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Battlestar Galactica Recap: Hub

June 8, 2008 by  

Battlestar Galatica Recap

I’m woefully behind on BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. Like 2 weeks behind. Lucky for me, it’s going be nearing 100 degrees here in Boston tomorrow so I can stay in my nice air conditioned apartment and play catch up. For all you BSG fans out there, please enjoy this week’s recap courtesy of our favorite Texan, Jo.

Title: “Hub”
GMMR Recapper: Jo
Since I recap BSG, I don’t usually read reviews from other sources because I don’t want to be influenced. I’ve been loving this season of Battlestar. But other official journalists have been hating, though I can’t see why. Even in these slower paced episodes, they stay on the plots at hand with character development. It’s been emotional, tense, and EMMY WORTHY. Unfortunately Emmy voters don’t actually watch TV so Katee Sackhoff, Edward James Olmos and the like will watch someone else take home their gold. This week’s acting prize should go to Mary McDonnell. Her portrayal of President Roslin has been a gambit of emotion and a beautiful character arc that a lesser actress couldn’t have done. Roslin went from Secretary of Education to reluctant President, to dying leader to prophetess and now the hardcore AIRLOCK! Roslin. And yet, deep down inside, she’s just Laura.

39,673? Seriously who died last week? Besides the Cylon Natalie? Last week was all about Galactica and Bill “Husker” Adama chilling in the black void waiting on his woman. This week- the flip side. Roslin, Dreamy Roslin, Baltar, Helo and a thousand Sharons.

They plugged the Hybrid back in and JUMP! The Hybrid is a tad stressed. Roslin tries asking her about the Opera House vision and Baltar just yells at her to stop. I’m glad the writers haven’t forgotten that Baltar used to the shining glimmer of humor in this show. Every time the Hybrid jumps the baseship, Roslin goes into dreamy vision land where she meets up with her old priestess. Dreamy Roslin and Priestess take a stroll through an eerily empty Galactica. They end up in sick bay where they seeing a dying Roslin losing the war to cancer. The point of dream land is for AIRLOCK Roslin to re-meet the lovely Laura and come to realize she has precious time left to love those that love her. And according the Dreamland, she’s definitely a part of the extended Adama family- Bill, Lee and Starbuck.

Back in reality, the Hybrid finds the Hub. This is the special resurrection hub that if destroyed renders all Cylons mortal. No more downloads. Roslin orders Helo to break the deal with the Cylons and bring D’anna to her first. Helo hates this, but he is hardcore Mr. Follow Orders except when it comes to mutiny. Side note to point out another reason why Battlestar Galactica is a superior show. Helo could’ve easily become a one note character, but time and time again, they grow and peal back his layers in small moments that could’ve been forgotten. This week it’s the fact that he’s trapped on a baseship having to work with an Eight- an Eight who admits to downloading Athena’s memories. Helo has bit of an emotional ethical dilemma as he stares at an exact replica of his wife and again at seeing thousands of replicas of his wife being destroyed in the battle.

They get D’anna and the Hub is destroyed, but she doesn’t trust anyone and refuses to cough up the names of Final Five until she’s safe aboard Galactica. She also fakes Roslin out, which was a genuinely funny moment. Baltar tries to have a socio-political conversation with a Centurion and that is also funny. Until he gets nearly blown up. Roslin doctors to him but then he admits the one thing she’s been waiting FOUR YEARS to hear- Baltar *did* give the Cylons the access codes on Caprica. Meaning, Baltar is responsible for the attack and the destruction of the human race. In this confession, she’s willing to let him bleed out. But Dreamy Roslin convinces her that all you need in the universe is love, so she goes back to saving him.

The baseship returns to the rendezvous point and finds Husker’s lone raptor. Bill says he missed her, fighting back tears in his eyes. She cries, hugs him and whispers, “I love you”. JO GASPS ALOUD. Ya’ll, I’m not a girly girl but I was about to cry myself. They are so sweet, like grandparents who hold hands. Then Bill says, “It’s about time.” HA! It wasn’t as obnoxious Han Solo like as it reads on paper. It’s a very sweet moment.

Next week!!! OY! IT ALL COMES OUT. At least four of the five Cylon Anonymous are outed because President Lee is ready to AIRLOCK! And now, the Cylons are mortal. Please don’t kill Anders!!

Jo has a boring job in a small town in Texas and spends her hours daydreaming about Dillon Panther football, Samuel T. Anders and becoming a real life version of Veronica Mars. Her random TV rants can be found at


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  1. Jen on June 8th, 2008 11:05 pm

    Thanks for the great recap! I cannot wait for next weeks episode. *please Ron, give us a good Kara/Lee scene.