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PROJECT RUNWAY Recap: Episode 3

August 5, 2008 by  

PROJECT RUNWAY has been boring me to tears this season. If it weren’t for my girl  Jennifer Eolin‘s PROJECT RUNWAY recaps, I am not sure I would even be watching.  Below is an excerpt of Jennifer’s latest recap that she kindly shares with GMMR…thank you – it spares me from writing about this dredge.

Jennifer’s Runway…

Jennifer Eolin ( Runway Blog Readers,

Hello! As you know, my name is Jennifer (Eolin) and usually I write an extensive review of the show, highlighting ever detail with wit and candor. (I am hilarious, just ask me!) However, I watched last night’s episode and it was SO BAD that my notes looked like this:

* Are they recycling the NYC City inspiration challenge from Season 1?? Have they run out of original ideas ALREADY? And why isn’t Jay Carroll back to judge since he won that challenge??

* I don’t care about these people. I really don’t.

* I need chocolate.

* Where did they all get matching rain boots? What assistant lost a bet had to go get those?

* I have no chocolate. ANGRY FISTS!

* Was Terri’s photo “blurred” because she used copywritten material?

* Swear to God, there are less designers this week besides Wesley’s departure. WHERE are Joe, Korto, Kelli and Jarell? Were they auf’d and we weren’t made aware of it? Why are they ignoring the few designers with TALENT???

* Is Pink Dot still in service? And if so, do they have chocolate?

* Stella likes “leathuh” – I get it! Suede talks in the third person – I get it! Blayne needs lithium – I get it! I’m bored out of my mind – I GET IT. EVOLVE THIS STORY or drop it!

* Zzzzzzzzzzzzz….

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