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BONES Recap: ‘The Killer in the Crosshairs’

March 11, 2011 by  

Hey, hey BONES pals! It’s great to be back from yet ANOTHER hiatus, and if the first minute of this episode didn’t have you smiling, well, I’m not sure what to say! I loved the juxtaposition of B&B sharing an impromptu (on Booth’s part) jogging competition against Jacob Broadsky preparing for what looked most certainly like another hit job. It was a refreshing change from the near standard nowadays of some unsuspecting person finding a corpse in an offbeat location. It’s rare that we actually see the killer commit his/her crime, so right away, this episode proved to be different from most. It’s a “staccato-mamba” of an episode! Let’s get to it!

The Case:

Seeing a victim eaten by rodents ISN’T new or surprising, but that was the fate of our victim, Walter Crane, who was carrying a briefcase with cash inside. Booth and Brennan arrive to the crime scene in their casual clothes, where they are joined by Caroline. When Booth figures out that the bullet was copper and that the killer didn’t take any of the money, he realizes that whoever killed their victim was just in it for the hit, and he identifies the handmade bullet as something Broadsky would do. He calculates the trajectory and pinpoints where the bullet came from while Brennan ascertains that it severed the spine of the victim. Booth declares that snipers don’t get to make the call on who they kill and that it ends now. “Broadsky is mine.”

At the lab, Brennan measures the isotopes in Walter’s body and determines that he is from the Midwest, making him not Walter Crane at all. Hodgins finds bleach on the victim, leading him to see that “Crane” had been counterfeiting money. Booth finds it interesting and mentions that Broadsky might go after a counterfeiter. At the FBI building, Caroline gives him a file with Walter’s real last name, Coolidge. Coolidge was instrumental in putting another man in prison, Ortiz. Booth interrogates him and wants to know how he got in touch with Broadsky for the hit. Ortiz says Broadsky contacted him with Walter’s name.

At the FBI building, Brennan is more concerned with Booth’s reaction to Broadsky. He’s touchy and reading too much into her words, saying, “I am not him.” Brennan insists that nothing she said made any such allusion.

Later, in Booth’s office, he’s going through all the records of any US Marshall who might be connected with Broadsky. Brennan isn’t having any luck, but Booth pulls up the profile of Paula Ashwaldt. He recognizes her as someone Broadsky saved. Brennan quickly recognizes that Booth admired Broadsky’s actions in that instance.

Booth goes to talk to Paula alone, asking her if she’s talked to Broadsky and when she’s hesitant to give information, he calls her on it, saying he knows what it’s like to owe someone your life. But he’s also clear to point out that what Broadsky’s doing now is murder. He shows her Broadsky’s victim from his Heather Taffet hit. Paula is horrified; she trusted Broadsky. Booth gives her the benefit of the doubt and doesn’t take her in immediately for questioning.

It’s possibly the wrong move, as later, when Brennan and Booth are investigating at Paula’s cabin, he gets a call that she has killed herself at her desk. He’s in for a bigger shock when at the end of the day, he arrives to his apartment — how cool was that safe-covering set of books, yeah?! — and Broadsky is there.

He is mad that Paula is dead and blames Booth, identifying (as we all probably did) that Booth feels guilty for her death. But where we might not blame Booth, Broadsky is quick to, and he points out that he plans to do something about it–he’ll make Parker fatherless, if need be.

Back at the lab, Angela identifies the bullet and concludes that it was programmable, thus causing it to split before impact. When she later figures out that it’s a “smart bullet,” Brennan still relies on what Booth said — Broadsky wasn’t good enough to make it.

Booth brings in a weapons dealer/ammunition maker he knew from the war, Benny Winkler. He is somewhat scrawny, but spunky and he tosses out insults and snide comments toward Booth, despite the fact that he’s in Booth’s interrogation room. Benny finally describes Broadsky’s specifications for the bullet he made for him, including what building his target would be in.

Angela uses the description Benny gave to narrow down the building as something built before 1939. Caroline figures it out: it’s the women’s bathroom in the federal courthouse. B&B go there (and was anyone else surprised that Booth let Brennan go inside to measure the parameters of the room?!?) to investigate.

Brennan thinks they should evacuate the building, but Booth says no, that will just give Broadsky the opportunity to run and wait longer. Meanwhile, Angela is at the lab, creating a trajectory path using the mathematics from Broadsky’s practice shot, and she tells Booth it’s from a rooftop.

We see Broadsky on a rooftop and Booth and Brennan on what appears to be a neighboring one, as they communicate with Caroline, who is at the courthouse. She states the building is mostly empty, save for one lowly female lawyer who is defending a crooked cop. But they aren’t sure why Broadsky would choose the woman as his target. Brennan states that it’s likely the architecture is symmetric, and Booth agrees: Broadsky’s aiming for the men’s bathroom. They run to the other side of their rooftop and spot Broadsky.

He’s certainly aiming for the crooked cop, and Booth makes Brennan help him. He aims and fires at Broadsky, hitting his gun. Booth is frustrated by his “miss” and puts out a BOLO on Broadsky, also knowing it’s likely his sniper rival is long gone.

The Squints:

It’s always fun to see my squintern boyfriend Mr. Vincent Nigel-Murray around the lab, and this week was no different. I love that he has a sponsor to try to control his “factoids” as Brennan put it. Combine that with a Palin joke, and I’m still smitten.

I laughed when Caroline figured out pronto that Booth’s interest in hanging out with Brennan had more to do with her than Peloponnesian wars. And it was equally sweet that she was finally annoyed with Broadsky AFTER he threatened Booth.

