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Prison Break Recap: “Disconnect”

November 21, 2006 by  

Poor Michelle had a little hiccup with her power last night and wasn’t able to record, and therefore recap last night’s episode of Prison Break. By the time I found out, I had already deleted it from my Tivo. But I know you need your Prison Break fix, so I’m gonna do this one from memory. If I missed something here or there, please forgive me. But I have to say, I’m relatively pleased with myself for remembering so much.

Title: “Disconnect”
Original Airdate: 11/20/06

Michael, Linc, Surce and Michael/Linc’s father (Aldo), are running to catch the plane to bring them to Panama. But first Michael and his Pops have a little unfinished business. As you may recall from last week’s episode, Michael wasn’t too thrilled to see his Daddy, but did claim to have seen him before – which was news to Lincoln.As it turns out, after their mother died, Lincoln spent some time in juvy and a young Michael was put into the foster care system. Unfortunately he was placed with an abusive man who locked Michael in a closet 24/7 and only let him out when he felt like kicking the crap out of him. Aw, poor little Mikey. One day the closet door opened and instead of getting hit, Michael was getting helped…by his real father. But all wasn’t hugs and kisses as a young Michael was ushered out past his brutally murdered foster father. Michael still has some unresolved issues with his real father and about being exposed to death that early in life. Yeah, we knew Michael had some issues…and many more we have yet to find out about.

The family reunion is cut short when Mahone catches up with the guys in the middle of the desert (yeah, right). They run for the car, and in the process Dear Old Dad gets shot and is killed. He managed to hang on long enough to make amends to his boys and to illicit some tears from Michael – not that it takes much these days to get Scofield crying. I don’t know if it’s PMS or what, but the boy won’t stop boo hoo’ing. I found it endearing at first, but now I just want to smack him upside the head and yell “Man up dude”!

After some makeshift grave site introspection where Michael tells his brother “Too many died because I wanted you to be free”, Michael and Lincoln decide that they have some unfinished business to take care of and opt not to go with Sucre on the plane to Panama. They are going to search for Sarah who supposedly has access to a video tape that will clear Lincoln’s name and implicate the President in the non-murder of Stedman. So THAT’S what Kellerman and Billy Kim were so pissy about.

Speaking of Sarah, she’s still drowning away in the bath tub, while Kellerman is in the next room prepping the body bag and sharpening the saw he plans on using to cut up her body. Harsh. Was I the only one that thought Kellerman was going to become a bit of a softy and save Sarah’s life? They did share pie after all.

In the end, Sarah doesn’t need any saving. She uses her teeth to pull out the plug for the drain, and gets out of the tub before Kellerman notices. When he finally hears the water draining he runs into the bathroom only to be pinned up against the wall by a Sarah-wielding hot iron. Ouch!! Sarah narrowly escapes by jumping out of a window and on to a parked car below. She hasn’t completely escaped injury, but at least she’s a doctor and knows how to stitch up her own wounds (dude, it was nasty when Kate did it for Jack and once again tonight…in the words of Valerie Cherish “I don’t want to see that”!)

C-Note has escaped the authorities and is now on the run with his family. His daughter seems to have some kind of stomach ailment which requires a prescription from the pharmacy. His wife is all over it, and is almost done with it just as the pharmacist looks down and conveniently spies a photo of C-Note and his wife in the newspaper. Mrs. C-Note leaves, and manages to drop the prescription just as the cops arrest her. Way to go C-Note. Get the mother of your child thrown in jail. Way to be a man!
Checking in with the White Trash boys, an increasingly creepy Bellick is still at the police station in Kansas after the police there found Geary’s dead body. He spills an “almost” version of the truth to the lead detective, and she buys it. As the story goes, Bellick and Geary were on the hunt for T-Bag. They split up to cover more ground. Bellick suggests that Geary must have caught up with T-Bag after all, hence the whole dead thing. He’s on a role for a while, but then a receipt from his credit card was discovered in Geary’s dead hand. Bellick starts to crack and keeps switching his version of the story until he finally gets to the REAL truth. But by now he has zero credibility and he is arrested for Geary’s murder. Yay!!

Back over in the desert, Michael, Lincoln and Sucre share their goodbyes as Sucre boards the plane. What none of them know is that the bad guy, whose life Michael saved last week (or earlier in the day if you are in episode time), has spilled his guts to Mahone about the plane in exchange for immunity. Bastard. Knowing the details of the flight, Mahone orders the plane shot down from the sky. Michael and Lincoln see the jets following the plane and know that Sucre’s days are numbered. Michael cries (shocker). I tear up a bit, but I refuse to sob a good sob until I know for sure that Sucre is dead. We never saw the plane go down, so there is still hope.
Driving along the road, Mahone spies Michael and Lincoln in their car and yet another pursuit begins. Mahone must be mighty pissed about now since these guys seem to always be literally one step ahead at all times. Yet another car pursuit begins, but this one isn’t as frantic as Michael and Lincoln have a nice lead. It’s more like a Sunday drive than a chasing of escaped convicts.

During their drive, Michael finds that he has just a bit of cell service. He spies a radio tower right behind them and insists that Lincoln turn the car around. Yes it means heading straight for Mahone, but he has to risk it. He needs the cell phone in order to call Sarah because he loves her like he has loved no one else in his life (ok, I made the last part up, but it would have been nice to hear, no?).

You ever see those VW commercials where the two people are chit chatting in the car about some nonsense and then BAM! they get crashed into by another car? Yeah, so that’s what went down last night after Lincoln and Michael started driving towards the tower. The shaken and injured brothers emerge from the car only to be faced with Mahone’s gun pointing right at them. Make one move and you are dead (well not really because you are the stars of the show, but that’s what we are supposed to believe is going to happen). Michael looks down at his cell phone, and hears Sarah’s voice on the other end of the line. D’oh.

Next week: Prison Break’s Fall Finale


3 Responses to “Prison Break Recap: “Disconnect””

  1. Jo on November 21st, 2006 12:17 pm

    Sara is hardcore.

  2. Julie on November 21st, 2006 12:30 pm

    I didn’t read the whole recap, but just the idea of you smacking Wentworth Miller upside the head and telling him to “Man up” has really brightened my morning.

  3. miestro on November 21st, 2006 3:23 pm

    i think michael is sooo gay.

    he should have told his father that he hated him…”i hate you dad” like in the episode of married with children where the father of a spoiled brat was going to buy his undeserving son a mustang but the brat wanted a massarati.

    the dad humourisly stated…”you will take this mustang and you will like it” and the brat replies “I HATE YOU!”

    so funny.