintern boyfriend Mr. Vincent Nigel-Murray around the lab, and this week was no different. I love that he has a sponsor to try to control his “factoids” as Brennan put it. Combine that with a Palin joke, and I’m still smitten.

I laughed when Caroline figured out pronto that Booth’s interest in hanging out with Brennan had more to do with her than Peloponnesian wars. And it was equally sweet that she was finally annoyed with Broadsky AFTER he threatened Booth.

Halfway through the episode, I wondered if we were even going to see Cam. I can’t say much more than this — her haircut is fantastic!

For Angela and Hodgins, when they weren’t working the case, they were dealing with the fact that her father was determined to name their first born child. Staccato-mamba! Hahaha! I loved Hodgins’ reaction to it, and that he stood up to Billy Gibbons. Of course, the new tattoo on his arm was a stunner, and I’m kind of hoping it’s not permanent. Angela’s dad is one scary dude, as Sweets can also attest.

So let’s talk Sweets. His avoidance of Angela’s father was funny, but what I most liked was the scene in his office where he talked to Booth and listened to him. I thought Booth was particularly honest, in his way, and Sweets was cool about it. Interesting that he called him “Booth,” which he almost never does. In their “friendship” moments, he normally calls him Agent Booth.

Booth & Brennan:

They were both completely gorgeous in this episode, but more than that, I loved how close they were, particularly in conversation. We already discussed the fun beginning, and I can see how their competitive nature will be something that keeps them together for many years.

What did you think of the conversation in the SUV where Brennan likened Booth’s tenacity toward catching Broadsky to the murderer’s own tenacity toward his “prey”? It was interesting to me, the way she talked about good and bad being relative constructs while Booth was more black and white about it. He’s a good guy.

I LOVE the Broadsky vs. Booth dynamic, especially the part where he mentioned that Booth could never stand collateral damage. That lines up with a lot of what we know about Booth — that he likes to have things in his control, that he wants to protect innocent people, especially people he loves.

Both Brennan and Booth seemed very in character in this episode, especially in the courthouse scene where Brennan question Booth’s motives and felt anxiety about questioning him and when Booth said she just needed to trust him. He needs her trust, and she was able to give it. I liked that. She was right in questioning his motives, but she was also right in giving him her trust. Thoughts from you?

I found the end scene to be in character, too. Booth and Brennan have always been the one the other can talk to, even if it’s about himself/herself or the other. That’s one of the most fascinating aspects of their partnership. I liked that Booth came clean about how he wanted Brennan to perceive him, and I liked that Brennan was very clear on how she did. I also liked that she laughed at his joke that wasn’t really a joke and took it way too far in her way. THAT is very Brennan-esque to me.

Okay, enough from me. Thoughts from you on this episode? Will Booth continue to pursue Broadsky? Will Brennan stand by him — metaphorically, of course!

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