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Battlestar Galactica Recap: “Guess What’s Coming to Dinner”

May 19, 2008 by  

Title: “Guess What’s Coming to Dinner”
GMMR Recapper: Jo
Humor is lost somewhere in the universe, but I love the quippy title for such a weighty episode. I would’ve gone less creative with “Gaeta sings pretty”.

39,673. If I remember that’s sans the chick on Demetrius and the cancer woman. This week is sans one Gaeta leg. The episode picks right back up from last week, with Demetrius and the Rebel baseship jumping back to the Fleet. Except whoops, Demetrius didn’t make it and The Rebels have no coms. Normally I would hate on blatant plot devices, but this is Battlestar Galactica and I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. Galactica launches an attack, but Tigh using his Cylon spidey sense calls a weapons hold at the last possible second. Enter Demetrius and Helo saying please don’t blow up the baseship. The captured Cylons present a truce to Adama. They’ll show the humans the resurrection hub if the humans will help them unbox D’anna. Unbox D’anna and everyone will get the final five. Camera zooms in on Tory, who’s taking notes in this meeting, and Tigh’s one eye. The final five, according to the Cylons, know the way to Earth. I love this turn about in Col. Tigh’s character from going from complete self destruction to self preservation because his suggestion is just blow the resurrection ship and get out of there.

Lee goes to visit Roslin about her visions and her secret plans with the Cylons. Roslin is having visions, but she doesn’t need Baltar telling the fleet about it. She’s still dreaming about the opera house- just like Caprica Six and Athena. So Roslin busts Tory on her relationship with Baltar and wants the name of Baltar’s source. Tory pouts, so he says it was Caprica Six.

Starbuck tells Roslin about the hybrid and the whole “dying leader” statement. She grabs Baltar, since is also an opera house clue and they go to visit the hybrid. Hera has been drawing Six, gives this creepy “bye bye” to Athena and then runs out the door. Hera runs straight to the Six, just like the opera house dream, so Athena takes this opportunity to double tap her. Moments later, the hybrid with Roslin, Baltar and Starbuck abroad JUMPS THE BASESHIP away.

I’m not doing this episode justice. It was high suspense the entire time. Between the opera house mystery, the Cylons Anonymous worrying about being exposed, Gaeta singing to his missing leg, Roslin’s growing riff with the quorum, Hera, the humans double cross, the Cylon double cross then uncrossed then the Hybrid’s JUMP! How are we going to wait two weeks?

And who is the Final Cylon?! Place your votes now. I’ve been hoping for Dualla or Gaeta since last summer.

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