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The Office’s Oscar on the Kiss Heard ‘Round the World

October 4, 2006 by  

Oscar Martinez as Oscar Nunez on The Office

Our friends over at MeeVee got a few minutes with Oscar Martinez who plays Oscar Nunez on my favorite show, The Office. Here’s a bit of what Oscar he had to say about locking lips with Steve Carell, MySpace, and what’s in store for him outside The Office.

What was the atmosphere like when you filmed the season premiere (The Gay Witch Hunt)? You got kissed by two men in the same episode.

Oscar: Two? Oh, that’s right, Rainn (Wilson, Dwight) got one in there at the end too. We shot that awhile ago. It was a wonderful experience. I did a couple of takes, but I didn’t know Steve (Carell) was going to kiss me. When I looked over, everyone was looking down and hiding their faces, laughing. It’s nice to be on a show where people are genuinely enjoying their work.

You obviously have some fans out there. Did you receive any special feedback about this particular episode?

Oscar: Not so much like, “Hey let’s have a parade,” but, “Hey, that’s a good episode.” And to have scenes where I interact with Steve Carrell was great. For me, it’s really cool to have scenes where I’m interacting with other people, but having scenes with Steve is really great.

Other actors on the show are on MySpace or other websites during their downtime or when the camera isn’t on them in a scene. Do you get online? What do you do?

Oscar: I’m acting as I’m working. I’m playing solitaire or reading or working on set. I’m not computer savvy. I don’t care about the MySpace thing. I still use scroll and parchment. They (the other cast members) love it, I just never got into it and probably won’t.

Click here to read the FULL interview with Oscar Nunez.

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  2. Mrsdata on October 5th, 2006 12:52 pm

    Yeah, he’s TDS and TCR fan! lol I’m surprised they didn’t mention his work on Reno 911! He’s awesome as “Spanish Mike”