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Gilmore Girls Recap: “Go, Bulldogs!”

November 8, 2006 by  

Gilmore Girls Recap

I triple dog dare you to find a better and more comprehensive Gilmore Girls recap on the Web.  Come on…try me!  Thanks Whirl for taking on last night’s Gilmore Girls.  I missed the ep, and probably won’t have time to watch it until at least this weekend so it was great to be able to catch up.

Title: “Go, Bulldogs!”
Original Airedate: 10/7/2006

Lorelai’s on the phone, leaving her mother a message to cancel her plans to come over that evening. And by leaving a message I mean pretending her mother is an answering machine and then hanging up on her. Christopher seems amazed at her ability to get out of seeing her parents. Lorelai just smiles and pretends she doesn’t hear the phone ringing as a confused Emily calls back. Wow, that was the quickest opening scene in Gilmore history I think.

Morning time and Lorelai is opening her mail and listening to a “Learn French in 3 weeks” tape, or something to that affect. Chris comes in bringing coffee and food for his woman, proclaiming Lor better learn French quick because they are going to Paris in two weeks.  Lorelai is convinced she only needs to have a convincing French accent and pretend she’s an orphan from Marseilles to be accepted by the French. Okay then. Chris spots a pamphlet for “Parents Weekend” at Yale and wants to go. Lorelai’s not too keen, because it’s only for the parents that aren’t liked by their kids, whereas they are cool parents and can go to Yale whenever they want. Chris thinks they should do it since they are “together now” and it’ll be fun. That hooks Lor, so they make plans to go on the Saturday. Rory calls and hears the good news, never missing a beat as her parents pass the phone back and forth. Look everybody, it’s a happy family!

Luke’s making April’s school lunch down in the diner, which involves being hassled by Kirk about stinky cheese. Don’t ask.  Lulu’s there too, sharing a muffin with her muffin (see what I did there, God I kill me). April’s ride’s starts honking outside so Daddy Luke quizzes his daughter to make sure she has everything she needs, and promises to pick her up after swim practice. Lulu leaves and Kirk starts complaining that Lulu is always with him and he feels like she’s smothering him. Well obviously not hard enough because you’re still alive Kirk. I suggest she try a thicker pillow.

Michel and Sookie are fighting about the front desk and who’s in charge while Lorelai’s in Paris. Lor points out that Sookie is part owner of the Inn, so that honor falls to her. Poor Michel just never gets any respect. A new local farmer named Harvey pops in with some free sample vegetables and fruits for Sookie to try. She informs him she already has a produce man (failing to mention it’s her husband) but Harvey’s a nice guy so he leaves it anyway, just in case she likes his stuff and can recommend him to other people. Oh poor Harvey, what a waste of your pretty zucchini. Everybody with me now: THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!

Luke’s waiting by the pool for April and meets her coach, Susan, an attractive blonde with super short hair. She looks like a pixie fairy with a whistle. We learn Luke only knows how to “dog paddle” so Susan convinces him he must learn, for April’s safety. Luckily she just happens to run an adult swim class. How convenient. Wait. Does this mean we get to see Luke in a swimsuit? Oh God I hope so. As Luke leaves with April Susan gives him the once over. Get in line Swimmer Pixie, get in line

“Lorstopher” at Yale and Lorelai’s just not digging it. She doesn’t think they’re seeing the “real” Yale because it’s been fancied up for the parents benefit. Should I point out the irony that everyplace on this show isn’t “real” but sets in LA? Nah. They check in, receive name tags, an itinerary and talk to the most annoyingly perky Yale student in history. Rory’s busy working at the paper until lunch time but calls her parents anyway. I’m assuming just so we can witness more of that happy family phone banter. Yep, I was right.

Swimmer Pixie is in the pool blowing her whistle at all the adults making bubbles in the water. Stupid water level is too high so I’m not seeing as much of Mr. Danes as I would like, but what I can see. Phew. Susan seems to agree as she manhandles Luke in the name of “breathing from your diaphragm” and after class gives Luke her number, wanting to go to dinner sometime. Luke seems slightly interested but is hard to tell because the interaction goes so fast. Oh and Luke? I hate to see you leave but I LOVE watching you go, especially in wet swim trunks. WOW!

