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Big Brother 9 Spoilers (Update #1)

February 13, 2008 by  

The latest BIG BROTHER 9 spoilers from inside the house including HOH and POV winners, food comp updates and all the latest drama…because you know there is always drama!

To find out what’s going on in the BB house, check out GMMR’s spoiler updates from the 24/7 live feed: BIG BROTHER Spoilers – Feed Alert Keep checking back at new updates are added all the time.

(Update #1)

The feeds opened up and drama was rearing its ugly head. Seems that Jacob and Sharon (the ex’s) had already been evicted from the BB9 house, and Jen and Ryan’s relationship status was outted. Parker was upset with both Jen and Ryan and Allison seemed to drink herself silly to cope with now having a target on her back. Alliances have already been formed and reformed and everything seems to be up in the air because of the Jen and Ryan drama. The new Powercouple was Amanda and Alex, who seem to get along the best out of all the couples, taking a bubble bath in HOH bathroom together, dancing and lip-singing to the HOH music and Amanda confiding that she is playing the dumb girl part. Amanda and Alex are expected to nominate Parker and Jen and Allison and Ryan.


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