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Press Your Luck Host Dies in Plane Crash

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Peter TomarkenPeter Tomarken, host of the hit 1980s game show “Press Your Luck,” and his wife were killed Monday when their small plane crashed in Santa Monica Bay shortly after takeoff on a volunteer medical transportation flight, authorities said. Searchers were looking for a third person reported aboard.

The bodies of Tomarken, 63, and wife Kathleen Abigail Tomarken, 41, were identified by the Los Angeles County coroner’s office, said coroner’s spokesman Craig Harvey.

Tomarken appeared in at least four other game shows in addition to “Press Your Luck,” which was well known for contestants shouting the slogan “Big bucks, no whammies!”

The pilot was a volunteer for Angel Flight West, a nonprofit organization that provides free air transportation for needy medical patients, said organization spokesman Doug Griffith, who withheld the pilot’s name. The plane was flying to San Diego to pick up a passenger who needed to get to UCLA Medical Center for treatment, he said.

Rescue boats and divers converged on the scene, about a half-mile southwest of Santa Monica Pier. The aircraft, appearing largely intact, was later towed onto the beach.

Tomarken’s agent, Fred Wostbrock, said his client’s first game show was “Hit Man!,” which ran 13 weeks on NBC, followed by the four-year hit “Press Your Luck” on CBS.

“He was always a fun guy to be around, and he just loved the genre of game shows,” Wostbrock said.

In 1987, Tomarken was on ABC with a show called “Bargain Hunters,” and then went to the syndicated “Wipe-Out” in 1990. He returned to game shows in 2000 with the program “Paranoia.”


Prison Break Marathon on Sunday

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Prison Break 

I’m not sure I could be more excited for the return of Prison Break on Monday, March 20th. If you missed any of the episodes earlier this year, you are in luck, FX will be running a Prison Break Marathon from 12pm to 7pm this coming Sunday. Believe me, watching this marathon is a great way to spend your Sunday. Wentworth Miller is a good cure as any for the hangover I know I be suffering through.


For those of you who live under a rock, and haven’t heard the premise of the show, it goes a little something like this.

MICHAEL SCOFIELD (Wentworth Miller) is a desperate man in a desperate situation – his brother, LINCOLN BURROWS (Dominic Purcell), has been convicted of a sensational murder and is on death row in Fox River State Penitentiary. Despite the evidence against Lincoln, Michael is convinced of his innocence. With no other options and the clock ticking toward Lincoln’s execution, Michael holds up a bank to get himself incarcerated alongside his brother. Once he’s inside, we learn that Michael – a structural engineer with the blueprints for the prison – has hatched an elaborate plan to break Lincoln out and prove that he was framed for the crime.

Combining the hope of “The Shawshank Redemption,” the camaraderie of “The Longest Yard” and the tense procedure and spectacle of “The Great Escape,” the series promises to reveal additional pieces of the puzzle each week as Michael carries out his daring plan to mastermind the ultimate prison break – and solve the far-reaching national-scale conspiracy that landed him and his brother there in the first place.

There’s a lot of buzz leading to the first new episode in months. If you are a die hard Prison Break fan, or a newbie, you’ll want to check this stuff out:

Get caught up on the characters and storylines with the official Fox website. There’s a ton of great photos and behind the scenes info.

TV Guide Channel takes an exclusive look at Prison Break with a 1hr. special, premiering March 15, 10pm (ET/PT)! Check with your local cable or satellite provider to find where TV Guide Channel airs in your city, or go to TVGUIDE.COM and select “Listings.”

Get a glimpse into Fox River State Penetiary and the men who reside there in this 1 hour special. Prison Break: Behind the Walls kicks off the Season One marathon, and airs on Sunday, March 19th @ 12pm (ET). Check your local listings for airings in your area.

