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Exclusive Interview with Jason Dohring of Veronica Mars

March 16, 2006 by  

Jason Dohring

Veronica Mars fans…are you ready?  I said…are you ready?  It’s finally here!!  My long awaited interview with the one and only Jason Dohring.  As a huge Veronica Mars (and Logan Echolls) fan, this was a blast.  What was supposed to be an email Q&A turned into one of the best hours of my life.  Me…chatting it up with Jason Dohring?!  

A special thank you goes out to Jason for talking to me…on his day off none the less.  He was really easy to talk to, sweet and funny.  There’s a level of excitement in his voice when he talks about the show, and Logan that was just really cool. 

As for me…well, I was a bundle of nerves.  This was my first phone interview, and it just happened to be with one of my favorite TV stars.  So bear with me.  The interview is long, and probably could be edited down, but I wanted to share everything I could with all of you.

Give Me My Remote: So I before we get started, I wanted to take a minute to thank you. I was one of the Bloggers that came out to the set for the Veronica Mars Bloggers Press Day.  It was a great day, so thank you so much for taking the time to meet with us.

Jason Dohring: Yeah, it was so cool that you guys came out.  It was so great.  I was bummed I wasn’t able to get there until the very end, but I was glad I got a chance to talk to everyone.

Jason Dohring as Logan EchollsGMMR:  Well you were the last surprise of the day, so it was quite a thrill.  You know, since the moment I first mentioned on my site that you were going to be answering questions for us, the response has been crazy.  You have a lot of fans out there.

JD: Oh that’s fantastic.  I love to hear that.  Dude, it’s so cool to know that so many people are interested in the show because it means so much to me and my life, that it’s so good to meet others who are so into it.  That is so cool.  Thank you.

GMMR: The critics really love the show, but we need to get more eyeballs in front of those TVs on Wednesday nights.  Can’t they just move Lost already?

JD: Ha ha…that would be nice.  I think it will be good though when the CW thing happens.  I think that will be really good for our show.  With launching a new network, it will give our show quite a bit of visibility, and they’re talking about putting us behind Gilmore Girls or something like that which would be very good.

GMMR: Yeah, that would be a great match, as both shows have such a similar fan base.

JD: Totally.  You know it’s funny because when I first started on the show, I never really knew anyone watched it, so it’s great to see all these fans that really follow it.  Ya know, it means a lot, because when we’re on set it’s not like we see any fans or anything, so you almost forget that 2-3 million people are actually watching it.

GMMR: So do you have any idea when you might hear about a Seasons 3 pickup and your move to the CW?

JD: You know what, I don’t know.  Well the season will start in September so I guess we’ll know before then…ha ha.  I’ve heard all these press reports and they all seem to mention our show, so that’s good, right? 

GMMR: So I have a few questions about our dear Logan.  Over the past year he’s lost his mother to suicide, found out his father allegedly killed his girlfriend, got dumped by Veronica, he was accused of murder, and now his best friend Duncan takes off.  How’s Logan doing?  How do you think he’s handling all of this?

JD:  You know, it’s almost f’ing unfathomable to think of what that would really be like.  I don’t know anyone that has had that bad of a life.  Anyone one of those things could ruin a person’s life.  I don’t know, I just hope that there are points of pleasantness that can keep him sticking around.  And that really begins with Veronica, and her kindness.

I think what’s funny is that he always gets what’s coming to him.  Like a terrible thing happens to him, but he’s like that to other people.  So it’s like in real life…what goes around comes around. He treats people like shit and then wonders why that stuff is done to him, you know what I mean?

GMMR: Yeah, it’s a bit of karma as they say

JD:  Yeah, that’s exactly right.  But it’s kind of lost on him at this point.

GMMR:  Whether he’s being snarky with Veronica, or a hard nosed brat with those is a position of authority, there is always a certain vulnerability to Logan, isn’t there?

Veronica & Logan in CostumeJD: Yeah, I was just talking to a friend about this over lunch.  It’s funny because I think he really has an idea of what’s fair, what’s right, what’s wrong, but what he does with that, I don’t know, I just don’t think takes enough responsibility.  The thing with Logan is, he understands humanity, and the kindness of people, and although he doesn’t always react to it in the right way, he definitely sees it in every situation.

