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GREY’S ANATOMY Redux: Let the Truth Sting

October 12, 2007 by  

Cast of Grey’s Anatomy

I didn’t get around to watching GREY’S ANATOMY until about 1am this morning. I don’t know if it was me being overtired or what but I think I really liked last night’s episode. There wasn’t anything really that stood out about the characters or the storylines last night, but I liked the episode as a whole.  Is that even possible?

Here’s a little of what went down in Seattle Grace last night…
Well, well, well it looks like perhaps Meredith Grey listened to my advice and eased up on her sister just a bit.  Way to be mature Meredith, even if it was only for a second. It was nice to see that it wasn’t all about Meredith, again…even if it was only for a second. This time around it was Lexie being a bit self absorbed (and Mere claims they aren’t really sisters…ha).  The scene with Meredith going over Lexie’s mother’s death notes and telling Lex that she was very fond of her mother was touching.  It’s a scene that should have happened in the first episode of the season, but hey, you can’t win ’em all.

Really old guy woke up and wished he were dead.  Yeah, I’d be feeling that way too if I had to listen to Izzie whine about George all day.  And how many times is George going to have to tell Izzie it’s not all about her until she finally hears him? I’m all for George leaving Callie, and I’m finally glad he told her about the affair, but he and Izzie don’t have a shot in hell of staying together, so I’m kind of intrigued to see where this is all going.  Now I’m not saying that I agree with George’s adultery, because I don’t, but the guy needs to catch a break.  Maybe it’s karma…who knows…but since his dad died it’s been one thing after the other. Last night I just felt sad for Bambi. I still love me some O’Malley so to see Alex be such an asshat and out George as a repeater in the elevator among his fellow interns was painful to watch.  Alex, I thought you had matured a bit.

Christina is using her real (but pretending it’s not real) grief over Burke to win sympathy points from Meredith, and by sympathy points I mean surgeries. Meredith is feeling guilty over the McSex so she gives in to her friend.  How lost in the world would these two emotional idiots be without each other? Not feeling McGuilty is Derek who is pretending that he’s not hoping that the sex with Meredith will lead to a reconciliation. Oh Derek.

In what was my favorite scene of the show, Bailey finally came around and offered her assistance to the flailing Callie.  Bailey just wants what’s best for the patients and for the hospital and when she sees both suffering at the hands of Callie she has to step in and help.  Way to go, Bailey.  I think you and Callie will make a great team, and if that means Baily can rule with an iron fist again, I’m all for it!! Does anyone else think that Bailey will rip George and Izzie a new one when she finds out about the affair?!  Let’s hope so.

A pretty solid episode overall and one that I really enjoyed.  Not the Grey’s of old, but not the Grey’s of Season 3 either.  I’ll take what I can get.


4 Responses to “GREY’S ANATOMY Redux: Let the Truth Sting”

  1. kilwiggle7 on October 12th, 2007 1:37 pm

    It isn’t the Grey’s of old, but it’s definitely the Bailey of old and that is what made me happiest. She should have been given the position that Callie has, no doubt about it. Considering the Chief gave the position to Callie so as to not mess up Bailey’s relationship with her family, the plan definitely backfired since giving the position to Callie is partially responsible for messing up her marraige. Anyways, Bailey is my favorite character and to see her take charge again makes me smile.

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  3. Sus on October 12th, 2007 8:13 pm

    I’m someone who occasionally curses. Usually only when I’m pretty angry.

    But I swear to you, last night when I watched Alex “out” George I launched into a cavalcade of curse words the likes of which no sailor has ever heard. That was beyond asshat. That was…I don’t even know what that was. I did not get that AT ALL. What was his problem?

    I thought the rest of the episode was pretty good, though. I was glad to see Meredith being slightly less hostile towards Lexi. I mean, it’s not HER fault Meredith’s dad left.

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