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BONES: The Player Under Pressure

April 22, 2008 by  

It seems that many of you BONES fans were happy to be able to talk about your show last week.  So once again Seeleybaby has been kind enough to talk about it here on GMMR.  I might have to play a little catch up with this show since so many of you seem to loving it.

So without further ado, I turn it over to Seeleybaby…

Bones fans, Seeley Booth is bringing sexy back. Congratulations to David Boreanaz for being selected #11 on TV Guide Channel’s Sexiest Men of TV Ever. William Shatner was ranked as sexier. Hmmm…here’s a test…anyone who would rather see Captain Kirk over Booth…go ahead and raise your hand. Anyone?…Anyone?…Bueller?…Bueller?

Note: This episode was originally supposed to air on 4/18/07, but because of the tragedy at Virginia Tech, was postponed. Therefore, if any of you are new Bones watchers, and you haven’t rented seasons one and two, first of all, shame on you, and secondly, this episode would have appeared between The Killer in the Concrete and Spaceman in a Crater. That’s why Hodgins looks like he bathed in Rogaine, and why Sweets haters might love this episode.

Let’s get to…

The Case…
I don’t like giving out too much info in this part, in case someone hasn’t seen it yet…but basically, an all-star, potential first rounder basketball star is found dead, crushed by bleachers. This body’s extra nasty. A rat had babies on it…AHHHH!

Anyways, Booth and Brennan, with the help of a local officer/former b-ball college star…Booth knows all his stats… learn that the death of R.J. Manning has been caused by a blow to the head. Possible suspects include his coach, an agent type, a student employee at the gym/blue lipstick wearing tutor, friends/teammates, cheerleaders, and girlfriends. Turns out RJ was on steroids…the plot thickens…like a gelatinous matrix. I won’t tell too much more except this…I was shocked, but Booth takes care of business, with some help from his favorite girl.

The Squints…
Zack and Hodgins both follow college ball? Brennan hates it; I love it. Zack and Hodgins also have a sweet, sweet experiment, which splatters all over them and Cam…gelatinous matrix indeed. And Hodgins uses Cam’s personal blender to blend some bugs…gross. Cam gets in the middle between Angela and Hodgins. Angela doesn’t think it’s good to ‘mix the personal and work’…yeah right. Cam calls her on it in a great way…busted!

Booth as basketball star? Hmmm…maybe, and I def like the way he stands up for himself against Brennan’s self-righteous ‘anti jock’ speak. From the start, when Booth is making fun of Brennan’s four person attendance, it’s clear that he’s in his element and she’s not. Like always, she tries to find ways to prove that her opinion is fact, anthropologically, but this time Booth calls her on it. He fought in a war! Also, he is actually mad/hurt, and he doesn’t let it go, which is good and a surprise for Brennan. She’s used to Booth smoothing things over between them. I liked that she was the one who had something nice to say about him at the end…Brennan, TV Guide, and women all over the world agree…Booth is a warrior and a fully developed man.

Favorite lines of the night, both from our favorite forensic anthropologist:

1. Brennan to cocky b-ball player: “All the bad decisions you’ve made and the one thing you’re ashamed of is having sex with a not hot girl?”

2. “Is she crying because she loved him or because she lost a mansion?” Haha, and David Boreanaz mouthing “the mansion” was great.

Seeleybaby is glad the writer’s strike is over but now has to clear out her DVR for new episodes of Bones, The Office, and Scrubs. She also is still sad Arrested Development isn’t on (COME ON!) and is looking forward to more Flight of the Conchords

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6 Responses to “BONES: The Player Under Pressure”

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  2. Patty on April 22nd, 2008 11:11 am

    This episode was just OK for me. There were moments (as there always are) but I could so tell, as an avid appointment viewer, that this episode was out of order. It made it less enjoyable than say, a regular repeat when you know you are watching a one-off show. Plus, I am a little annoyed with the whole sports/killer thing these days. I know they do it, it sucks but can someone come up with something even a little orignal? I still love the play between Booth and Bones tho.

  3. Amy on April 22nd, 2008 1:08 pm

    Thanks for the recap, Seeleybaby. And for leaving out the unseemly details of the episode, of which there were way too many for my taste. I was disappointed since we’d had to wait so long to see this one, but oh well, on to next week!

  4. Jenn on April 22nd, 2008 11:25 pm

    Patty, ITA it was weird that it was out of order. Right from the beginning with Brennan’s “you were a jock” line, since that whole ep with smurfette and the guy that died in the time capsule where Booth had to tell a story from his past, the title escapes me at the moment. I felt that was a really important development in their relationship and then this ep made it seem like she forgot about it, a little out of character for Brennan. Also the whole Angela and Hodgins thing was weird since usually they’re all over each other in the lab and Cam never made that big a deal over it really.

  5. Kimber on April 23rd, 2008 11:42 am

    Having been a huge Bones fan last year (and just a minor one this year), I knew this episode was going to be shown as part of S3 and not S2, where it was originally intended to air. IMHO, the best thing for Hart to do would have been to include this episode as a “tasty treat” on the S2 DVDs … that way if you want to watch the episodes in their original order, with ORIGINAL SCENES intact, you could do so by purchasing the DVD set.

    Showing this as part of S3 is silly, as the characters just seem so out of context. It’s like they evolved to the point of S3, and then just dove back into the past for this episode. The lack of Sweets was nice (for this Sweets-disliker, anyway), but it was just … weird.

    I really enjoyed the Zack/Jack team experimenting with Ambrosia salad and chicken skin, and every scene Cam was in. That was about it. The storyline was just okay for me, nothing major and I pegged the killer the first time he appeared on screen. For anyone interested, the original scenes with Angela/Hodgins (his first proposal) are up on YouTube, though they’re dubbed in another language. Interesting to see what was cut.

  6. bbbooth on April 21st, 2009 1:34 am

    Being out of order isn’t so bad, annoying a bit, but at least its not like The Shield’s “Co-Pilot” which was aired in Season 3 but took place before Season 1.