Prison Break Cast Prison Break: Michael & Doc Wentworth Miller_1 Wentworth Miller Wentworth Miller_3

Let’s Hear it for the Boys

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We’ve got a busy week ahead here at Give Me My Remote. In an effort to bring you the latest behind the scenes scoop from today’s hottest shows, we’ve got some great interviews lined up this week. It’s all about the boys. Here’s a sneak peek…

Jason DohringLater on today, while you are slaving away at work or at school, or whatever it is you should be doing while you are reading my site, I’ll be on the phone chatting it up with the star of Veronica Mars, Mr. Jason Dohring. Our long awaited interview with Jason is finally here, and I hope to be able to share it will all of you later this week. Just in time for the return of Veronica Mars on Wednesday night.

Bret HarrisonIf you’ve watched Fox anytime over the past month, then you’ve inevitably seen the promos for the new show, The Loop. I’ll be chatting it up with the star of The Loop, Bret Harrison, tomorrow. Most of you should know Bret from his stints on The OC, Grounded for Life, and That 70’s Show. Bret seems like a lot of fun, so I’m looking forward to talking with him.

BJ NovakThis week we have an all new episode of The Office, which is perfect since we will be posting a few Q&As with writer and star, BJ Novak. Make sure you check back on Thursday to hear what BJ has to say.

See I wasn’t lying when I said we had a crazy week. Wish me luck with my interviews…


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So you may have noticed that we made a few changes around here. Due to some technical issues we had make some changes to the site. Hopefully there won’t be many issues, but please bare with us over the next few days as we work out some kinks.

The old site still exists, but we have moved all the old posts over here. We’d love it if you could take just a minute to update your bookmark. Our official new home is

If you come across any broken links or site issues, please contact us.

Josh & Donna…FINALLY!!!

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The West Wing: Josh & DonnaDid my eyes just deceive me or was that Josh Lyman making out with Donna Moss? It’s about damn time!!! I love The West Wing, and I’m glad they are pushing forward stroylines as the show comes to the end.

Last Day on the Set of The Office :(

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The Office: Dunder Mifflin Logo

Jenna Fischer just informed us that this is the last day of shooting for this season of The Office. I know we are in for 6 more new episodes, but the idea of the showing going on hiatus for the summer just makes me sad.

Jenna also mentioned that there are rumors floating about NBC approving the supersized finale of The Office. Nothing concrete yet…just a rumor. But OMG wouldn’t that be incredible? Our little efforts may have just had an impact.

Looking for Love? Try OC New Match

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The OC: OC New Match


Looking for love in all the wrong places? Why don’t you try Newport Beach? And if you need help finding someone, look no further than the sassiest of all the Newpsies Kirsten Cohen and Julie Cooper-Nichol.  Fox has launched a website for Kirsten and Julie’s fictional dating service, New Match. They plugged it during tonight’s episode, so I figured it was worth checking out: 

Now if these women could only hook me up with Adam Brody. Hmmmm. Damn you Rachel Bilson and your undeniable cuteness.

American Idol – Your Top 12

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American Idol Elimination Top 12


America has voted and your top 12 finalists have been chosen. To get to the Top 12 we had to say goodbye to four people tonight. Singing their final songs were and . I have to say I was a bit surprised that Ayla Brown went home. I thought for sure it was going Melissa McGhee. It was so sad to watch Ayla say her goodbyes. She was more emotional than I thought she should be.

I’ve never been a fan of Gedeon McKinney…I think he’s a bit strange, but you can’t deny the boy has pipes. For some reason people keep voting for Chicken Little, but I have to think his time is up soon. His voice just can’t hold up against the rest of the guys.

My favorites are still going strong, although I’m a bit concerned that if Taylor Hicks tries to dance again he’s going to get hurt. He might be the single oddest performer I’ve ever seen in my life. But I love that boy’s voice.

My Day on the Set of Veronica Mars

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When I first started Give Me My Remote, just mere months ago, I could never have anticipated what a fun hobby this would be. I figured I would jump online and share my thoughts and opinions on my favorite TV shows, and a few of you might stop by every once and a while and check out what I had to say, and that would be it. Never did I expect that my little blog would get me from Boston, MA to Neptune, CA. But it did. The kind people of Warner Bros, UPN and mPRm flew me out to San Diego for the first ever Veronica Mars Bloggers Press Day, and as you can expect it was crazy fun.

