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Gilmore Girls Recap: Lorelai’s First Cotillion

October 11, 2006 by  

Gilmore Girls Recap

Whirl is back with a recap of last night’s Gilmore Girls. What did you think about last night’s Gilmore Girls?  And what do you make of the last scene….interesting!!!  I’m dying to see where this will all end up. Make sure toi share the love with Whirl for taking on this recap.
And while Whirl was on the ball with her recap, I on the other hand haven’t been able to get to Veronica Mars yet.  Sorry, things have been a bit nuts for me these past few days. I apologize a million times over.  Work has been rooooough lately.
But on to Rory & Lorelai and their precious banter.
Title: Lorelai’s First Cotillion
Original Airdate: 10/10/06

It must be Friday night because Lorelai and Rory are in front of the Gilmore Estate dressed and ready to go. Well except for the fact that Lor is trying to convince her daughter to punch her in the face to get out of it. Seems bleeding is a get of a dinner free card and prevents Emily and Richard from finding out that the engagement is off. She just knows her parents are going to want to talk about it and she doesn’t want the night to be all about Luke. Rory promises to deflect any Luke conversation to the thrilling topic of “Bangalore”, which I at first thought was a made up word. Turns out it has something to do with nice guys in India speaking perfect English and Time Magazine. Lorelai doesn’t think it will work but Rory knocks on the door anyway.

The door is answered by a cute little girl in a pretty little party dress, and by cute I mean scary. Very scary. Something about little girls looking and acting perfect gives me the heebie-jeebies. Emily introduces her as Charlotte, the granddaughter of some dear friends, and part of Emily’s cotillion class.  Emily’s training the high society of tomorrow! Charlotte’s only ten yet somehow knows how to make a martini straight up, but is too stingy with the ice for Emily’s taste. Lorelai jokes she can help Creepy Charlotte escape but the little girl just laughs it off.

Heading into the dining room Emily is explaining the rules of dinner etiquette and what fork is used for what. Everyone’s impressed with Creep Charlotte’s knowledge and think she’s sure to impress at her cotillion. Lorelai promises it won’t be a good time, not that she ever actually attended one as a child. She must have been too busy getting impregnated. Rory advises her mother on the sly that she might want to drop the Luke bomb, but Lorelai’s just waiting for her opening into the conversation. When Richard finally asks about his daughter’s summer she tells them about the break up.  Their reaction isn’t what anyone is expecting, mostly because they don’t react at all. Lorelai actually gets upset that her parents don’t want to have a big conversation about it. Don’t you just hate it when your parents give you just what you want? Me too. Emily refuses to say anything because she knows that no matter what she does it will be the wrong thing, and Lorelai proves her right by trying to pick a fight. She just ends up looking more crazy then usual and Rory starts yelling Bagalore to change the subject.

It’s the middle of the night Logan’s calling his girl, way to be considerate of the time difference Bud. They try to talk but it’s all awkward and not “them”. He’s got a meeting to go to and Rory’s got a relationship to worry about.

Morning time and Lorelai is staring at a piece of pop-tart in the kitchen when Rory comes in. Seems Lorelai’s not sure if she likes pop-tarts, or likes them because she knows her mother would hate that she likes them. Wha? Lorelai feels Emily and Richard’s lack of reaction to her big news was worse then any reaction they could have given her. Maybe her parents freak outs let her know that she’s doing what she wants to do because it freaks them out. Maybe she only wants to do what she wants to do because her parents don’t want her to do it. The same goes for her taste in clothes, music, food and men. Speaking of which how was Rory’s late night love chat? Not so good in her opinion because Logan’s so busy she feels like she needs something entertaining to say to be worthy of his time. She’s feeling self conscience because she doesn’t feel like they are connecting. Looks like men problems all around for the Gilmore Girls this week.

The diner is open for business so Miss Patty and Babette try to figure out what’s different about the place. Everything they point out is wrong but it’s cute to watch them try to figure it out. Rory comes in for a muffin and some coffee to go and notices right away Luke’s wearing a new hat. I wonder what happened to the old hat, but since Lorelai gave it to him many seasons ago I have no doubt it’s in his “ex-girlfriend box” somewhere under his bed. Guys do that right? Rory and Luke have sweet awkward conversation before Rory notices Lane and pulls her aside.  She wants to know how Zach reacted to Lane’s pregnancy. Lane hasn’t said anything yet and wants to wait until she’s adjusted to the idea of having a baby. Given the fact that she freaks out at the thought of having a boy or a girl doesn’t bode well. This is TV so she’ll probably end up with twins.

