AMERICAN IDOL Recap: Carole King Week

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Hey, IDOL fans! How are things? You know, I saw Carole King and James Taylor on their Troubadour tour last year, and they both rocked as hard as I’ve ever seen anyone rock — Carole especially. And her “Tapestry” album is just ridiculously amazing. Seriously, she’s got the goods. If you take a look at the list of songs she’s written, you’ll be blown away — and half of them are hits she wrote for other artists.

But enough Carole gushing from me. The point is that, if you know what an icon Ms. King is, you may have been a little nervous to hear that AMERICAN IDOL was attempting to take her on. However, just as it was when they tackled The Beatles, judging each contestant was almost easier because the songs are so classic. If you can’t make a Carole King song sound good, it’s not likely you will last long on the Top 40 charts.

Now, with only six contestants left, we can take the time to weigh in on each one…

Jacob: Solid performance on “Oh No, Not My Baby,” but not a winner from me. I did like his energy, but he’s in my bottom three, I think.

Lauren: While normally, Carole King and “Where You Lead, I Will Follow” puts me in a smile-y GILMORE GIRLS mood, I wasn’t feeling this peppy country-fied version. I think it’s because the song should really be driven more by piano than guitar. Lauren’s in my bottom three.

Scotty: “You’ve Got a Friend.” I actually groaned when I heard he was singing this, but you know what? I kinda liked it! It’s one of my favorite Carole King songs (sung by James Taylor). I guess when I say I liked it, I mean that I didn’t hate it. But Scotty’s still in my bottom three.

James: “Will You Still Love Me, Tomorrow.” I agree with Jennifer Lopez, it was magical. It was sweet rock and roll, pure-Weezer style, with the soul of a romantic, but the grunge of a guitarist. Loved it.

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Casey: His take on “Hi de Ho” was good. He’s got great stage presence, and is sure to be a star, no matter how this competition plays out.

Haley: She sang “Beautiful” and it was very beautiful. I’m starting to think that she might end up in the finals of this season.

But for me, James is my new vote for AMERICAN IDOL. He’s my number 1.

How about you?


5 Responses to “AMERICAN IDOL Recap: Carole King Week”

  1. kath on April 27th, 2011 9:24 pm

    Hayley…DAMN! That was fantastic.

  2. Colleen on April 27th, 2011 9:31 pm

    BOO!!!! Not a Hayley fan AT ALL!!!! Loved Scotty, James, and Casey.
    Honestly, Carole King is one of my all time (if not my very all time) faves. I play Tapestry on loop some days. I’m a little disappointed with the song choices. I really wanted someone to bust out Smackwater Jack.

  3. Haylee Fisher on April 27th, 2011 9:48 pm

    I missed tonight’s episode so thanks for the great recap! I’m so glad you included James’ performance because I had heard nothing but good things about it and wasn’t disappointed. I’m not really a James fan, but I thought this was his best performance of the season! I still think Scotty and Lauren are going to be the final two, though.

  4. Amy on April 28th, 2011 9:37 am

    Big fan of Haley and James. Loved Scotty. The rest…even Casey…were just so-so.

  5. Sam on April 28th, 2011 2:48 pm

    HALEY (one “Y”) is the most vocally and artistically interesting person left on the show! I think Casey is equally interesting, but Haley is much better vocally. She has soul and edge, something that Lauren and Scotty don’t have.

    I can’t get over the fact that James is Adam Lambert-lite, but I really did love him this week. I thought his Uprising performance was overrated (really uncomfortable in the low range, and screechy and unstable when he went up the octave). This week he was awesome though.

    Scotty and Lauren are just sailing through week after week, without doing ANYTHING remotely exciting. I consistently get bored watching them sing. Even Jacob, who has been horrendous at times, has had really great moments – motown week, and parts of this week’s performance – while Scotty and Lauren haven’t.

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