Last Monday morning I woke up the beautiful California sunshine. Being from the East Coast, it’s so amazing to wake up in the morning, and have your first cup of coffee on the veranda under the warm sun… in FEBRUARY!! After trying on three different outfits (nothing seemed right for the day ahead), I headed down to meet my friend from Random Acts of Television. Although this was our first time meeting face-to-face, we had emailed enough over the past few months that we already felt like old friends.

After a quick breakfast, we met up with the other 7 bloggers who had flown in from all over the country for the day. Also along for the fun were our two mPRm friends, Sienna & Chelsea; Holly from Warner Brothers; and Karla, a reporter for the San Diego Union-Tribune who was writing a story about our day on the set. Soon we would also be joined by a Warner Bros photographer who captured our whole day in pictures for UPN. After meeting the rest of the crew we were anxious to get our day started. Little did we know that we would be starting it in such style.

Oh they knew the VIPs that were coming today. We were picked up, big pimpin’ style, in a black SUV limo. Hell, we were only going to the set across the street….but I’m not complaining. It was a great way to start off the day, and inside that limo was when I realized that fellow Bostonian DuckyxDale was my new BFF. And it’s a damn good thing he and I hit it off, because we had a loooong time together before our little feet his Massachusetts soil.

As we pulled on to the set, the first thing we all noticed was Logan Echolls’ bright yellow Xterra. I think that’s the moment that it all sunk in. We were actually on the set of Veronica Mars. Holy sh*t!!! As we exited the limo, I wasn’t quite sure where my eyes should be looking. I was sure that everything around us, every tree, every piece of trash, was somehow connected with the show. I was trying to take everything in – I didn’t want to miss a single thing.

Veronica Mars: Neptune HighBefore I knew it I was standing in the cafeyard of Neptune High School. So many crucial moments of the show happened right here in this little cafeteria courtyard. I immediately recognized the yellow and red McDonalds-like table where Roni and Wallace had many heart-to-hearts. The signs, the posters, the flagpole, the Lilly Kane Memorial Fountain…oh yeah, I was in Neptune alright. You know who else was there? Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars) and Kyle Gallner (Cassidy “Beaver” Casablancas). Kristen and Kyle were filming a scene from episode 18 entitled ”I am God”. And oh my god, during the scene Veronica and Beav were totally dishing on….oh wait, sorry kids, I’m sworn to secrecy. Guess you’ll have to wait until the episode airs on April 18th to find out.

Veronica Mars: Lilly Kane
After standing around for a few minutes with, what I’m sure was the biggest, goofiest grins, we were escorted to our chairs, which gave us a great vantage point to watch the scene with Veronica and Beaver unfold. Earphones were passed around so we could hear the dialogue during the scene, and we even got a chance to stand right behind the director, Martha Mitchell, as she watched the scene unfold on the monitors. It was really interesting to see this whole cafeyard, filled with crew, equipment, and extras, juxtaposed with what we saw on the monitor, which looked just like what we see each week on TV. Very cool.

Veronica Mars: me and Ryan HansenAs we were watching take after take of the scene, I saw a very familiar face making his way across the pavement. Ryan Hansen (Dick Casablancas) strolled in looking every bit the surfer boy that we know and, well, loathe. It was at this precise moment that I fell in love with Dick. Sorry Mom, I’m not trying to be crass here. The boy’s name is Dick. No avoiding the dirty jokes that have and will continue to prevail. Ladies, let me tell you…the boy is fine. I was immediately smitten, as were the other girls, and my BFF DuckyxDale. Scooter was still holding on strong to the earphones just listening to his lady Kristen speak her sweet lines.

Ryan was super cool and immediately came over and chatted with us and let us all accost him with our cameras. When I mentioned I was from Boston he gave me a huge smile and said how much he loved Boston last time he was there. We later joked about getting him out to Beantown again, and how I could get him into a few bars. Sidenote: The boy is 24 and married!! Seriously, what is it with those Veronica Mars boys getting married so damn young.

