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Neil Patrick Harris & Sarah Chalke to Host Creative Arts Emmys

August 22, 2008 by  

Neil Patrick Harris & Sarah Chalke to Host Creative Arts Emmys

With the announcement that Neil Patrick Harris and Sarah Chalke will be hosting this year’s Creative Arts Emmys we know one thing for sure…they are gonna be hella more entertaining than the Primetime Emmy awards.  I mean would you rather attend a night hosted by Barney Stinson and Barbie/Elliot/ ‘the mother’ or by Howie Mandel and Jeff Probst (among others)?  Yeah, exactly.  And if NPH’s hosting duties are even half as fun as his announcements of the Emmy noms were then we’re in for a treat.

The Creative Arts Emmys are presented in recognition of technical and other similar achievements in television programming. Commonly awarded to behind-the-scenes personnel such as art directors, costume designers, cinematographers, casting directors, and sound editors. The Creative Arts category also includes awards for outstanding animated programs and guest acting.

The awards will be held on Saturday, Sept. 13, and will be edited down into a two-hour spec to air Saturday, Sept. 20 (the night before the Primetime Emmy Awards), on E! Entertainment TV.

In other Emmys news, it was announced yesterday that the starts of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES will be presenting at the Primetime Emmy Awards on Sunday, September 21st at 8pm. Zzzzzzzz.  Really?  Are we supposed to get excited over the ladies of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES?  What is this, 2004? I’m more excited about the news that Tina Fey & Amy Poehler will be presenting together!  As will Hugh Laurie & Julia Louis-Dreyfuss.

Although the Emmys are long, drawn out and sometimes boring they are still my favorite of all the awards shows.  I’ll be watching, will you?


3 Responses to “Neil Patrick Harris & Sarah Chalke to Host Creative Arts Emmys”

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  2. jennyl on August 22nd, 2008 11:41 am

    I’ll be watching the Emmy’s for sure…although the Golden Globes are my fav awards show. And for the first time ever I’ll watch the Creative Arts Emmy’s, just because of the hosts!

  3. Billiam on August 23rd, 2008 12:19 pm

    Ya know, I’m would rather watch the awards for animated program and guest stars than all the awards related to “Television Movie or Mini-series” that take up such a large chunk of the actual Emmies. I’ve never seen any of the movies/mini-series that are nominated, so there is 5 or so categories that I don’t care about at all. And I actually am interested in seeing if Will Arnett can win best guest star (although sadly Sarah Chalke did not get nominated for her guest spot on HIMYM).