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Watchlist: Thursday, September 21, 2006

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Office_221_09n The OfficeSeason Premiere
The third-season opener is set in the wake of casino night, and things get mighty dicey when Michael heedlessly outs a gay Dunder Mifflin employee. Meanwhile, some details about Jim and Pam’s complicated relationship come to light. (WOO HOO!!)
Pompeo_1 Grey’s AnatomySeason Premiere
As the third season begins, the docs console Izzie over Denny’s death and help her deal with her decision to quit the internship program, and Meredith must decide what to do romantically in the wake of her prom-night assignation with Derek.

Jameswoods SharkSeries Premiere
Sebastian Stark (James Woods), a ruthless L.A. prosecutor, tackles high-profile crimes and teaches a group of young lawyers his cutthroat strategies. In the opener, Sebastian joins the DA’s office.

0609184 Six DegreesSeries Premiere
Six strangers in New York gradually become acquainted through a series of seemingly random events, which begin when Carlos (Jay Hernandez) helps Mae (Erika Christensen) out of a legal jam.

Lindacardellini_er_240_002_2 ERSeason Premiere
As the 13th season opens, Weaver, Kovac and the other doctors work frantically to try to save Jerry and a pregnant Abby, who were critically injured during the shootout that left the ER in shambles.

Mynameisearl_1 My Name Is EarlSeason Premiere
Season 2 gets under way with Earl tackling No. 183 on his list and taking Joy’s side for a change, a decision that gets him mixed up in quite a fiasco.

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