Anyway, the scene carried on and Ryan continued to play around on the set, and was eventually asked to be in the background of a shot. At one point, Ryan kept motioning for me to jump in the scene as an extra, but I wasn’t looking to burn any bridges with the nice people that brought me there so I stayed in my little yellow seat. But when I tell ya that we all were just feet from being in an episode of Veronica Mars…I ain’t joking. We were right there.

A little while later Rob Thomas, the creator of Veronica Mars, came over to greet us. He made us all feel very welcome and said he was excited about our visit – the first group visit to the set of Veronica Mars….ummm, go us!!! He chatted with us for a few and then took off. Little did I know how much QT we would get with Mr. Thomas later in the day.

Veronica Mars: BeaverDuring a break in filming, Kyle Gallner (Beaver) came over to meet us. Like everyone we met that day, he was very nice and really laid back. I wanted scoop him up and bring him home with me, I’m not kidding. The kid is adorable. The baby face is so squashable. And he knows it. More than once he mentioned that he knows he looks really young for his 19 years. That’s going to come in handy later in life…believe me. Kyle mentioned that he was happy that the fans were taking such a liking to the pairing of Beaver & Mac.

After a few minutes with The Beav, Miss Veronica Mars herself, Kristen Bell, came over to spend some time with us. She sat right down and welcomed us to the set. I think we were all a little giddy, but she made us feel right at home.

Veronica Mars: Kristen BellKristen is gorgeous. Just as beautiful, if not more so than she is on TV. The skin, the hair, just stunning. She talked about her experience in theater during college (she was in Hair), and how although she left early to do a play on Broadway, she really hopes to get her degree someday.

Kristen was also very candid about her recent cover of Maxim saying that “it was definitely a business decision”. She had a good chuckle at Maxim’s choice of quotes that they decided to pull out into the headlines, and how absurd they sounded out of context of the accompanying story. You got the sense the sexy magazine shoot wasn’t Kristen’s proudest moment but with the upcoming release of her movie Pulse, sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

Before I knew it (and before we got to take any pics with her), Kristen was whisked away for another take. Although we saw her intermittently throughout the day, that was the only time we got to spend with Veronica Mars. The girl is the title character of the show, and is in basically every scene, the fact that we got any time to spend with her was a thrill. It’s always cool when you realize the people you see on TV are just as nice as you hoped they would be. (Thanks to The Vast Wasteland for snapping this shot of KB)

Veronica Mars: Dick & BeaverThe Beav was done filming for the day which meant play time with big brother, Dick. Ryan and Kyle were having some fun on the set. As you can see from the pics, the Casablancas brothers get along like peas and carrots in real life. The boys posed for a few more pics before they bid us adieu for the day.

Veronica Mars: Neptune High FloorHolly from WB led us inside Neptune High and let us roam for a bit to really get a sense of the set. It took a minute to adjust to my surroundings. I was in a place I had never been before, yet I knew so well. The infamous bathroom (aka Veronica’s office), those bright yellow lockers that were always getting someone in trouble, the trophy case outside of Van Clemmons’ office…I was surrounded by it all. We all got pretty geeked out and started snapping up pics.

Before we knew it, we all were roaming freely in Veronica’s world. We threw our bags down over at Java the Hut andVeronica Mars: Kristen Bell headed over to Mars Investigations. After solving a few investigations we sauntered over to Veronica & Keith’s place. Veronica’s tiny bedroom was adorned with pics of Lilly Kane, her Mom, and her photography artwork. Keith’s bedroom was decked out with an old school typewriter and the cutest pic of little baby Kristen Bell.

Daddy and little girl Mars have quite the kitchen, complete with a stocked fridge and dirty dishes that DuckyxDale was all to eager to clean. And of course in the kitchen is the door. The infamous season 1 cliffhanger door. The time when it opened, it wasn’t Logan, but Rob Thomas.