Halfway through the episode, I wondered if we were even going to see Cam. I can’t say much more than this — her haircut is fantastic!

For Angela and Hodgins, when they weren’t working the case, they were dealing with the fact that her father was determined to name their first born child. Staccato-mamba! Hahaha! I loved Hodgins’ reaction to it, and that he stood up to Billy Gibbons. Of course, the new tattoo on his arm was a stunner, and I’m kind of hoping it’s not permanent. Angela’s dad is one scary dude, as Sweets can also attest.

So let’s talk Sweets. His avoidance of Angela’s father was funny, but what I most liked was the scene in his office where he talked to Booth and listened to him. I thought Booth was particularly honest, in his way, and Sweets was cool about it. Interesting that he called him “Booth,” which he almost never does. In their “friendship” moments, he normally calls him Agent Booth.

Booth & Brennan:

They were both completely gorgeous in this episode, but more than that, I loved how close they were, particularly in conversation. We already discussed the fun beginning, and I can see how their competitive nature will be something that keeps them together for many years.

What did you think of the conversation in the SUV where Brennan likened Booth’s tenacity toward catching Broadsky to the murderer’s own tenacity toward his “prey”? It was interesting to me, the way she talked about good and bad being relative constructs while Booth was more black and white about it. He’s a good guy.

I LOVE the Broadsky vs. Booth dynamic, especially the part where he mentioned that Booth could never stand collateral damage. That lines up with a lot of what we know about Booth — that he likes to have things in his control, that he wants to protect innocent people, especially people he loves.

Both Brennan and Booth seemed very in character in this episode, especially in the courthouse scene where Brennan question Booth’s motives and felt anxiety about questioning him and when Booth said she just needed to trust him. He needs her trust, and she was able to give it. I liked that. She was right in questioning his motives, but she was also right in giving him her trust. Thoughts from you?

I found the end scene to be in character, too. Booth and Brennan have always been the one the other can talk to, even if it’s about himself/herself or the other. That’s one of the most fascinating aspects of their partnership. I liked that Booth came clean about how he wanted Brennan to perceive him, and I liked that Brennan was very clear on how she did. I also liked that she laughed at his joke that wasn’t really a joke and took it way too far in her way. THAT is very Brennan-esque to me.

Okay, enough from me. Thoughts from you on this episode? Will Booth continue to pursue Broadsky? Will Brennan stand by him — metaphorically, of course!

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55 Responses to “BONES Recap: ‘The Killer in the Crosshairs’”

  1. rhea on March 11th, 2011 6:25 am

    I enjoyed this ep very much. I’m not one of the Hannah haters, but it’s nice to see Booth and Brennan “back on track” without any boundaries (apart from the obvious one, that is).
    I think this episode showed just how much they really mean to each other as partners AND as friends, and hinted as what they might one day become. They have affected each other deeply, I don’t think a few years ago, Booth would have offered to attend a lecture on anything, even if it meant spending time with Brennan. Just like that, when she told him that she would always stand by him, she essentially said what she couldn’t in the 100th episode – that she will be there for him, no matter how much time will pass. They’ve come a long way, and, as much as people will hate me for saying this, Hannah actually helped that process along.
    Plus their moments together were just plain cute.
    As for the rest, I loved that Hodgins stood up to Angela’s dad, I had a feeling that was something he would appreciate. Caroline’s just AWESOME, no need to elaborate on that 🙂 I was a little disappointed that Vincent wasn’t spitting out random “factoids”, but the Sarah Palin joke appeased me a little. Finally, I was glad that Booth felt comfortable enough to come talk to Sweets.

    Overall score: 8/10
    P.S. Sorry this is so long, thanks to those who read the whole thing 🙂

  2. Eesperas on March 11th, 2011 6:42 am

    Love Ur recap as always! U notice so many things that could skip my mind!
    I love the unusual episode – the dynamic and tension, and of course their relationships!
    And maybe I was inattentive, but what about all those Booth’s suggestions to bear a company! Even to some boring lecture(though ab war), but even Julian made that face – “Yeah, of course he was…” I think that was not just for nothing! Was it?

  3. sara on March 11th, 2011 7:28 am

    Broadsky, is the sniper and he blames booth for that woman death,also booth is the one that shot him in the face,while waiting on booth dont you think he saw a picture of parker, wonder how long it will take booth to open his eyes to that? the show itself was good,maybe jack tatoo can be wash away.

  4. Minority on March 11th, 2011 7:44 am

    I liked that Booth was more honest and self-aware this episode, since as many pointed out, it was a major failing in how 2/3 of the season has been so far. But at the same time, I don’t know how making Broadsky into such a cartoonish bad guy and not showing us his motivation develop (not even in the Howard Epps psycho way) is going to help Booth deal with all the issues he has with his sniper past. By making Braodsky so “bad” and Booth “good,” the show is once again setting Booth up as the saintly figure.

    If the morality of being a sniper were that easy, I doubt Booth would be so conflicted with his past to begin with.

    I think Angela’s father and baby drama is better in small doses. I say anytime we get a quirky storyline instead of cool people just doing their jobs, the characters (Cam, Hodgins, squinterns, and this time, Angela) become weird.

    On the Dr. Temperance Brennan watch, I still think the show is downplaying her professional and academic status to play supporting role. I could buy it in the first episode, but now Broadsky arc is officially an arc and she’s still playing the supporting role.

    The recap sounds like an idealized version of the show, but I think the last scene was awkward, too reminiscent of the needy Booth from after the proposal and too much coddling from Bones. (But that’s connected to my problem with the black and white characterizations.)

