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BIG BROTHER 10 Recap: What Wine Goes Best With Slop?

July 21, 2008 by  

Big Brother 10

Brian’s gone, Jesse is HOH and everyone is in a tizzy.  Those who befriended Brian in his final days seem to be in one camp with the rest of the gang against them.  Jessie is picking up where Brian left off in terms of ego.  People forget that being HOH is a one-week thing.  Treat your minions poorly and it will come back to bite you in the ass.As for what went down in last night’s episode? There was a lot of scheming and making decisions about nominations for Jessie rather than with him. Jessie wants to put up Renny but Libra and April have already decided that it needs to be Steven and Angie. When Renny’s name surfaces Jessie is immediately shot down.  Funny,  I thought it was his week as HOH.  My bad. I think Libra needs to check herself because she’s way too pushy right now and people don’t like strong players who have big (and potentially influential) mouths.

Getting to Know You…
Inside the house we learn a little more about some of the houseguests.  Steven and Keesha are both animal lovers and almost don’t care if they go home as long as they can see their dogs.  Dan, the conservative Catholic in the house, is learning to be more accepting of the homosexual lifestyle through conversations with Steve.  And we learned that Jerry’s wife of 54 years is suffering from Parkinson’s, which spurred Jerry to really get in shape so he could help her physically as her conditioned worsened.  Yeah, I was bawling too.

The Chardonnay-nays vs. The Pinot Noir-noirs…
The food competition is a relatively easy task this week which requires 100% team work.  Two player are sitting in a big wine barrel filled with holes suspended above the backyard.  As the wine comes gushing down on top of them, they need to fill the barrel holes with corks to stop the wine from leaking as the other team is standing below with wine glasses which they use to fill wine bottles across the other side of the yard.  Fill the holes and the wine stops, leaving the other team with no wine in the glasses or bottles. The team with the most wine in their bottles as the end of the game wins.

In the end, Team Chardonnay-nays (Angie, Steven, Ollie, Michelle, Dan, and Jessie) pulls out the big ‘W’ and has food for the week.  The other houseguests (Memphis, April, Libra, Keesha, Jerry, and Renny) are on slop, and more in-fighting begins when Libra and April start looking for someone to blame for their team’s loss.

Both Angie and Dan approach Jessie is a last minute effort to save their hides and remain off the chopping block.  Jessie is upset that Angie tried to keep Brian in the house, but happy that Dan approached him on the up and up (like such a thing exists in this game).

The Nomination Ceremony…
Let me ask you this? Do you think that the HOH is told exactly which slots to put the safe houseguests’ keys in?  How is it that every week the people most likely to go on the block are the last names announced?  I don’t think it’s editing because when there are four people left they are only showing two keys left in the box.  I’m sure it’s something simple, so if you know pass it along.

Ok as for the nominations.  Despite his conversation with Jessie, Dan is up on the block.  But what he doesn’t know is that Jessie (and the house) are gunning for Steven.  I think Steven was a bit shocked (read: naive) because he said he didn’t have a beef with Jessie and didn’t expect to be on the block.  But Steven was definitely on Team Brian (strike one), and Jessie made a big deal out of the fact that Steven didn’t come up to see his HOH room (strikes two and three).

So that’s that.  On Tuesday the Veto competition will be held and the winner will decide to let the nominations stand or take Dan or Steven off the chopping block.


One Response to “BIG BROTHER 10 Recap: What Wine Goes Best With Slop?”

  1. Patty on July 21st, 2008 10:12 am

    I think, as far as what keys go in to which slots, it’s a mind game. You let those people stew just a little longer. That’s why Renny was the last safe person. At least that’s how I would do it if it were me. Or I would put someone that I have a deal with later in the draw to make the other players think I might not like them. I am kinda not liking that the house is so split this early on. I might just want Jerry to win because he’s a cute old man and I am not really liking anyone else at all.