Watchlist: November 8, 2006 - Give Me My Remote : Give Me My Remote

Watchlist: November 8, 2006

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1936asefwerf JerichoRogue River
Jake and Eric make a run to Rogue River for medical supplies as their father’s condition worsens, and their trip reveals some unpleasant facts from the outside; Jimmy and Gray have suspicions about Hawkins and question him.

19879_p LostI Do
Jack makes a decision regarding Ben’s offer; Kate feels helpless when it appears that Pickett (Michael Bowen) will carry out his threat to kill Sawyer; and Locke discovers a hidden message that may help him unlock the secrets of the island.

19559_p_1 The NineTake Me Instead
Egan plans a poker party; Kathryn sees a new side to Nick that prompts her to make a decision about her future; Lizzie reveals a connection with Lucas that happened during the robbery; and Jeremy and Franny take their relationship to the next level.

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