  5. Mary H on March 11th, 2011 8:07 am

    Ehh, it was a definitely a good episode, especially by this season’s standards. But nothing brilliant either. As in not a brilliant episode, and we didn’t exactly see either the FBI or Lab teams do anything brilliant.

    I think the magic or bloom or whatever is off the show. They need a real game changing episode. I only watched because the other shows were repeats.

  6. Janet on March 11th, 2011 8:21 am

    This episode, like Bullet in the Brain, was different than the status quo structure of most BONES episodes, which is an effective change up, I think. For all that the show is about Brennan, for the most part, Booth is a huge part of Brennan so these episodes work very well.

    Loved loved loved that opening scene – it was so sweet and hopeful.

    I really liked the Booth-Sweets scene in Sweets’ office – I found it to be a good balance of Booth willing to share “just enough” (as he does not easily reveal himself) and Sweets, when in professional mode, can be right on target. I also thought Booth sharing his worries about how Brennan sees him was so telling -as well as his line in response about talking it over with her. That hurt my heart a little, even though I know that will change again – and is changing.

    Go Hodgins for standing up to Billy Gibbons. 🙂 Even if, in the end, he sort of lost at the same time. Haha!

    I found the end scene a little awkward. It felt like it was meant to be a standard B&B close, but it didn’t have the same feel. However, that opening scene more than made up for it.

    This ep did not have the complete “team” feel that others do, but it had the action – which as I mentioned at the beginning, makes for an effective change-up, which I think every show needs.

    Loved it.

  7. Janet on March 11th, 2011 8:27 am

    OH – forgot to mention thoughts about Nigel-Murray. I have to say, while I think I can understand the motives behind all of the behavior shifts in the interns this season, I find that I miss what has made them effective foils in the show with their quirkiness.

  8. JAVA on March 11th, 2011 8:35 am

    Echoing above, I miss the old Nigel-Murray and how the quirkiness of the interns used to be good foils for the Lab dynamics. And I’m not sure that the character changes are organic, more like shaking things up for the sake of shaking things up.

    The last BB scene was awkward and not in the intentional way that some of their earlier scenes were. Bones sounded like PodBones, not a mature woman/partner/writer. And I too (three?) am uncomfortable with how the show has been undermining Bones’ career for the sake of driving home some message about love, and now to be supportive to Booth. Doesn’t put Booth is a great light either, no matter how much “action” they put in.

  9. @chibi_tati on March 11th, 2011 8:44 am

    Oh I love it! And I agree with all you said!

    I loved too that the middle names of Hodangela’s baby are the names of B&B!

    I also got to two conclusions about the sniper’s victim we all know is going to be. The first and saddest is that I don’t think this victim is just going to get hurt, I think the victim is going to die. I mean the two targets that Broadky had, practically blown to pieces! I don’t know, I’m really scare about this. I don’t want anybody to die.

    My second conclusion is about the victim and I almost sure is not going to be Booth because I think now Broadsky wants him to suffer, he wants him to be aware of who is the best. This is a competition now.

    – So my first guess: is Brennan. Because would be the perfect revenge for what happended to his friend Paula, he will be taken someone that Booth trusts and loves like Broadsky did with Paula.

    – My second guess: we all saw that Broadsky goes for the bad boys but we don’t have any bad boy in our team! but Brennan’s dad was one, and would be the perfect way to beat Booth because if Bones is destroyed, so is Booth.

  10. Sarah on March 11th, 2011 8:49 am

    I loved the episode, particularly because of the first scene. It was so, SO good to see B&B interacting again like old times. Here are some things I noticed:

    — Booth doesn’t have his cocky belt buckle back yet, but he does have a different, non-standard one. When he was with Hannah, he went all boring and had regular ties and belt buckles. I think we’ll see “Cocky” come back soon, and I think the gradual progression is a picture of his gradual coming back to Brennan.

    — The line in which Booth tells Sweets “I don’t go there anymore. It’s over.” just slew me. That really sucked. However, I think it’s going to be a good springboard for Sweets next week when they’re trapped in the elevator. He isn’t going to let that go.

    — Booth is clearly not sticking to the “professional, partners-only” thing that he set up last week. His finding Brennan on his day off and then asking to go with her to the lecture is not something we’ve seen him do before, even when they were at the height of the sexual tension a few seasons ago.

    –Booth was back in the LAB!!!! We haven’t seen him there all season!!

    — Did anyone else worry about Caroline being alone in the building so close to the sniper? I was worried for a second that she was the intended target. They had her sitting there, all vulnerable on the bench, and my heart was literally pounding because I was so afraid that she was going to get shot while she was on the phone with B&B. So glad that she didn’t.

    That is all. I’m happy with the ep… thought it was a good “reset” for our characters. Although, had we not had the ridiculous Hannah diversion for the whole first half of this season, we would not have to be wasting all this time trying to get our characters back to their normal working relationship again!!