Now about that cliffhanger. I asked Rob if he knew who was going to be behind the door while first writing the scene. He said he didn’t, and since Teddy & Jason were about the same height, he just asked Kristen Bell to fake it. I also asked him about the radio alarm clock behind Veronica in that scene. Many had speculated that the 3:07 was a big clue that it was Logan at the door (3:07 upside down looks like “LOE”…LOgan Echolls). Rob said that in fact it was not a clue, and he was surprised by how quickly that theory took hold. He later commented that he is often surprised at some of the theories that Veronica Mars fans come up with during the season. Yeah, we sometimes like to overanalyze the show just a teensy bit.

Veronica Mars: Rob ThomasWith Rob in tow, we headed over to the Sheriff’s office, which sometimes seems like home away from home for our little Roni. Sadly Sheriff Lamb wasn’t there, but we did get to peruse some of the top secret police files. Did you know that with all the crime in Neptune, Lamb still has time to hunt for Osama? He is talented that guy.

After spending a bit more time over at Java the Hut, with Rob leading the way, we headed over to the Neptune Grand to visit Duncan…now Logan’s, apartment. I half expected Kendall Casablancas (Charisma Carpenter) to come sauntering out of the shower, but much to the dismay of most of my male readers, she didn’t. However, the shower will play an important role in an upcoming episode, although Rob did say it wasnt’t really about who was in the shower(which I took to mean that Logan & Veronica aren’t getting it on in the shower anytime soon so don’t get your hopes up). We spent a good amount of time here, and Rob let us in on a few tidbits about this season and next. Be patient…you’ll hear about it…soon enough.
Veronica Mars: Rob ThomasIt was time to see the daylight again. Rob led us on a walking tour of some of the outside sets, which included a pass by the oh-so-important Bus of Doom (moment of silence, please), Veronica’s car, & a few PCHers bikes. We also got to see the new hangout for the PCHers. Remember that old lot with the big crane…you know, where Thumper thumped Weevil. Well that’s the PCHer “spot”. It’s actually huge and right on the lot. Seems that Stu Segall of Stu Segall Productions, had his hands in many a project over the years. He accumulated all kinds of interesting sets and props, including this little big ‘ol abandoned lot complete with chemical drums and a crane – oh how the rich spend their money.

Next it was lunch time. It was my very crafts services experience and I have to say it was delish. I was lucky enough to sit right across form Rob during lunch. He continued to answer our questions and share stories through the meal. It was during this time we got a visit from Percy Daggs III (Wallace). I love Wallace and I was so happy we got a short time to meet him. He was with him mom (who was a riot) and his sister who was simply gorgeous. Rob whisked him away at one point to have a “secret meeting”. My lip reading skills aren’t what they used to be. I couldn’t figure out if he was spilling the beans on the bus crash or not. Guess we’ll never know.

We hit a spot of rain at the tail end of our meal, so we headed under the tent for a little while. Rob gave us the background on “the shocker” (which I will spill at a later time), as well as a little hint about some sensor-testing scenes that will be coming up in future episodes. Speaking of future eps, Rob said that episodes 16-18 are especially good, and he seemed really excited about them. I can’t wait!!!

Veronica Mars: I Love DickAfter the rain subsided we were off to the wardrobe trailer. Inside this trailer were all the clothes for all the characters, recurring and otherwise. Veronica Mars gets a lot of her clothes at the Gap. She’s so one of us. Sal, the wardrobe guy was very cool. He showed us a shirt that for some reason or another kept coming up in conversation throughout the day. The shirt said “I Love Dick”. A little background here. In a future ep, a girl was slated to where this shirt…you know, to show her admiration for Dick Casablancas. But the network censors weren’t having it. As Rob explained, the girl could say “I love Dick”, but she couldn’t wear a shirt that said that. So they had to alter the shirt a bit to say “I love Dick Casablancas”. Oh those crazy censor people!! (Thanks to DuckyxDale for the shot of the shirt).