As an actor, the more I learn about people, and really start looking at life, the more I grow as an artist.  If you are aware of that in what you do, I think it all comes through in the character.

GMMR: One thing we love about Logan is that he never really holds back.  Is that something that’s written on the page, or something you bring to him as an actor?

JD: At the beginning, when Logan was really hard and nasty, I would get a note saying things like “Have fun” and try to lighten it up or whatever. But I think in the first half of season 2, he’s had more of a nastiness to him.  As the character if you see things in through a tone of hate, then everything around you seems very hostile.  You end up lashing out at everything, which I know is not always the most charming trait in the character, but you got to just have fun with it, and hope that it brings more of a human side to it.

GMMR:  Logan is pretty unpredictable.  You really never know he’s going to react to a given situation, but I guess that’s one of my favorite things about him.

JD: Yeah, I like that too. Have you seen Murder in the First? Gary Oldham has a few scenes like that in the movie where he’s just walking around and all of a sudden he just smashes a mirror.  It’s so unexpected, but then the scene just continues and you’re like…what???  I love that stuff.  It’s just great, and I love when Logan is unpredictable like that.

Click the link below to continue reading my interview with Jason Dohring

GMMR: You and Kristen Bell having amazing on screen chemistry.  Do you prefer when Veronica and Logan are more snarky towards each other, or when they are involved romantically?

Logan & VeronicaJD:  I like both, but for different reasons.  It’s always great to play, as you call it, the snarky role with her because she’s so wonderful an actress, it’s just so fun.  It’s like a game, you know, who can one up each other.  So I like that.

But then it’s also great when a moment of real honesty hits you during a scene.  All of a sudden you’re like holy shit, your really seeing something about that person that is so real and I love that, especially with Kristin because she responds so well to everything.  Any time you make a little change, she changes, and you’re like man, that’s incredible.  When you get involved in a real emotional scene, it hits her and then it hits you, and you can’t help but feel like man, I’m there, I’m doing this and it’s so great.

GMMR: So you’re just there in the moment with her…

JD: Yeah, totally and it’s like that  with her for all kinds of different scenes.  It doesn’t really matter the genre, she’s always just on, and it’s so great as an actor to have that.

GMMR: Have you created any kind of back story for Logan that the viewers might not know about, to help you get in character?

JD:  Yeah totally, sometimes there are things that aren’t written and as an actor you get to create a little story.  And it’s funny, because some of my inspiration has come from the fans.  Sometimes I read things people read about the character and it helps me.  I’d say I use that quite a lot, to create some kind of story about what’s happened or whatever.  Like if I had a scene with Duncan, the more you use that back story about the relationship, I think the more real it comes across on screen.

GMMR: So you spend time on TV websites and forums reading about the show?

JD: Absolutely.  But you can get so into it really gets you thinking…what would they (the fans) like?  And then you are f’ed because then you’re trying to please someone else.  I don’t want to try to please people, but just go with the character.

GMMR: You don’t want the fans voice in the back of your head.

JD: Exactly.  As an actor, if I have to make a choice about something, I can’t be thinking, aw the fans wouldn’t really like that.   That would suck, because it wouldn’t be true to who Logan is.

GMMR:  Earlier this season Rob Thomas got to write one scene that AOL served up as an alternative ending.  This scene didn’t have to have any consequence on the rest of the season.  If you could maybe dictate a storyline for Logan with no consequence, what would you have him doing?

JD: Oh my god, wow, I don’t know.  That’s a tough one.  Wait, well I guess this would have major consequences, but it would be cool if maybe Logan took one of the Fitzpatrick’s as like a father figure.  He could get involved in the Irish Mafia a bit, and maybe get pulled out eventually by Veronica or something.  That could be fun.

GMMR:  Do you have a favorite on screen moment?

JD: My favorite on screen moments are when you are really there and you know you’re creating something.  That’s so exciting…it’s why you come to work.  There’s been a couple of those, especially in the last few episodes that we shot that I really felt that.  It’s going to be nice to see it on the screen.  We’ve got a lot of good stuff to look forward to.