  11. Delph on March 11th, 2011 9:27 am

    When they talked about the lecture with Caroline I didn’t have the feeling that Booth wanted to go just to be with Brennan, but to protect her because Broadsky was still out there?
    They still push Booth’s way of living is the right one, listen to what Sweets said about Boradsky, it kinda applies to Brennan, and thus by extrapolating like always we get Brennan is weak, too sensitive for keeping herself to feel/act and rationalizing, and Booth is strong because he doesn’t come up with excuses not to feel guilty but feels the pain of what he has done. First, he does come up with excuses, he had no choices it was war which probably help him to live with it ; secondly, did they forget that Booth probably can live with it not because he is strong but because in his mind he is redeeming himself by catching murderers? That helps too.
    Someone that decides not to feel anymore because they can’t stand their emotions can be weak yes OR their feelings are simply stronger than average! Which is not as belittling as saying that someone is vulnerable, weak, sensitive as they are more and more qualifying Brennan, yet insisting on how Booth is strong and not that maybe his emotions are not that powerful…
    So now, not only Booth is good and strong as it has already been implied and said on the show, but he is also healthy?????????????? Would Sweet qualify Brennan as healthy????? I doubt it since now even VNW is changing, he should learn to stop hiding behind his facts… The only one not changing is Wendell, the Booth-like squintern *sigh*
    And yes it is very interesting that when Booth’s thinking is black and white, absolute, he is right, but when Brennan’s is (about Max for example), she is wrong and Booth teaches her about gray areas in life… That can be seen as 3D characters, the problem is again that each time Brennan is wrong and Booth is right.
    Before someone asks, I still watch because of this stupid little thing called hope.

  12. Peggy on March 11th, 2011 9:36 am

    This episode gives me hope that the writers are trying to get the series back to what is was a few seasons ago and became so successful. I was actually smiling at some of the lines which I haven’t done for months. Loved the opening scene! Hated the last scene because while it started out OK, the end was forced and phony sounding. I have been watching some reruns from previous seasons and noticed how robotic and stilted Brennan’s character and manner of speech has become as compared to a couple of yeras ago. It feels awkward and unnatural. Wish they would get her back to a more comfortable way of speaking and interacting with her friends and co-workers. Loved that Booth was back in the lab and Hodgins squeezing in the reason for the bleach even though Booth didn’t want to hear it. Hoping next week’s show is even better.

  13. Monica (@texmex327) on March 11th, 2011 10:10 am

    I absolutely loved last night’s episode. The hour just flew by.
    The first few minutes had me smiling, I love how competitve Booth & Brennan are, I just loved how he caught up to her. I mean c’mon, his day off and all he wants to do is see her, how cute is that. And he is willing to go to some boring lecture just to be near her, if that doesn’t say love I don’t know what does. I loved how Caroline saw right thru him, yet Brennan still clueless as ever. I really do wish Angela would talk some sense into her, she can’t be that clueless right?

    Was it me, or did someone notice something off with Sweets. The part with Angela, Hodgins & Sweets talking about her dad just cracked me up, but something seemed off. I enjoy the friendship between Booth & Sweets. I really do think that Sweets is still affected by the sniper still being loose, which makes for an interesting dynamic between Booth & Sweets.

    Hodgins stood up to Billy Gibbons and won, well sort of. The tattoo on his arm cracked me up. And for the record, my next kid’s name will be Staccato-Mamba. The names that Angela & Hodgins have picked out for the kids are cute, I love the children’s middle names. It goes to show how close they are. I really hope nothing bad happens to any of them.

    I am so glad that Caroline didn’t get shot, I would have been really mad if she did. I think she was scared too, which I don’t blame her. The end of the episode was a little awkward. Booth really cares how Brennan sees him, in that not like partners way. They are trying so hard to not cross the line that he once again has made. He is not a bad person, and she has to remind him of that. I can see where he has to question his past actions.

    as for next week….WHY! must they play with my emotions like that…oh yeah because they can.

  14. Drippan on March 11th, 2011 10:23 am


    I have to say this about you is that you always find alot of positive things to watch Bones even while others are very disappointed in the way the series is going. I don’t know if it’s due to you being a positive person or you hate saying negative things BUT I love you for your outlooks!

    Now for the Drippiness to set in.

    I’m really tired of a whiney/pathetic Booth. Most of the episode we saw him not trusting his partner once again. After 6 years, it’s getting old. Though I do agree with Sweets’ assessment of people’s reactions, I felt Booth was very whiney in that scene because he felt Brennan didn’t trust him or understand him.

    I felt the writers wrote this episode the way they did to appease the B&B shippers. Everything from the run at the start, the lecture Booth was going to attend and that ending scene all felt very propagandaish (is that a word?) to me. I feel like they shoved all that in there to get fans interested in B&B once more and it may work from what I read.

    I had two favorite things in the episode. First was the technically advance sniper rifle/bullet even though it’s not a true sniper weapon but an Area of Effect weapon. BTW, we actually have technology like this in Smart Bombs/Bunker Busters.

    The 2nd was Caroline in the court house. I was biting my nails yelling at the screen “Don’t go in the bathroom, Cherie!”.

    Billy Gibbons is always fun but his character is so out there and over my head that I always expect wierd things whenever he is on the series.

    Again, thank you Sarah for having a very positive attitude all the time towards the series. I know it must have been difficult with all the waves crashing into you from earlier episodes this season but it seems you have weathered the tide and will keep on ‘keeping on’! 🙂

  15. Liz on March 11th, 2011 10:37 am

    What? Was this promoted during American Idols? I didn’t even know there was a new episode until it turned up on Hulu.

    @delph “And yes it is very interesting that when Booth’s thinking is black and white, absolute, he is right, but when Brennan’s is (about Max for example), she is wrong and Booth teaches her about gray areas in life… That can be seen as 3D characters, the problem is again that each time Brennan is wrong and Booth is right.”
    I absolutely agree with this.