At the Inn Sookie’s making a big deal because Lorelai’s dressed nicely and has her hair up. This leads Lorelai on a rant about how her mother affects all her decisions, even the way she ties her shoe laces. Emily is everywhere including the Inn to sample the food for a high tea she’s throwing for her cotillion class. Michel “forgot” to tell Lorelai for the simple fun of seeing her reaction to the news. Have I mentioned lately how much I love Michel? Emily compliments/dismisses the food in her superior way and heads out but not before complimenting her daughter’s hair.

At Yale Paris is overseeing her SAT review class with an iron fist. Rory’s working there and the young man she’s tutoring obviously has a crush on her, because she’s Rory and she’s perfect. Once tutoring is over Paris has time to be Rory’s friend and asks how the long distance relationship is going, most importantly the sex. How does one have sex with someone thousands of miles away? Over the phone. Rory is very prudish about it so Paris suggests text messaging. She and Doyle do it all the time; actually they are doing it right now. Rory says she’ll think about it but I’m betting she just wants to get the vision of Paris and Doyle out of her mind.

Zac’s playing his guitar and lamenting the state of his marriage to best friend/roommate Brian. He’s convinced that divorce is in his future because Lane keeps avoiding him and she’s been different since the honeymoon. Brian thinks the parasite may have gone to Lane’s brain and promises to have Zac’s back. Lane storms in and asks to speak to her husband in private. Zac seems sure the axe is going to fall so insists that Brian stay. Lane announces her pregnancy, Brian makes a silent but hasty exit and the Daddy to be seems confused as to how this all happened, they only did it once. That’s all it takes unfortunately and Zac heads after Brian, convinced that “Brian” must be freaking out.

OH GOD!  A large group of perfectly dressed little girls just entered the Inn, it’s like my worst nightmare and Lorelai’s too. Michel, of course, is in love with it all. The girls are polite and proper with the exception of one who I shall name Mini-Lor. Mini-Lor walks like a chicken and stuffs her face with food, and Lorelai takes an instant like to her. Michel insists that Lorelai take him to the cotillion because she owes him big time. He even has an IOU on post-it-note from the time he babysat Paul Anka and the dog destroyed his shoes. Lorelai tries desperately to get out of it but it doesn’t work, so it looks like it’s party time.

Zac’s playing video games and completely denying the fact that his wife is pregnant, the guy even offers Lane a beer. Lane keeps trying to mention the baby in a round about way and then heads out to meet Rory. At the bookstore Lane’s looking at pregnancy books and Rory’s trying to find some inspiration for her text sex with Logan. Both seem astonished and slightly disgusted at what they are reading. Lane’s not looking forward to birthing the child of her “big and manly” husband or the possibility of chin hairs from pregnancy. That can happen? REALLY? Rory tells her to take it one step at a time but Lane’s more concerned with the fact that Zac forgot about her pregnancy. It’s called denial Lane, ask Lorelai about it.  Rory is trying to find something provocative to text to Logan, but her idea of sexy metaphors involves eating Logan’s toothbrush. If that’s not sexy I don’t know what is. Lane steers her in the right direction and Rory sends a message to her man right away in hopes it will spark the intimacy that is missing from their long distance relationship. Now is the perfect time to get a call from Christopher who wants to have dinner with her the next night. It’s a date, but not really a date, because it’s her Dad.

Lorelai is trying to find something to wear to the cotillion and Rory is admiring her mother’s outfits. Lor tries to convince Rory to go in her place and seems mighty shocked when she finds out her daughter has plans with Christopher that night. Surprised but very supportive because Rory has missed her Dad since “the incident” and they were talking a lot before that. How much time has gone by here people? Rory is worried because Logan hasn’t returned her text message and they’ve missed their last couple phone calls. Lorelai just thinks he’s busy, and I agree.

