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Heroes Recap: “The Fix”

January 30, 2007 by  

Heroes Episode Recaps

Title: “The Fix”
Original Air Date: 1/29/07

GMMR Recapper: Julie

Peter follows Mr. Invisible, who pushes him up against a light pole. How can Peter see him? Well, he’s got powers. “Fantastic. One of those.” Hee. Fantastic! Mr. Invisible claims he’s no one. Now’s not he time to be getting all Emily Dickinson on us, sir. Peter wants Mr. I to help him, saying the city is in danger. Mr. I tells him to leave him alone and walks away.

Niki, still in her padded room, gets a shot on one well-formed buttock.

Matt demonstrates to his wife his nifty skill by reading her mind as they snuggle on the couch. She’s impressed. I’m not.

Mr. Bennett meets with a doc to discuss Sylar’s condition. He’s not doing well. Bennett wants them to keep him alive, as per instructions, but things look dire.

Hiro and Ando suffer through the steep parking rates in the city. Despite Hiro’s efforts to turn back time, he can’t pull a Cher and get them a lower rate. Hiro speculates about what he needs the sword for. Then they spot a man by their car. He’s got a gun. So does the guy in the van. Remember what I said about dire?

Mohinder gets a knock. It’s Nathan Petrelli. He’s wearing a pink sweater. (Mohinder. Not Nathan. Nathan is far too polished for a pink sweater. Why is the sweater so pink? He looks like cotton candy) Nathan confesses he’s worried about Peter, and wants Mohinder to explain what’s happening to his brother. Mo explains the list, showing him the files. Nathan wonders if Peter’s ability could be dangerous. Mo says yes, but they’ll know more when they find him. “If I can find him, study him, then I can do more than help him. I can help all of you.”

Meanwhile Peter, who needs to work on his listening skills, has followed Mr. Invisible up to the roof of a building where his former employer lived. Peter asks him again to help control his powers. Mr. I offers to help by killing Peter right now. He’s no Sunday school teacher and has no interest in helping Peter get his learn on.

Zach and Claire poke around on her dad’s computer, looking for some hidden files. She insists that there’s sketchy information on there, but they can’t find any. Papa Bennett comes home unexpectedly, so Zach makes up a story about a manatee report for bio. Claire smoothly covers that they were assigned together, they aren’t hanging out. They’re not friends. Her dad says they used to be. Maybe they could be again. Claire retreats to the bedroom and hangs wind chimes out her window as a signal.

Matt tells Janice about the whole conspiracy with the Haitian and Primatech. While she took the telepathy in stride, she’s incredulous about the paper factory and everything else.

Hiro and Ando hide under a car, waiting for the men with guns to leave. Ruh-roh; the car sheltering them departs. They hustle but the van is faster, and they manage to nab Ando. Hiro won’t desert him, though. “Release unspecial Ando and I go with you, okay?” he implores the men. They decide to take them both. Ando’s surprised that his buddy came back, but Hiro brushes it off. “That is how we roll.” Oh, Hiro. You don’t just roll. You <i>rock</i>.

In Niki’s cell, she’s got a visitor: the prison psychiatrist. The doc asks about her identity, her sister, her history, saying she has a classic case of multiple personality disorder. The good news is, with time, they can integrate her two personalities. Niki’s less optimistic: “What I am, you can’t fix.” Reluctant to let Jessica into the conversation, Niki requests another shot to keep repressing Jessica (or at least her super strength).

DL phones around for some dough, but he’s striking out. To make matters worse, Micah acts like a little brat. I can’t even recap his scene because Micah is asking to be thrown out a window. And he’s no Nathan, so it wouldn’t be a fun trip.

The Haitian, signaled by Claire’s wind chimes, meets with her at the oil derrick. She explains that she needs to find her real parents. He tells her that he doesn’t know her about her dad, but her mother died in an explosion in Texas 14 years ago. He insists they no longer meet, but Claire’s expression says she won’t be dissuaded from finding her parents.

Bennett gets home. He and his dog-obsessed wife have the obligatory “why are these two even married” chat, then he gets a call from his doc friend that Sylar is dead. He tells his associate to get the body ready for shipping, but as the doctor removes the restraints, Sylar opens his eyes. He’s aliiiive!

Zach and Claire research an apartment fire that supposedly killed her mother, Meredith Gordon, and her 18-month-old baby. Claire speculates: she’s not dead, so maybe her mother isn’t either. Or maybe they can find a relative.

Matt has a review with his superiors. Reading their minds, he finds they don’t like his (crazy) written statement. Even though he recants, he gets a six-month suspension. He comes home to more bad news: his pipes are breaking, and his wife is still there. Wait, that second part is just me. He’s bummed about the suspension, but his wife tries to support him, and gives him the (good?) news that she’s pregnant. Hah! Like it’s even his! As much as I love Greg Grunberg, I don’t like his wife, and I wish their storyline were more interesting.

Ando and Hiro get in the van with a bald man who won’t answer their questions. They confer with each other in Japanese till the man breaks in. In Japanese. “I work for someone who has true power,” he tells them, offering them two tickets back to Tokyo. Hiro refuses. It’s a test of his heroism, and he won’t be lured in.