    I got my hopes up during the car conversation between BB because I thought they were actually going to address the dangers of moral certainty and superiority that Booth and Broadsky share, but no, of course it was solved by declaring black/white, good/bad sides. This is a problem for me because like @Minority said-
    If it’s so easy, why would Booth have been so conflicted about his past?

    Like the parody episodes, it’s not like the action episodes are exempt from tight plotting. And it doesn’t help the perception that the show downplays Bones/the team effort in favor of pushing Booth as Jesus (the suffering savior) when the two big extravaganza episodes of the season are Booth based.

    I actually have a question about Booth missing the shot. Was that supposed to be intentional? If not, why would he involve Bones in a sniper shot, which he’s supposed to be so conflicted about? There’s sharing things with your partner, but I doubt someone like Booth would involve her in a kill.
    But if it was intentional, why didn’t he aim to maim not kill? Or is he so shaken up by Broadsky that he just isn’t as good a sniper? Or, I might be overthinking a plot contrivance to extend the arc. Kinda like the contrived stupidity of Caroline and the cop just walking into the bathroom for Broadsky to kill.

  16. Liz on March 11th, 2011 10:45 am

    @Drippan, I’m also really tired of whiney/pathetic Booth, but I think he was at least more mature and self-aware than before. It’s an improvement, that like someone above said, we shouldn’t really have needed w/o the Hannah arc, but that’s the way it goes.

    I’m also ok with the “propaganda-ish” shipper scenes because the natural organic development of that relationship has long gone, so why not just give people some happy scenes? I thought the last scene was awkward, but it’s not a major issue and it’s at least something positive.

  17. Drippan on March 11th, 2011 11:09 am


    I don’t have a problem with the propaganda either. The series needed a shot in the arm on the ‘B&B shipperness’ after they totally destroyed it earlier this season. They should have spread some scenes like those throughout the Hannah arc instead of making Brennan a secondary character.

    I just feel that after 6 years with Brennan that Booth is still questioning her trust or reasoning. She has proven too many times that she is by his side especially after ‘ConMan’ when she laid it all out there at the end of that episode. She’s known who Booth is for a long time and for him to question that after all these years is insanity (or a poorly written plot device).

  18. Drippan on March 11th, 2011 11:13 am


    I wanted to explain the Booth sniper shot at Broadsky. What they tried to show us is that Booth did not have a clear shot at the person but only the weapon. With the target entering the bathroom, Booth had no choice but to stop the murder and the only way to do that was hit the only thing that was visible and that was the rifle.

    It would have play out better if Booth would have told Brennan “I can only see the rifle, damnit” but it didn’t then taken his shot as it got close to H-hour.

  19. Cheesy Cheese on March 11th, 2011 11:14 am

    I want to quote everything Peggy said above, especially, “Loved the opening scene! Hated the last scene because while it started out OK, the end was forced and phony sounding.” and about Brennan’s robot talk and about letting the lab people get their explanations in no matter how assy Booth is being. I also hope this is an upward trend. The secret to watching this season is lowered expectations and not scheduling your tv life around Bones.

    Yeah, there’s some improvement in the romantic development, BB seem to be recovering from Hannah, thank god. But I am so, so glad people here are pointing out non-shippy issues about BB because that’s the part that has me really jaded. All the shows I love (Alias- talk about triangle from hell!, X-Files, Fringe) have strong females who have romantic problems but it’s not made to be the biggest character failing that makes them absolutely miserable. And they still kicked ass when their hearts were breaking.

  20. Parsely on March 11th, 2011 11:57 am

    Ohh, so that’s what happened in that double sniper scene. Thanks Drippan. I wasn’t sure what was up either.

    @delph “The only one not changing is Wendell, the Booth-like squintern *sigh*” That hadn’t occurred to me, but true. And I think the blander the characters become, ironically, the less realistic and more ridiculously “quirky” they act to compensate- like Cam and Valentines’ Day, the depressed intern and mood music, and the professional turned TMI intern, and Bones’ autistic humor. It’s like the show replaced integrity toward diverse, unique ways of living for social conformity, then cranked up the quirk meter to color it.

    That said, this was a good episode by season 6 standards, and if this kind of episode draws in different viewers than season 1 did, it’s only natural. I can feel my interest fading naturally, not in outrage like before so no hate from me.

  21. Owl on March 11th, 2011 11:58 am

    I enjoyed this episode, especially the opening scene. I also history nerded a bit, which is always good.

    The point of view shot that started the scene with Booth, Brennan, and Caroline was awesome. I love those. The music was also really great.

    I like it when Bones brings up an issue of morality — it’s always really well done in the sense that it asks all the right questions and leaves the answers open to our own interpretations. I don’t know about you all, but I feel like there’s a bit more to the story than what we’ve been given.

    Also, there was an idea presented about asking questions in the episode that fascinated me. I need to rewatch.

    Theme of trust again. Excellent.

    Caroline is amazing. I was worried for her, for a little while.

    OK, time to work on a take-home exam. So… did the episode make me cry? No, although I was scared for Caroline for a while. Did it make me laugh? Yes. And smile. And giggle like a small child. Did it make me think? Um… I’m going to have to get back to you on that one. It is… just… I need to think more?

  22. Parsely on March 11th, 2011 12:13 pm

    @Owl, I’m not being contentious, but what open ended questions of morality are you talking about?

    Like @Liz, I thought they might “address the dangers of moral certainty and superiority that Booth and Broadsky share,” but I think the morality was pretty clear cut with winners and losers. Now if Booth had missed that shot of Broadsky instead of having no other choice, it might have opened up more questions…

  23. caroline on March 11th, 2011 12:16 pm

    when booth thinks about parker maybe he will also think about his partner/girlfriend? agreed the writers are trying to fly pass hannah/but to me brennan if for no other reasons would not of said that about making love /think about how many times booth hurts her with social skills.