Lane and Zac are eating pizza bagels in their kitchen and avoiding the elephant in the room, well the baby elephant.  Lane finally brings it up and Zac declares he’s totally cool with everything. He is concerned that “Brian” might be freaking out though as “Brian” was just getting used the idea of them being married. Lane’s a smart cookie and suggests that she talk to “Brian” about the whole baby thing because she’s freaking out too. Zac is surprised his wife isn’t psyched about it and quickly realizes they are on the same page. They declare that the pregnancy sucks, commiserate over a picture of after-birth, Lane vows there is no way Zac will be in the room with her when she gives birth, and then declare their love for each other. It’s followed up with some kissing and it looks like this marriage is back on.

Lorelai and Michele are late for the cotillion and Michel is pissed because he bought a corsage for Lor and didn’t get a flower in return. So a cotillion is like prom, well that clears some things up. The kids are all there including Mini-Lor (who is wearing checkered high tops with her puffy dress) and Creepy Charlotte. Michel fawns all over Emily and the event in general while Lorelai just tries to bare it all. Creepy Charlotte introduces Lorelai to her grandparents and gets invited to dance by a little boy in a tux named Tobey. All the kids start dancing and Lor and her Mini-Lor share a wave. She may be just like you Lorelai but she’s still having a good time. Michel makes Lorelai dance with him and they are actually pretty bad at it which shocks me. Lorelai starts laughing and enjoying herself, which shocks me even more.

Christopher’s with Rory in the kitchen, dividing up their leftovers from dinner. Of course Loreali get’s home and you can cut the tension with a knife. Rory senses the awkwardness and heads out to take Paul Anka for a walk. Lorelai apologizes for not calling Christopher and then offers him some coffee which he accepts but then declines. Turns out he can’t just sit there and drink coffee with her. Huh? Yeah Christopher tells Lorelai he loves her and the other night meant a lot more to him then it did to her and that’s okay. He doesn’t regret anything because it was right, and he’ll wait till she’s 80 years old if that’s how long it takes for her to realize it too. He can wait because she’s it for him and he can’t pretend he doesn’t feel that way about her. On that note Chris is out the door and Lorelai just stands there stunned. I have to hand it to him that actually seemed very sweet and sincere.

Rory’s in bed and calls Logan because she still hasn’t received any word since her steamy text message. She wakes Logan up for a change and he’s not wearing a shirt. WOW!!! Ummm…could you give me a sec? I need a moment. (Recapper sticks head in bucket of ice water) Okay I’m good. Turns out he did send her a reply and it got sent to her saved messages. Oopsy. She reads it and is very impressed and embarrassed. Unfortunately we don’t get to hear what he wrote, but I personally don’t think my heart could take it. Rory apologizes for waking him and then tries to hang up. Logan’s having none of that and since he’s up thinks they should get their text on. Oh and he misses her.  She misses him to too. They hang up so they can text dirty to each other.

Lorelai is sitting on her bed playing with her corsage. She takes a couple deep breaths, picks up the phone and dials. Who could she be calling? She whispers “Hi Chris.” into the phone and we fade to black. Is it wrong that I actually want to see where all this is going to go?

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7 Responses to “Gilmore Girls Recap: Lorelai’s First Cotillion”

  1. Em on October 11th, 2006 4:22 pm

    It’s not wrong at all to see where this is going…I’m one of the few that actually wants to see Lor with Christopher!

  2. Whirl on October 11th, 2006 4:45 pm

    I hear you Em, I guess I’ve just been a Luke/Lorelai supporter for so very very long. I feel like I’m cheating…on Luke!

    I still love Luke and his flannel more then Christopher, but I’m looking forward to see how it shall all play out.

    Thanks for reading 🙂

  3. Post-it Thief on October 11th, 2006 7:19 pm

    Good job, Whirl! I will always be a Luke/Lor shipper, but I too am interested to see how it works out!

  4. asna on October 12th, 2006 11:09 am

    Its funny how i always wanted Lor and Luke together, and then when they were, it was so blah, im rooting for lor and chirs …

  5. coloradokila on October 12th, 2006 1:58 pm

    I know they have to go there with Lor and Chris – just get it over with and get her back to her man Luke. ASAP!

    And how much do I love Rory and Logan? I have always wanted them together – when everyone else wanted her to be with Milo’s character Jesse. They just grow cuter every episode.

  6. Steff Barrus on February 3rd, 2009 3:34 am

    I really want to find a good pic of Lorelai’s “First Cotillion” dress, if I ever get married, I would love something identical to the white beauty she is donning at that event.

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