It was about this time that we had to say goodbye to Rob. I’m not sure any you of will understand how unbelievably cool it was to have a personal tour of the set with the creator of the show. Rob spent over two hours with us during the afternoon, showing us the sets, giving us little inside stories and spilling some secrets. He seemed truly excited to have us there, which made us all feel very welcome. Our time with Rob was amazing, and I can’t thank him enough for his time.

Ok, so I will say that with Rob’s departure, I knew we were closing in on the end of our day. I was a little flustered that we had yet to see Jason Dohring (Logan Echolls). One of the first things I noticed when we arrived on set was that Jason’s call time was 3pm. We were scheduled to leave the set at 2:30, so I had been hoping against hopes that we would have the chance to run into him before our day ended. Actually during lunch I nearly broke my neck from turning around so much to see if he was on the lot. But as our time was coming to a close it just didn’t seem to be in the cards to meet Logan Echolls.

One of our last stops of the day was to the makeup trailer. It was one of the coolest places as it was completely decorated with candid shots of the cast fooling around and laughing. It was really fun to see everyone so out of character. With nine of us, plus two makeup artists and a hairdresser, it was getting a little hot inside that trailer. Little did I know how hot it was going to be outside of the trailer.

Veronica Mars: Jason DohringAs it happened, I was the first one to exit, and as I reached the door my eyes saw such a pretty sight. Jason Dohring was standing there smiling and looking all kinds of adorable. I was a little taken a back as he extended his hand, and took mine to escort me down the trailer steps. What a gentleman. Since we had learned our lesson with Kristen Bell, we immediately jumped at the chance to take pics with him. Jason is very different from Logan. Much more reserved and a little more humble than the brash Mr. Echolls. He was sweet enough to answer a bunch of our questions, although I am sure he had other places he needed to be. He talked about what a great thrill it was to work opposite an actress like Kristen Bell, and how he’s that much better an actor when he’s in a scene with her. He answered a few more questions, some of which happen to overlap with the interview questions Give Me My Remote sent him, so I’m going to hold off on spilling too much here.

Oh about the interview, as we were all walking back to the cars, I held back and thanked Jason for taking the time to Veronica Mars: Me and Jasonanswer the questions from the GMMR readers. He said he was excited about it, and thanked you all for supporting the show. What a sweetheart!!!

So after this long and unforgettable day, we piled back into the cars and headed back to the hotel before leaving for our looooooong journey home.

It was really a wonderful experience, and I’m so thankful to those who made it possible – UPN, Warner Bros, mPRm, and again thanks to Sienna, Chelsea and Holly for making this happen. Thank you all so much. And another special thanks goes out to all those at Veronica Mars who made us feel so at home in Neptune, CA, including Rob Thomas, Kristen Bell, Ryan Hansen, Kyle Gallner, Jason Dohring, Percy Daggs III, Dan Etheridge, and everyone else we met that day.

And to my new blogger friends…I’ll see you back in Neptune next year!!! Reunited and it feels so good!!!!

Ok one last goody. Rob Thomas shared many anecdotes about past and future episodes throughout the day. Really great stuff for any Veronica Mars lover. Rather than spill it all to you right now, I’m going to be posting a new Rob Thomas treat every Wednesday. Hopefully it will be something you can look forward to before Veronica Mars airs later that night. It’ll be fun for me too – I can relive my awesome day on the set of Veronica Mars over and over again every week. Oh yeah, and I have a TON more pics that I’ll be sharing with you all over the next few weeks.

Sons & Daughters…WTF?

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Sons & Daughters


Did anyone catch ABC’s new show Sons & Daughters? The one from Lorne Michaels that they’ve been pimping non-stop for the past three weeks? I TiVo’d the first two episodes and I’m watching the premiere right now. I am so confused. How in God’s name did this show get on the air? It’s horrible. I am so distracted by the bad acting that I’m not sure I even want to watch the rest of the first episode, none the less the second.

It’s so amazing that shows like Arrested Development and even newer shows like Kitchen Confidential can’t make it, but this disaster gets the green light. I’m so bewildered.