  24. Owl on March 11th, 2011 12:42 pm

    @Parsley: the idea of how we see good versus bad. Is it a grey scale? Black and white? Maybe morality was a bad word for that. Or maybe I’m just overthinking it.

  25. Piper on March 11th, 2011 2:49 pm

    hm, alot of people seem to have problems with this episode & this season as a whole, but i for one am loving it. however, i’m mostly into the show b/c i’m a major bb shipper. the scientific, sniper, etc. aspects are interesting, but they are secondary to me.
    anyway, the shipper in me loved this ep! i mean, how cute was that jogging scene at the beginning?! i think that was a perfect example of how nothing about bones would have to be diminished by having bb get together. small interactions like that would appease the shippers while keeping the flirty banter aspect intact.
    also, in regard to that last scene, the word “awkward” never even entered my mind. i loved brennan telling booth that she would stand by him. i think it’s the closest she can come to showing him her feelings for him w/o crossing that line he drew in the proposal episode.
    needless to say, i’m am PUMPED for next week’s ep! hope the trailer isn’t purposely misleading…

  26. Skole on March 11th, 2011 2:58 pm

    Great recap Sarah!

    It’s clear from the variety of comments that not everyone is ‘happy’ about the episode…but it is what it is, and there will always be ‘something’ to complain about, right?

    On balance, the B&B dynamic and the Sniper story arc are moving forward – this season has been interesting to watch, because I find myself getting a better understanding by looking back at what has gone before. As things move forward, the meaning emerges…yes, there are awkward moments…they are trying to adjust. Brennan gets formal and cautious…Booth becomes a quagmire of self-doubt – it’s called ‘working through issues’ instead of putting back on masks & pretending that everything is going to be alright.

  27. Bethany on March 11th, 2011 3:19 pm

    Wow, is Bones back or WHAT? The last few episodes have been great ones, especially since The Doctor in the Photo, but this was the first one that had me squeeing through the whole episode, caring about the case, not frustrated with Booth–it all felt like home again. It was so great to have that taste of pre-Hannah or even pre-coma episodes back again. The episode was comfortable, smart, hilarious, and sweet. I loved that Booth is slowly creeping back to his old self–he wore 2 ties with designs on them, as opposed to the sold black and grey ties he’s been wearing all season. It’s the little things. And even though he didn’t originally want to talk to Brennan (blech) their relationship proved strong again when he finally decided to. So proud. Awesome episode, and it can only get better from here.

  28. Liz on March 11th, 2011 5:56 pm

    @Drippan, thanks. That makes sense, I wasn’t paying attention.

    @Owl, “the idea of how we see good versus bad. Is it a grey scale?” I thought that was the part that was pretty clear cut. Bones raised the question in the car, but the show is pretty clear on the good/bad issue by the end, as witnessed by Bones assuring Booth. It’s done gray areas before, like with Max, but the sniper episode doesn’t seem to setting up morality questions. So far, after all the longe suffering angsty Booth, then the this sniper arc, I am definitely getting Jesus-savior-resurrection arc. My fear is that so far, the rebirth part is just reinforcing Booth’s already healthy intuitive gut- rewarding his patience and validating his suffering instead of having him learn and change.

    I can see how shippers enjoyed the improvement, and I’ve always accepted BB as the given OTP for the show. However, I do take exception to the idea that the other issues are just people ‘always finding something to complain about.” It’s not like I’m watching Sex and the City and complaining the women shop too much. And it’s not like I’m watching Deadwood and complaining the women don’t have the vote (though actually, Deadwood women are fierce). Bones ramped up the romance through the seasons, but even the romance has been premised on an equally strong dynamic not just between the sexes, but between Rational Science and Heart. If there’s a perceived imbalance that I and others point out, it’s hardly nitpicking. It’s a serious impediment to enjoying the romance as well.

  29. Dancing Abba on March 11th, 2011 9:32 pm

    I actually read the recap posted here first because I didn’t get a chance to see the episode till tonight. But was not all that impressed, neither was hubby who is a Barry Gibbons fan. I think the show is getting stale. Its age is showing, and so is the characters’ ages. The whole season has been pretty much disposable on the DVR, and I notice the recaps are gone from EW’s website too.

    Come to think of it, I think the poster who said they hide how conventional the characters have become with over-the-top quirkiness nailed it. That’s why the Barry Gibbons cameo didn’t work either. And I think that’s why I felt nothing during all the flirting that went on in the first and last scenes, I just don’t like Brennan or Booth individually as much as before. What happened to the intern? Where was Cam? Angela being her most annoying self instead of the bubbly but earthy friend to Brennan. Weird what a hiatus can do.

  30. osteon on March 12th, 2011 7:27 am

    I liked the episode. I liked that this episode showed that Booth can be honest, self-aware, self-doubting, vulnerable. I like those in men; they make them more complex, and more HUMAN.

    The only problem I had with the episode was the limited screen time of Cam. But it was understandable and Billy Gibbons almost made up for it.

    And oh, I miss VNM’s factoids.

  31. Jane St. on March 12th, 2011 1:31 pm

    I agree the morality was too black and white in service of Booth’s character, which is disappointing but on par for the show now.

