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“Veronica Mars” Season 3 News Extravaganza

August 23, 2006 by  

Veronica Mars Season 3 News

With a title like that, I hope I didn’t oversell it, but I do have a good amount of Veronica Mars news to share with you this morning.

First up…Veronica Mars Casting News

According to the ever fabulous Michael Ausiello, we can expect a few familiar faces sauntering about Neptune this year. In the never-ending search for Keith to finally replace the hideous Lianne Mars, the World’s Greatest Dad (besides my own of course) meets a sassy lady from his past. Well, truth be told, she’s not from Keith’s past, but rather Enrico Colantoni’s past.

Laura San Giacomo on Veronica MarsLaura San Giacomo, who played opposite Enrico on Just Shoot Me, will play a Mars Investigation client that might just stick around once her case is solved. According to show creator Rob Thomas, “She plays a woman who comes into Mars Investigation and asks Keith to prove that her husband is cheating on her, and the two of them kind of hit it off,” Rob reveals. “So Keith is really hoping he finds evidence that he’s cheating.” Rob Thomas also said that it was Laura’s friendship with Enrico that convinced her to take the role, which we are told will last several episodes.

Personally, I’m hoping that Laura sticks around for awhile, as Veronica could benefit from a strong female in her life. Rumor has it the new woman in Keith’s life is already sharing important advice with Veronica – “Veronica, you should go for him. You look hot tonight. Don’t take less than $100. Call me when you’re through. Take care of you.”

Patty Hearst to Guest Star on Veronica MarsIn other somewhat less exciting casting news, Patty Hearst will be appearing on Episode 8. Rob Thomas tells us, “She is playing a character close to herself. She’s playing the granddaughter of Hearst College’s [founder], who in our world is a railroad baron rather than a publishing baron. It’ll be similar, but she is not literally playing Patty Hearst.” Yawn. This smells of some serious stunt casting and we all know how has has turned out for VM (*cough* Paris Hilton *cough* Kristin Cavallari *cough*)

Veronica Mars Season 2 on DVD

Veronica Mars Season 2 on DVDYes, yes, yes…Season 2 of Veronica Mars is NOW available on DVD. Relive the EPIC stories, and mysteries that surround fair Neptune, CA last year. Relive the days before Beaver Cassidy was a mass murderer…ah, sweet memories. This DVD collection is a must have for any Veronica Mars fan, and a perfect way for a newbie to get caught up on S2 before S3 premieres in October. Just click here to buy Veronica Mars Season 2 on DVD now. (psst…maybe if we are really nice, we can convince our friends at The CW to send over a few free copies for a GMMR giveaway)
Veronica Mars Season One DVD Donation a Huge Success

If it’s Season One you are looking for, you might want to check your local library. Fans of Veronica Mars have donated over 400 Season One DVD sets to libraries around the country. So if you are short on cash but want to check out the show, check in with your local library. Click on the map below to see how many DVD donations ended up in your home state.


For more on the DVD donation campaign, and other ways YOU can help to keep Veronica Mars on the air, click here.

Other Veronica Mars Notable Notes

Kristen Bell is up for “Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series” in the MediaVillage TV Fan Awards. VOTE FOR KRISTEN. Show the Emmy voters where they can stick their golden statue.

Interested in knowing the titles of the first four episodes of Season 3? Ducky’s got ’em. (DuckyxDale)

Kristen Bell and Kristin Cavallari at the Teen Choice AwardsFinally, my Veronica Mars picture of the Day. Poor Kristen Bell…first she was forced to shared screen time with this Laguna Bitch, and now people are forcing her to acknowledge her in public. Check out this pic of K-Bell and K-Cavs at the Teen Choice Awards. Feel free to leave your own caption.

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4 Responses to ““Veronica Mars” Season 3 News Extravaganza”

  1. Sarcasmo on August 23rd, 2006 4:59 pm

    KB: Any publicity is good publicity . . . Any publicity is GOOD publicity (Hey, I can feel her ribs).

  2. Sus on August 24th, 2006 7:29 am

    I wonder why so many more people on the east coast donated. Was there some sort of east coast “drive?”

  3. Lori on August 25th, 2006 2:42 am

    Caption: “I may be wearing this horrendous yellow fluff shirt and extremely high waisted pants, but things could be worse… My last name could be Cavallari.”

  4. John D'arc on August 30th, 2006 11:20 pm

    Ooh! When was this VM drive? It sounds awesome! Any in Brooklyn?