GMMR: Yeah, when we were talking to Rob Thomas a few weeks back, he was really excited for some of the episodes that will air later in the season.  It was great for us as fans to see him so excited.

JD:  I know, but isn’t that great?  I totally love rapping with him.  I’ll see him at parties and we’ll just chat about the show.  He tell me all his ideas, and he’s so excited and I get so jazzed…it’s f’in great!   It must such a joy for him to have people respond so well to the show, because that’s his life. 

GMMR: So we’ve heard some buzz about a movie you did called Dreamland.  Can you tell us what’s going on with that?

JD: You know I’m not exactly sure, I know they are still putting together some financing, so we’ll have to see how that plays out.  I’ll let you know that as things move and it gets closer.  I just don’t know, I don’t know what’s happening on it right now, but I know they’re still trying to pull it together.

But I’m looking at a couple of other roles now, there’s one part about a young pool shark that would be awesome to play.  I would dig that.  I’d also love to do a play if no movies come around.  Just to get into acting a little more.  Just to learn.  I’ve got to get on it a little more.  So I hope I get the chance to do that.

GMMR:  Personal question for you.  How does your wife react to the attention you get from your female fans?

JD:  Oh it’s no problem, I don’t know.  It’s not like I’m sleeping with any of those fans,, ha ha, so I don’t think it’s too much of a problem for my wife.  We’re just fantastic friends so it’s cool.  And the fans talk to her too, which is great, and then we can talk about it together which is awesome.  We love it.

GMMR:  Are there any TV shows that you’re really into right now?

JD: The Family Guy…and, uh…The Family Guy.  I don’t know.  You know, I’ve been watching movies more than TV lately.

GMMR:  What movies have you been watching?

JD: Oh I just saw this awesome movie called The Boxer which stars Daniel day Lewis.  F-ing awesome.  The whole movie is great. Ever actor in it is f-ing amazing, every cast member is really, really good.  But I’m interested in a whole bunch of different types of movies.  I guess I’d say that the movies I’m most into are the same as your typical guy…I really like the action movies.

Oh and Rushmore dude…the guy, Jason Schwartzman, I think he has a lot of Logan qualities.  Actually in one of the episodes coming up there’s a little reference to Max Fischer (Schwartzman’s character in the movie) which is pretty cool.  You know, I remember watching it when I was like 13, and remember thinking this movie sucks. And then I saw it again recently and said this film is amazing.  This kid is awesome. Oh my god, Jason Schwartzman, he’s great.  Talk about being in the role…he is this guy.  Aw dude, he’s awesome and so funny.  You’ll have to tell me if you think he’s like Logan.  I definitely saw a lot of Logan there.  A slacker but extremely intelligent.

GMMR:  So did you catch Teddy Dunn on Grey’s Anatomy Sunday night?

JD:  No, but I taped it.  How was it?

GMMR:  It was great.  It was kind of bizarre to see him in a role other than Duncan, especially since I hadn’t seen him in anything else before

Duncan & LoganJD:  That’s great man.  I can’t wait to watch.  I’m going to see him in a couple of weeks, so that’s going to be cool.  I know he’s studying in LA with a big acting teacher, so that’s awesome.  And yeah, he took a road trip across the country with a friend of his.  I think all is well and I’m looking forward to seeing him again in a couple of weeks.

GMMR: Actually the writers of Grey’s Anatomy have their own blog, and one of them wrote about how excited she was to have Teddy on.  She said she watches VM religiously and tried very hard not to stalk him around the set for VM nuggets.

JD:  No way!!!  Dude, that’s so awesome to hear, I’m so excited.  It’s amazing to be on a show that people watch.  It’s cool to be on a show that people in the industry actually watch.  And it’s great to hear from people associated with great shows that watch your show.  Very cool.

GMMR: So is there anything you want to say to fans of you, Logan, and the show?

JD: Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for watching and supporting us.  We’ve got some great stuff coming up this season.  So, yeah, thanks!
GMMR: Jason, thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me.  I’m such a fan so this was a blast for me.