    The flirting between BB was cute if a little awkward. But I disagree with those saying the Hannah arc makes sense now. It seems more like they’re pretending it never happened and the distance between BB would have been natural with Brennan’s rejection alone. If Hannah was a serious relationship, she should have left a bigger mark. If not, shouldn’t we get some sense of how Booth sees his relationship with her? And all of this before enjoying the return to the flirting.

  32. Jane St. on March 12th, 2011 1:34 pm

    BTW, @Liz, I don’t think you’re nitpicking and it’s refreshing to read what people here are thinking. I’m only sad that Beth and Snowlflake and other non-rabid shippers seem to have lost interest in the show.

  33. Lurker on March 12th, 2011 6:20 pm

    @Osteon, everything you described is part of the Jesus myth too. He’s human and frail but also divine.

    I can see the Jesus angle on Booth’s character growth. I’ve seen theories about his low self-esteem, which makes sense. But so does the Jesus angle because even when he suffers and is tested, it’s about other people not measuring up to his ideals, making it impossible for him to carry out his ideals. So we get the “why don’t women want what I’m offering” instead of trying to see what he himself may have done differently. It’s an extreme version of the martyr, white knight syndrome he always had.

    My problem would be that the show has this “take him as he is you foolish women” attitude toward Booth, which is ok since complex characters are fun to watch. But the show also pushed Bones to the extreme on how much she needed to change (and did this by negative comparison, by diminishing her professional and non-romantic personal relationships). So I guess I’m echoing the disappointment with the sniper arc if it does predictably turn out to be a savior arc.

  34. Kasey on March 12th, 2011 7:42 pm

    {{yawn}} What? Oh, Bones was on? Is that what that was?

    I agree with Dancing Abba…the show has lost it’s luster. There’s no real chemistry between B&B (is DB’s wife on the set?), there’s no depth to the characters (they’ve been plumbed?), there’s no character epiphany or crisis’ (other than a rejected and self-doubtful Booth trying to recover from a blow to his ego) to keep the audience interested.


    I’ve watched and re-watched every episode and this one had to be the worst episode I’ve seen both in chemistry, storyline and depth.

    For the shippers: The relationship (on set and/or off) is over. The lack of public appearances, interviews and photos since DB’s affair speaks volumes. I think the spouses have put a stop to any on set or off set flirting and tension which has affected the chemistry on the show. DB has made his bed and the show goes down with it.

    Not sure I’ll watch another episode of Bones if the elevator episode is a bomb too.

  35. beth on March 12th, 2011 8:31 pm

    I was so encouraged by the opening scene. It was fun, it felt natural, and B&B seemed to have their rhythm back. More importantly, it seemed like Booth not only wanted to find a way to spend time with Brennan, but that he was willing to spend it in her world — science — and that he was looking for a place where their interests intersected. I also liked the idea of Booth being introspective enough to recognize and feel discomfort with the similarities between him and the sniper. And I liked that this introspection was prompted by concern for how Brennan viewed those similarities; that he put enormous value on the opinion of his rational partner. So I was very optimistic that this episode signaled a re-emphasis on the importance of Brennan’s scientific perspective, and the importance of Booth learning from her.

    But then…back to being hit over the head with the message that Booth’s way is always the right way! Look, viewers, even Brennan and Sweets think so! And even if Booth begins to engage in some introspection, he doesn’t really have to! The mental health expert says he’s healthy! The rational empiricist says he’s good!

    Why? It would be so much more interesting if the character of Booth was treated as generally healthy…but with some significant issues to be worked out; as a good man…who has engaged in acts that are, in fact, morally questionable.

    When Brennan said “from where I’m standing, you’re good,” it felt like the writers were telling the viewers “from where we’re standing, Booth is good — and it’s not inadvertent that we’ve portrayed Brennan as the one who needs to change, not him.”

    So my hopes soared, and then dipped back down. Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for better things.

  36. bonescrazy on March 12th, 2011 10:31 pm

    I just LOVED this whole episode because of the the closeness between Booth and Brennan, especially in the opening scene when B&B were running and having their flirty banter!!

  37. osteon on March 13th, 2011 12:05 am

    @Lurker on March, firstly I get your using the Jesus myth, but I won’t go there as I am not a believer.

    IMO, the Brennan change comes out as extreme since her character’s personality has always been “extreme” despite occasional contradictions shown in the show. She has always been rational. So the changes that she will go through to become “normal” would be more noticeable and regarded as extreme. Despite those changes being extreme and negative at times, I still see them as growth in her part, as they show us that she allows herself to not just be confined within the walls of science.

    @Kasey, I am assuming that you OBJECTIVELY commented on the ED-DB off screen relationship because you KNOW THEM PERSONALLY and are PRIVY to what is going on BEHIND THE SCENES and in their PRIVATE LIVES.

  38. Delph on March 13th, 2011 7:57 am

    “Why? It would be so much more interesting if the character of Booth was treated as generally healthy…but with some significant issues to be worked out; as a good man…who has engaged in acts that are, in fact, morally questionable.”

    Exactly! And it was suggested in S1, I think woman in the tunnel, that he had done some bad things where people had to hide from him, but Brennan was not ready to hear them.

  39. Jane St. on March 13th, 2011 10:16 am

    “but Brennan was not ready to hear them.”
    And when their partnership had evolved, she would be ready… how rewarding would that have been. Instead, because of this simplified morality, Booth is just straight out good. There’s no need to share or analyze the moral burden. Or how about like someone suggested above, the idea that like Broadsky, Booth is so firm on his beliefs, which can be dangerous. You need the objective, rational perspective. But no, Bones just has to tell Booth “you’re good.”