Lorelai’s complaining again (surprise!)unimpressed at how fancy the dinning hall has been made up for the parents. They are offered coffee from a fellow dad, and if I am correct it looks like his name tag reads “Zew”. Awesome. Zew gets all excited when he finds out they are the parents of the famous Rory Gilmore.  Turns out his son is a Rory fan and he tries to network a meeting between his son and their daughter, but his wife reminds him that they don’t need to boost their son anymore now that he’s actually at Yale. Zew apologizes saying he’s just so used to helping his son with homework, studying for the SAT’s and doing what Dad’s do to support their kids. Not all Dads it would seem because Chris looks like someone just kicked him in the stomach. Another Dad joins the conversation and mentions meeting Christopher’s wife. No not Lorelai, his other wife, as he points to Emily laughing in a crowd with some other ladies. Emily and Christopher married? Oddly enough I think I could see that. I’m not saying I want to, I’m just saying I could.

As it turns out Emily is just as shocked to see her daughter there since it’s the type of function that Lorelai mocks.  Lor wants an explanation as to why the “grandparents” are at “parents” weekend.  Pretty sure you can’t have the latter without the first, but what do I know.  Emily annoys her daughter even more by stating both her and Richard came to support Rory and have for the last three years, always taking her for dinner afterwards.  It’s there “little tradition” and Lor looks like she wants to rip her mother’s hair out. Thankfully Richard shows up, and though surprised that Lor’s there is glad to see her. Lorelai starts lying about what a great time she’s having and then runs off with Christopher to listen to some lecture on astrophysics.

At the lecture Chris is listening intently while Lorelai laments about her parents’ presence at the weekend.  She just can’t believe Rory didn’t tell them about it, so she text messages her daughter to complain. Rory responds with an “I thought you knew.” Therefore Lor plots to take Rory to lunch at the same place Richard and Emily were planning to take her to dinner, therefore spoiling their plans. Chris tries to quiet Lorelai’s plotting but stronger men have tried and failed. Once the Professor opens the floor for questions Chris shoots his hand up, and actually asks a very intelligent question, using lots of words I don’t know. Lorelai’s all impressed with her man and I admit so am I. I really didn’t think Rory got her brains from Chris.

Back at the Inn Sookie’s cooking with Harvey’s vegetables so they don’t go to waste but she’s feeling pretty guilty about it. She starts explaining to Michel that she shouldn’t feel bad because Jackson’s vegetables are good, but Harvey’s are “new and exciting”. Oh man, you are cheating on your husband with vegetables! Like always Michel just doesn’t care and poor Sookie is left to muttering to herself, trying to rationalize her cheating ways.

Luke’s back from his swim class and Kirks again sitting in the diner. He informs Luke that he’s going to break up with Lulu. WHAT? Yep, seems he wants to be a free man and Luke is his inspiration. WHAT? He’s envious that no one cares about Luke, like where he’s going or what he’s doing. Flat out no one cares about Luke and Kirks looking forward to that. I can understand wanting to be Luke but seriously Kirk. WHAT?!? Luke straight up calls Kirk an idiot and informs him that he should worship the ground Lulu walks on. He’s lucky to have a girl like her and if Kirk says one unkind thing to Lulu he’ll break every bone in his body.  With that he grabs Simmer Pixie’s number from his bag and heads upstairs. Looks like Luke’s ready to get back in the dating world.

Yale News office and everyone’s just finished the special Parents Weekend edition of the paper. Her parents show up and Rory lets her staff know that she’s heading for lunch at some swanky French place. They all start talking about how great it’s supposed to be there so Chris invites everyone to come along. That gets everyone excited, well everyone but Rory that is.

At the restaurant Chris is talking about skiing and the booze is running freely. He invites everyone to come up to the ski cabin he plans on renting and they order rounds of dessert and cognac. Everyone’s having a grand time, well not Rory so Lor apologizes for this all being so weird, you know since she doesn’t really hang out with any of these people outside of work. They still think its sweet Chris is trying so hard and Rory figures its part of the college experience to be embarrassed by your parents at least once. Suddenly everyone’s cells starts ringing with information about a protest going on by some Anti-War students. They’re going to have to rework the weekend edition of the paper, so Rory jumps right into high gear…too bad her staff is all loaded. Or at least doing the Yale version of what loaded looks like, which really only seems to involve slow blinking. Rory gets pretty angry and makes them all haul ass out of the restaurant, leaving Lorelai and Christopher behind.

In Luke’s apartment Lane has come over to play Boggle with (aka baby-sit) April while Luke heads out to “just diner and talking” with Swimmer Pixie. Luke seems slightly nervous but Lane promises she has everything under control so he heads out for his date.