Peter’s prepping to leave when Mo and Nathan arrive. Peter brushes off Mo’s offer to study him. Nathan threatens to have his “mentally ill” brother detained for his own safety. Peter agrees to come with them, then rushes out of apartment. They think he jumped out the window, but Mr. Invisible is standing next to him, shielding him from view.

Mr. Invisible raids Peter’s fridge. I like him already. He’s a nice contrast to Emo Bangs Peter. Peter asks a lot of questions that he doesn’t answer, but the two head out to steal a cab and begin their lessons.

DL comes to Niki’s cell, through the wall. Neat! They embrace and he comes clean that he can’t take care of Micah. He’s having trouble. She gives him a pep talk about how he needs to communicate with Micah and she needs to stay in there. When did she get to be the stable one? Micah, meanwhile, has sidled up to an ATM and convinced it to spit out about more than $500.

Claire confers with Zach by phone about her search for Meredith Gordon (no luck so far). Her dad comes in to offer a manatee book, but she’s already got it. The girl is clever with that cover story. Her dad tries to see if there’s anything else she needs, and she reveals that she wants to get rid of her international teddy bears. Jack Coleman does such a good job with this part. You never quite know how much of his reactions are genuine love and how much are concern for her as a super-strong test subject.

Out of her cell, Niki visits with the psychiatrist. Inspired by her conversation with DL, she wants to try to mount a defense so she can get out and take care of her son. The psychiatrist says she’ll need to talk to Jessica, but Niki doesn’t want to let her out. Psych lays it out for her: either she speaks to Jessica or Niki doesn’t get to see her son for a very long time.

Micah returns home to a very worried DL, who pushes away his irritated feelings to try the up-front approach with his son. He knows he’s not doing a good job being a dad, but he wants to pull together. Micah’s up for it: “I’m sorry, Dad. I can try harder.” They hug, and he hands over a lot of money. Where’d he get it? “I have a secret, too.” He grins at his disbelieving dad.

Ando and Hiro reach their destination in the van. They pepper their companion with more questions, but all he’ll say is: “What happens next is up to The Boss,” a shadowy man who exited a nearby vehicle. Ooh! We know him as George Takei. Trekkies know him as Mr. Sulu. Hiro knows him as…”Father?”

Claire’s still on her phone search for someone who knows Meredith Gordon. She gets lucky when a woman who knows of Meredith answers the phone. Claire explains the situation, how she’s looking for the woman she thinks is her mother. “Then you made the right call. This is her.” Mom takes a breath, lights a cigarette with just a wave of her fingers, and takes a puff. Ooh. Pyro!

Mr. Bennett heads into Sylar’s cell, where there appears to be a body covered by a sheet. Mr. Bennett pulls it back, and no shock, it’s the doc. Sylar looms behind him with a question for Mr. Bennett: “How’s your daughter?” Ooh…

Next week: Claire meets her mom, while Sylar’s at the Bennetts. Simone and Isaac mack on each other while Peter watches. BURN.

Julie is a GMMR recapper extraordinaire, but she also has her own fabulous TV website. Head over to TV and Sympathy to read more from Julie.

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6 Responses to “Heroes Recap: “The Fix””

  1. Soultrance on January 30th, 2007 4:23 pm

    Man this show has been awesome so far. Of all the TV I watch, this is one of the very few shows I will actually adjust my schedule to, its that could. You can’t miss a single episode of Heroes, you might miss something with dire effects on the storyline.

    I can’t wait to see Micah develop his powers more and find out exactly how they’re planning to integrate George Takei and Hiro’s bio-parents into the story.

    10 or 11 episodes to go, bring it on!


  2. Mandy on January 30th, 2007 5:03 pm

    I thought it was a little weird that Claire has said something about getting rid of the bears twice now. I wonder if the bears are important, like if there is one that tapes her or something, kind of like a nanny camera. Something to consider.

  3. coloradokila on January 30th, 2007 5:42 pm

    More Matt in this episode too. yay!
    I just hope he has not told his wife too much, and they end up hurting her and the baby.

  4. John D'arc on January 30th, 2007 6:09 pm

    god, they need to end the Niki/Jessica/DL/Micah storyline.

    It’s the most boring of the show, and they can all be killed off without ruining the rest of the show, as they are unrelated to the other characters. Minimal collateral damage.

    It’s odd how the Haitian was being lied to as well by HRG.

  5. Bill on January 31st, 2007 1:15 am

    I actually thought that the Niki/etc. subplot was more interesting than usual this episode. Although I still am unsure of its point: their story really needs to intersect more with the rest of the cast. In my opinion, Peter, Hiro, and Claire (and also her dad) are the core of the show.

  6. Sarcasmo on February 1st, 2007 11:01 am

    Still loving Hiro and Heroes. Hiro and Claire are about the only two characters I would absolutely NOT want something to happen to. Any of the others would be a blow to the show, but nothing unforgettable.