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90210 Spinoff in the Works

March 13, 2008 by  

90210 Spinoff in the WorksRumors are circulating that The CW is considering developing a pilot for a new show about kids from the world’s most famous zip code. According to The Hollywood Reporter, The CW has fast tracked a script for a spinoff of BEVERLY HILLS 90210 and will supposedly make a decision about the pilot by the end of the month.

My first thought was ‘hell to the NO’. Don’t mess with the legend that is 90210, and don’t let the execs over at The CW get their hands on it. I mean, with a few exceptions (ok just ‘Gossip Girl’), Ostroff and pals haven’t really shown an affinity for creating, and more importantly, supporting good television.

But then I read something that got me thinking that this might not be the worst idea ever.

Word on the street is that producers are looking to have someone write the script who has a little experience with a zip code not too far from 90210. I mean, besides Aaron Spelling, who knows more about the ’09ers than VERONICA MARS creator, Rob Thomas. If Rob Thomas is involved, well, then you have my attention. In lesser hands a 90210 spinoff could be a complete farce, but I think Rob Thomas could develop something interesting and actually watchable. Well, as long as he doesn’t bring Andrea Zuckerman and Steve Sanders back as teachers. I think that Thomas has a lot of options in front of him and if he feels that it’s worth his time to write the script then then it’s probably worth at least checking out.

Plus, can’t you just imagine the 90210/Gossip Girl crossovers? The rich kids from New York meet the privileged from Beverly Hills. Classic.

I’m feeling old as I type this, but it’s been 18 years since 90210 first premiered. Should we let sleeping Dylan lie or are you ready for some more 90210?

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10 Responses to “90210 Spinoff in the Works”

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  2. Bill on March 13th, 2008 10:31 am

    At least bring Tori in as an executive producer. I feel so bad about her nearly being written out of Aaron’s will. I am sure she was a pain in the a$$, but that is no reason to leave her such a pittance of a fortune.

  3. Randi on March 13th, 2008 10:56 am

    Beverly Hills 90210 was/is/always will be one of my favorite shows ever. I started watching it with my much older sister (who is now 39…I turn 27 on Tuesday) when I was nine years old! Though it was a bit over my head at that point other than Dylan being a hottie and a half, I have since watched every episode about 10 times each. I can tell you stupid facts, find all the continuity errors, name every character (including some bit parts), and name stupid plot devices. I grew up with that show and watched it from the time that I was 9 until I was 19. It’s LEGENDARY to me.

    That being said, if Rob Thomas is at the helm, I might be interested in the spin off. It would have to be done EXACTLY right though. No more kitsch of the 1990’s (as sad as that is). No more white want to be dance rappers that DJ over the school’s PA system. And for the love of god, PLEASE don’t have the main character drive an old mustang and work at the Peach Pit. As much as I love Nat and the Megaburger, I just don’t think it stands up today.

    I’m so on the fence!

  4. nessie on March 13th, 2008 12:06 pm

    this is kind of exciting, am only 19 but i rember watching 90210 with my cousins and aunts its a classic have actually seene that show in 4 languages and 5 different countries.

    i have total faith i mr thomas and we lining up first to catch the show. and i think that the cross over sound awesome

  5. Gina on March 13th, 2008 12:17 pm

    I seriously hate the cw, banned it since the cancelation of VM and Gilmore Girls (in the same year for crying out loud!), but if anything was going to bring me back, it would be a Rob Thomas show. Especially if he brought Jason Dohring to it. So my thoughts are, lets see what you can do with 90210 Rob!

  6. mg714 on March 13th, 2008 12:31 pm

    Count me in as skeptical also about a spinoff but maybe not as much if Rob Thomas is involved. I was a huge 90210 fan growing up (technically I’m the same age as the characters were – and that is why it made me sad when I read that the show premiered 18 years ago! I am getting old too!). In any case, it might be an interesting spinoff but I’m not a big CW fan – I probably wouldn’t watch unless someone like Rob was behind it.

  7. Kristi on March 13th, 2008 1:03 pm

    I didn’t think there was anything you could say behind that “read more” tag BUT then I saw Rob Thomas’ name! Well, that makes all the difference.. now I’m interested!

  8. JennyL on March 13th, 2008 6:48 pm

    Agreed with you that it doesn’t sound like that great an idea…but if Rob Thomas is involved, I’ll watch it for sure! Good luck in LA.

  9. DoctorK on March 13th, 2008 8:14 pm

    Please no! This serie again???

  10. Liz on March 14th, 2008 8:11 am

    I’m just sick of everyone trying to pass off all these spinoffs as original programming. I get the logic of “hey, this was successful, surely something that we base vaguely on it will be just as successful!” but it almost never pans out.

    Granted, Rob Thomas seems like he might pull it off, but given the premise, I’m just not sure I buy it.