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Kristin Cavallari Should Stick To Reality TV

March 15, 2006 by  

K Bell & K Cavs

Kristin Cavallari, the Queen of the Laguna Bitches, is guesting on tonight’s ep of Veronica Mars.  Kristin plays a closeted lesbian cheerleader who is being blackmailed by someone who wants to out her.  I just watched her very first scene, and all I have to say is sorry KCavs, but I just don’t see an Oscar in your future.

Having Kristin Cavallari and Kristen Bell share the same scene was wrong on so many levels.  Kristen Bell should never be put through that again.  Shame on you UPN for forcing Cavallari on us.  We all know she is there because the peeps at UPN thought her reality show Let’s Get This Party Started would still be on, and it would be some kind of cross promotion synergy thang.  Well her show failed and now us Veronica Mars diehards have to watch her struggle through scene after scene.  That’s not right!

Please tell me someone else noticed the way KCavs said “Veronica”…was it not just like the way she says “Ste-phen”.  Ugh, get her off my show!!!

Oh yeah, and it’s soooo weird to watch Veronica Mars tonight.  This is the first new ep since the Veronica Mars Bloggers Press Day, and I’m so geeking out right now.  I keep thinking…hey, I sat in that chair, oh look, it’s Dick…I hugged him just a few weeks ago – he’s not all that mean.  And when I first heard Jason Dohring voice…bizarre…I mean I talked to the guy last night.  On that note, let me just say that I had a sh*t day at work and wasn’t able to write up my interview with Jason.  Give me some time to relax with a little Veronica, catch up on Idol, and check out The Loop.  When I’m done, I’ll get right to the interview.  Come back tomorrow to check it out.

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