    @Osteon, I’m not picking on you. In fact, thanks so much for explaining your point without attacking the critical conversation. (People have been so hostile, I feel like I have to add that.) And I’m also positive that your interpretation was what the show wanted to show. But for me, and I think many others who have pointed out the problem, it’s not evolution or growth if you dumb down the character to prove a point. Bones was already a mature, well rounded, if reserved and awkward woman. There’s personal retreat after Zack, then there’s the extreme new borderline Aspergers characterization we got. Exaggeration for comedic or dramatic effect would be fine, but they pushed it far, far too far.

    There’s no reason her growth should have been this extreme or based on only on romantic regrets. She was already great at opening up her heart to victims, and thanks to Booth, she was already learning to open up her heart to her family by the end of season 3. So the romantic love would have been the natural growth, not come across as so extreme. And no need to ignore/downplay every other part of her rich life. So I get what the show wanted to show, but the way they did it devalues her “growth.”

  40. Lurker on March 13th, 2011 11:49 am

    The Jesus comparison wasn’t mine, Liz said it. I played with the idea, because there’s a real difference between Bones suffering for her mistakes and Booth suffering because “women don’t want what I’m offering.” I know he said it in the heat of the moment, but the show seems to support the idea. Also, personal belief has nothing to do with it, it’s about the archetype of the Jesus myth. Not a good one for romantic equality IMO.

    @beth, between the opening scene and the car scene, I had my hopes up too. But without the payoff and the way things ended, things like Booth offering to go to the lecture with Bones are even more annoying. It’s like a man flirting with the girl, not a partner learning from his equal. Romantic gestures are fine, but with the way things are, I need a more meaningful change from Booth.

  41. osteon on March 13th, 2011 3:27 pm

    @Janet St. I always appreciate it when people with differing views remain respectful of each other despite their divergent views. And I admire viewers who are able to critique the show and air their frustrations without resulting to personal attacks to the producers, cast and crew who have been working so hard to bring this show to us.

    On Brennan: I understand where you are coming from especially since Brennan has also been portrayed as a strong and independent woman who does not let herself be defined by the men that she has been with. But Brennan is full of contradictions, and this may seem as an over-simplification of things, but such must be the power of love that even a genius is reduced to making/doing what may be perceived as dumb decisions/acts. Teehee! (and I am smiling while typing this since I have been around Brennans, oh and it is such a delight to watch and be with them as they freak out and be troubled by love!) And while I do think that she has done some things that I personally do not approve of (not just in the romance aspect of the show) and that are admittedly cringe-worthy, I consider those “lapses” as mere part of a bigger picture in the character’s evolution, in her journey to becoming a better version of herself.

  42. beth on March 13th, 2011 6:12 pm

    I had only thought of those earlier scenes in terms of getting my hopes up — dangling something in front of me and then snatching it away. But you’re right — it’s worse than that. The backtracking from 1) beginning again to equalize the partnership, and 2) exploring moral ambiguity, really does cheapen the earlier stuff.

  43. caroline on March 14th, 2011 7:50 am

    the more I think about what Angelea DAD DID the less I see the why angelea should be more then upset/what if he had decided to do something to another part of him? he should stayed awaymeaning angelea dad.

  44. Brianna on March 14th, 2011 12:57 pm

    I, for one, found the whole episode to be quite awkward. I am probably one of the few watchers that doesn’t really like Caroline; I find her to be a plot device that the writers trot out whenever they want someone to be blunt and or when they think the characters need scolding. I think her dialogue is stilted and overly quirky (“makes my teeth hurt”), and I didn’t like that the two interrogation scenes were Booth and Caroline, rather than Booth and Brennan. She brought nothing to those scenes, and the scenes where Booth and Brennan interrogate people are some of my favorite, because they demonstrate the natural chemistry between B&B within the central plot of the show, which is catching killers using interesting forensics and Booth’s insights into peoples’ behavior and motivations. Those scenes play much more naturally to me than when B&B interact randomly outside the context of the case, like the first scene in this episode.

    I did not understand Caroline’s (or anyone elses’) sympathy towards the sniper either. After all, he’s killed an innocent person, and the people he went after in this episode weren’t absolutely evil killers, like the gravedigger. Criminals, sure, but one was a white-collar criminal, a counterfeiter, who testified against his boss and sent a killer to prison. The counterfeiter didn’t kill anyone, that we know of, and he risked his life to send a killer to prison – so how is that a “bad guy,” and how does it “make sense” that the sniper would go after him, when his previous target was an unapologetic serial murderer? Why would Caroline have no motivation to go after a sniper who killed someone in Witness Protection, when she, as a prosecutor, likely relies on minor criminals who are willing to testify against their more dangerous associates?

    The writers had a greater opportunity to build sympathy for the sniper, if they wanted to create a morality conflict, with the second target, who was apparently a crook cop that let a hit and run driver go free. Yet, all we knew about the guy was that one line that summarized the case, and we got no other information on, for instance, who would have paid the sniper to kill him, why he had to get this super specialized and expensive ammunition to kill him in a court house bathroom, when he presumably could have waited for the guy to exit the court house and killed him on the street, or really anything to round out the story. While the first episode that introduced the sniper was interesting, I think the writers really dropped the ball with this episode and the weakness of the main storyline marred my enjoyment of any other parts of the episode that were better.

    I also don’t buy that Angela wouldn’t stand up to her dad, especially since she’s portrayed as such an independent, free-thinking person in the rest of the show. Instead, she essentially tells Hodgins to just go with it. And, while I love Billy Gibbons, his antics have gotten more and more cartoonish.

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