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What to Watch…Thursday, April 10, 2008

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I was getting teary just pulling together today’s ‘What to Watch’ list. People we have an honest to goodness night of TV ahead of us. NBC comedies are back and it’s brand new TV on almost every channel. I’m getting verklempt again.

I’d ask what you are all watching tonight but I think I already know.

Watch and enjoy…

My Name is Earl | 8pm on NBC
“Stole a Motorcycle″
Randy tries to fix Earl’s karma by working on the list. His first task is to make amends for a drunken encounter with the Teutul family from “American Chopper” (appearing as themselves), which resulted in a missing motorcycle.

30 Rock | 8:30pm on NBC
What to watch: 30 ROCK“MILF Island”
Jack delights in the TV-programming juggernaut that is the reality show “MILF Island,” but his happiness is short-lived when an unknown staffer disparages him in a gossip column.

The Office | 9pm on NBC
“Dinner Party”
Jan and Michael host a dinner party. On the guest list are Jim and Pam, who have run out of excuses to avoid such a gathering, and Andy and Angela, a pairing that sends Dwight’s jealousy soaring to new heights.

Scrubs | 9:30pm on NBC
“My Bad Too”
Turk learns Spanish as an anniversary gift for Carla and discovers being bilingual comes with unexpected perks. Elsewhere, a burn patient asks J.D. for permission to attend his graduation and Dr. Cox plays games with Kelso’s breakfast.

Eli Stone | 10pm on ABC
Eli Stone “Patience”
A partner (Katey Sagal) probes the firm’s decline in prestige and loss of wealthy clients, which threatens Jordan’s reign; Eli’s visions of the future convince him to help a prisoner who has been denied parole.

Also playing…

  • American Idol | 8pm on Fox: Chris Brown and Jordin Sparks perform “No Air,” and one of the eight remaining finalists is voted off.
  • Survivor: Micronesia | 8pm on CBS
  • ER | 10pm on NBC: Pratt butts heads with a new colleague over his treatment of the interns. Meanwhile, Gates tends to a young patient’s serious heart condition; Abby considers coming clean to Kovac about her affair as she travels to Croatia.
  • CSI | 10pm on CBS: Catherine investigates the murder of a 3-year-old girl who was killed behind a comedy club, and the case takes on personal meaning for her as she becomes determined to track down the perpetrator.
  • Without a Trace | 10pm on CBS:  While Jack’s in critical condition in the hospital, the team searches for a teen heart-transplant recipient (Daveigh Chase), whose disappearance they suspect may be connected to her curiosity about the donor. Brian Donovan: Adam Kaufman.

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  2. max on April 10th, 2008 8:11 pm

    Is there an office chat tonight?
    If so could someone remind me what the website was?

  3. Cynthia on April 12th, 2008 12:07 pm

    GMMR! Where’s our Office recap?
    “You can always buy new stuff, but you can’t buy a new party.”