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One Less To Vote For On American Idol

March 16, 2006 by  

American Idol

When you pick up the phones next Wednesday night to vote for the next American Idol, you won’t have to remember the number for Melissa McGhee. In what was the most dramatic rose ceremony ever, Melissa got voted off the island but the tribal council…or something like that. Yup she’s dunzo. She knew it was coming and even admitted it to Ryan Seacrest. I think she was lucky to have one last week. I would have booted her ass last week in favor of the far more talented (and MA native) Ayla Brown. But that’s just me.

Tonight’s show proved to have a few surprises, none of which I would have predicted. First off both Ace Young and Lisa Tucker were in the bottom three with Melissa. And man, you should have seen the fear of God in Ace’s eyes. But seriously, what is wrong with the AI voters? Why is Chicken Little (aka Kevin Covais) sitting snuggly on that couch when the far more talented Ace and Lisa are fighting for dear life? Yeah, Kevin is adorable and VERY entertaining…I love watching his little pre-performance interviews, but the boy can’t sing. Wake’s time for him to go.

In another far more shocking moment, Simon Cowell showed up…in get this…..a white button-down, collard shirt. I couldn’t believe it. I’m not sure I have ever seen him in anything other than the tight Hanes Her Way t-shirts. Simon you looked fantastic…stick with the new style and ditch the baby doll tees.

Oh and in case you were wondering…Chris Daughtry is still hot as all sin!!!


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