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Watchlist: Tuesday, October 19, 2006

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Dwight The OfficeInitiation
Dwight takes new full-timer Ryan (B.J. Novak, who also wrote the episode) out on his first sales call, but he puts the novice through a series of demanding tests and challenges, not to mention an unnecessary excursion to the Schrute family beet farm.

Ugly Betty Ugly BettyFey’s Sleigh Ride
Crises make for strange bedfellows when Betty, Marc and Amanda try to find out how a secret magazine feature was scuttled, and Wilhelmina and Daniel become allies to beat a deadline on a photo spread. Meanwhile, Justin spends a day at Mode.

Izzie Grey’s AnatomyOh the Guilt
Bailey treats a young mother with breast cancer; Derek learns more about Addison’s relationship with Mark; the interns defend a resident’s competence at a staff meeting.

3721834468 ERAmes v. Kovac
As Abby returns from maternity leave, Luka takes the stand in a malpractice suit involving a former patient (Forest Whitaker), who accuses Luka of neglect and causing his stroke. Also, Pratt and Abby use unusual methods to treat a heart patient.

Corpsebride1hgf_1Corpse Bride
ABC Family kicks off its 13 Nights of Halloween with this spooky Tim Burton classic.

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