JD: It was so my pleasure.  Thank you so much, I had fun doing this.  Hope to talk to you again soon.

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    You lucky wench!! Great interview. You asked great questions and I can’t imagine how nerve wracking it must have been to actually have him on the phone to answer them.

    He is too freaking sweet. I love how he just keeps reiterating how he and Lauren are the best of friends so the fan reaction to him never causes a problem for them. And, aww, I like how he says that it’s great to see the fan reactions because they can forget that there are so many people watching… I need to write to Rob and let him know that I’m available for the position of “On Set Fan.” 😉

  8. duckyxdale on March 17th, 2006 7:35 am

    You’re a total DB for not asking him about our man on man action while on set. How dare you ignore MY needs in your interview!

    Amazing! And I totes hate you now! Jealous much? He’s so damned sweet. In like 5 years we’re going to find out he’s a serial killer. That would be kinda hot!

    Great interview *#%* (GMMR – I almost used your real name)…

    Loves ya and have fun tomorrow night, wish I could be there!

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    Oh don’t be hatin…you know you love me!!! Wish you could be there this weekend too 🙁

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    well i guess ill start this convo from last time. Umm well i kinda stumble over this website and red this interesting convo. Yupp i would love to meet the guy in person. I hope i will be able to meet in the futer. Good luck with that but i am becoming a fashion designer and my sister is a professinal singer but slowly trying to make it big!, so mabye that could help with trying to meet him. Not trying to be a weirdo though. It would be my dream to meet him:)

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    I’m a lawyer in my mid-fifties who considers himself an intellectual and somewhat grown up. But I have been so distressed and sad to learn that Veronica Mars will not be back. I just came across your interview with Jason D today and read it. It was great to see what a sincere, appreciative guy he is. Thanks for such a nice piece. I envy you so much that you got to spend a bit of time on the VM set. I wish the whole VM crowd nothing but the best. They have given me such pleasure over their all-too-short run.

    And thank you for such a thoughtful interview. One point on the Logan character. I hope as Jason gets older he gets to appreciate what an overall good guy Logan was especially as Jason inhabited him. We fans knew that even though Piz was sweet and loving, Veronica belonged with Logan and Veronica was a pretty good judge of character. Logan’s mini-soliloquy on “Epic” alone was enough to redeem him as a character.

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  60. DvdMovies on October 5th, 2007 9:20 am

    Hej 😉 ogladam serial Weronika Mars jest teraz u nas transmitowany 2 sezon 😀 bardzo mi sie podoba Jason 😀 nie zabardzo ale troszke rozumiem angielski

  61. Faith Mars on October 17th, 2007 5:21 am

    Good day people!!!!!!!! I live in Ukraine! Jason THE BEST!!!!!!! Write me letter to e-mail Faithmars@rambler.ru I wait

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  63. estelle on January 23rd, 2008 12:33 pm

    tu et beau du joue bien dans le fiml

  64. qingzi on January 21st, 2009 8:35 am

    I love VM very much
    your interview is so great
    thank you very much
    I think LoVe is not just a story it is a spirit that keeps me believing in LOVE

  65. Luh on April 12th, 2009 4:19 pm

    hi !
    i live in brazil and i love u !

  66. Amu on April 17th, 2009 8:11 am

    Love You Jason (aka Logan/ Josef)….
    You are an Amazing Actor…Every character you take on is just perfect to the core….

    Feverently hoping that they make a VM movie and see to that Veronica comes back to you because that is where she is destined to be….

    Good Luck on your other projects…

    To the author of this piece..YOU ARE DAMN LUCKY…Happy for you though…

  67. IloveJD13 on July 16th, 2009 2:52 am

    OH MY GOD ….. I love Jason Dohring like my dream in life is to meet him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I finished the series I was in tears because I wanted to see more of him…. I also wanted him to get back with Veronica but oh weelll 🙂 ILOVE HIMMM !!!

  68. Anastasia Druzhinina on February 22nd, 2010 1:04 pm

    Hi!I’m from Siberia,Tomsk.I love Jason Dohring!!!He is excellent actor and very beautiful man.I want to meet him and tell him about my feeling.

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