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Jimmy Fallon & Robert Pattinson Play Games with Their Crotches. Um, What?

Twilight star Robert Pattinson stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to promote the upcoming release of Breaking Dawn and the pair had a little fun playing with some bow and arrows. Boys will be boys. Jimmy always has the most fun with his guests. Jimmy Fallon Interviews Robert Pattinson (Part I & II) Related […]

Robert Pattinson is Bothered…by the World Cup

Jimmy Fallon takes on the man behind the sparkliest of vamps once again through another “Robert is Bothered” clip. So just what is bothering the faux R. Patz this week? The World Cup. After watching this clip I’m bothered too. No cup. No world. A theme song by Fozzie the Bear. Plenty to be bothered […]

Robert Pattinson is Bothered by the iPad

Jimmy Fallon…you slay me. Our favorite “bothered” vamp is back and this time he has something to say about the latest gadget from Apple. In the battle of ‘Angry Birds’ vs. nachos, we know which would get Robert’s vote. Tweet

Robert Pattinson is Bothered by Valentine’s Day

“Newsflash. Flowers are stupid. Here ye. Here ye. This just in….roses are stupid.” Robert Pattinson is bothered by Valentine’s Day. Maybe he just hasn’t found the right woman yet. We should meet, fall in love and I then he can show me pictures of his spleen. Jimmy Fallon, you don’t bother me at all. Related […]