Swimmer Pixie takes Luke to an all vegan restaurant and insists that he sit beside her at the table because it’s cozier. Right away Swimmer Pixie starts getting really freaky and weird, and that’s just not my jealousy talking. She starts out by asking him who would play him in a movie version of his life and then just starts rambling about how she swore she’d never date another students Dad after “The Ex” but here she is. She hopes the third time is a charm. Oh no…she’s a “Dad Slut”. She’s really spastic and weird, and I’m pretty sure not entirely mentally stable. Run Luke, run as fast as you can.

Lorelai is complaining about the violence involved in the rugby game she just watched with Christopher. It amazes me the stuff that woman does and does not know about this world. She gets a message from Rory saying that they are going to be working all night at the paper and most of the staff is hung over or passed out. Chris feels horrible about getting the staff drunk but Lorelai’s just happy that Rory can’t have dinner with the grandparents, which means they “won” parents weekend. Sure you did Lorelai, sure you did.  Chris shares that he feels like he has to be a “SuperDad” now because he didn’t do the things for Rory that the other Yale Dad’s did for their kids. Lor explains that Rory wasn’t that high maintenance so he just needs to relax and keep being the Dad that he is. But Rory’s grown up and he missed it. Lorelai promises he didn’t miss it, (ummm…I’m pretty sure he did) and that they still have years left of parenting to do, that they can do together.  And isn’t that the best part?  In my opinion: No. And is it really okay to just let almost 20 years of neglect slide? In Lorelai’s opinion: Yes.  Anyway Chris feels better about the promise of future parenting on the horizon. Better late then never I guess.

Back at the Inn all Sookie’s assistants and Michel are praising her food. She insists that there is nothing different, just the same old stuff, but everyone’s praising it’s the best they have ever tasted. Jackson shows up as the crowd breaks up complaining about the people he just dropped the kids off with. Oh right, I forgot Sookie has kids. Oops. Jackson tries to eat some of his wife’s cooking but she grabs it from him before he can taste it, not wanting him to realize she committed produce adultery. She tries to convince him it was a bad batch and then distracts him by suggesting they go out for a romantic dinner together. Now THAT is a cute couple.

Luke pulls up in front of the diner and sees Kirk and Lulu holding hands across the street. Kirk sends a friendly wave and Luke returns with a knowing head nod.  Good call on that couple staying together. Inside Luke finds April awake watching TV while Lane has fallen asleep on the couch. After Lane leaves April asks about the date and ultimately seems okay with the fact her Dad isn’t that into her swim coach. With that Luke dives into some left over pizza and settles in to watch TV beside his daughter. They exchange a cute look, and it would seem someone cares about Luke after all. ME! Oh and April.

Rory’s running around the office and everyone else is trying to sober up. “Lorstopher” show up with coffee and donuts for all the Yale drunkards. Chris pulls Rory aside to apologize for everything but Rory promises she’s not mad, she was just stressed out. Chris asks if they can stick around to watch the action but Rory doesn’t think that’s possible. She told Emily and Richard she couldn’t make it to dinner but that Lorelai and Christopher could. Oh burn! I guess she was mad. Well played Lorelai Junior…your mother would be proud. Actually she is proud, even if she has to go have dinner with the dreaded Gilmore’s. The happy parents smile and say goodbye to their equally happy daughter.

To sum up: Luke was wet, Kirk was an idiot, Luke was wet, Sookie is adorable, Luke was wet…oh and Christopher, Lorelai and Rory were there too. I think.

Being born and raised amongst the igloos of Canada shaped Whirl’s love of
hockey, beer and the warmth of the television screen. Though she refuses to
wear spandex she has sworn to use her powers of sarcasm for the greater good
of man kind, and disguises herself daily as a mild mannered office clerk.
Oh yeah, and she’s not too bad at Trivial Pursuit. Seriously. Seriously.

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  1. B on November 8th, 2006 7:12 pm

    Thanks, Whirl! I missed it last night. That was awesome. Seriously. Seriously. ;o)

  2. RULO on November 8th, 2006 9:42 pm

    how about the recaps on television without pity…..

  3. Whirl on November 9th, 2006 12:09 am

    Uh oh…GMMR you’re getting me in trouble here 🙂

  4. Deedee on November 10th, 2006 12:23 pm

    Thanks Whirl – I missed the ep, and your awesome recap means I can delete it from the TiVo. Though I disagree with you on one thing: I think I would rather see Christopher all soaking wet than Luke.
    I agree you are the best GG recap on the web, you’re the only one I read, and I am proud to be a fellow Canuck.