That being said, I’m going to try to finish the first two eps to see if it gets any better. Maybe I will change my tune. If so, I’ll be sure to let you know. If you watched the show, I’d love to hear what you thought.

NBC’s The Office Supersize Effort Going Strong

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NBC The Office Banner


Shout out to all those who have lent their support to the Supersize the Office campaign. When James from and I started this little project we had no idea it would catch on as it has. Today marked out 2,000 signature!!! If you haven’t yet shared your two cents on why the season finale of The Office should be supersized NOW’s the time. We are going to be sending off everyone’s comments to NBC very soon.

Click here to Supersize the NBC The Office Season Finale

Chole Dao Wins Project Runway

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Project Runway Season 2 CastLast night Chloe Dao was named winner of the 2nd season of Project Runway. I was really happy to see her win, although I was secretly pulling for cutie patootie, Daniel. But as long as it wasn’t Santino walking away with the prize, I’m happy.

Throughout the season I’ve been partial to Chloe and Daniel’s classic designs. As it turns out, Chole’s collection during Olymous Fashion Week was my least favorite. Believe it or not, I actually preferred Santino’s collection to hers. Her designs for the most part were nice, but I just wasn’t personally a fan of her choice of fabrics. But you know what? I have no fashion sense what-so-ever so I really don’t know what I’m talking about.

This was my first season watching Project Runway, and I am so glad I decided to give it a chance. I’m so looking forward to season 3. Let’s just hope that creepy Daniel Franco doesn’t try to get in the competition…again.

A Little Extra John Krasinski Perhaps?

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The Office: Entertainment Weekly

In his latest MySpace blog, Brian Baumgartner, who plays Kevin on The Office, had this to say about this Thursday’s episode:

This week on THE OFFICE, they are re-showing footage of DIVERSITY DAY, Thursday night at 9:30pm. I am not telling you to watch it if you already have, but I heard a rumor. A totally unsubstantiated rumor. That they are adding some extra footage back in, that was not in the original epsode. And as a side note: it may be my all time favorite footage.

Could we be in for a little extra John Krasinski this week? You know me likey!! Ok screw it, it’s just another excuse to put a pic of him on my site. Sue me!

Speaking of “additional footage”, have you lent your voice to the Supersize the Office campaign? If not, time is of the essence!!

Veronica Mars Kicked My Ass

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Ever since I returned home from my visit to Neptune I have been all kinds of sick. I’d like to say it was due to my crazy ass make out sessions with Logan, Dick or the Beav, but sadly it’s not true. What is true is that some nice ER doctors (who by the way didn’t hold a candle to Dr. Carter, George, or McDreamy) told me I have a strong case of walking pneumonia. They gave me some drugs, that sadly don’t alter my mind just one bit, but they do help to stop my ridiculous cough.

So I’m sharing this sob story because (a) it’s my blog and I can do that , so suck it Halpert, and (b) this is my excuse for not yet posting the details of my fantastic day on the set of Veronica Mars. See, I can only capture that day once, and I want to make sure my mind is clear and I’m not half asleep while doing it. It was that good of a time. So please bear with me…it’s coming. Oh, and so is the interview with Jason Dohring. Just as everyone was saying goodbye and leaving, I held back for a minute and thanked Jason in advance for answering your questions. He said he was excited to do it, and said thanks for supporting the show. So nice!!!

Ace Young has a Girlfriend…Awww

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Young hearts are breaking today. American Idol’s version of McDreamy, Ace Young, has a serious girlfriend. Sorry ladies. All those dreamy looks into the camera were just for show. He wasn’t really signing to you. Ace was perhaps singing to his girlfriend, actress Essence Atkins. The beautiful Atkins can be seen on UPN’s Half & Half. As it turns out, Ace himself appeared on the show last year and even sang a little ditty.

Head over to for a quick look at Essence & Ace in action. Wait? What? Aw, get your minds out of the gutter. I meant watch them in a scene together from Half & Half.

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