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Hi everyone! It’s Tricia back for another episode of Desperate Housewives. I really liked this episode; the plot moved along at a nice speed and there were some hilarious moments.

Susan and Jackson are doing great; he even get along great with MJ. Maybe a little too great for Mike, who begins to fell threatened by Jackson’s relationship with MJ after seeing a picture MJ drew for a school art show. In the picture, Mike was standing off to the side and was very small compared to Jackson, who was standing next to Susan and MJ and depicted as being ‘manly’. I thought the art show was ridiculous; the teacher may have had good intentions but advertising family problem’s like that was irresponsible. She should have had individual meetings with the different families. Mike decides to buy MJ a bike right after this, in an effort to spend more time with him. Jackson teaches MJ to ride without knowing Mike’s intentions and Susan tells MJ to pretend like he hasn’t learned yet and tells him to fall down. MJ unwillingly does so and ends up spraining his arm. Of course, Susan was discovered and Mike was understandably livid. Susan crossed the line here by putting her child at risk because she couldn’t set boundaries with her boyfriend. At the same time, Mike was also at fault by not making his desire to spend more time with MJ clear. It seems like this won’t be happening any more as Mike is moving back to Wisteria Lane into Mary Alice’s old house that Dave just bought.

Speaking of Dave, he really seems to have his sights set on Mike. First, he was absolutely insistent that Mike be a part of his and Tom’s garage band, even after finding someone who was fantastic at guitar and eager to be in the band. Dave even goes so far as to take a baseball bat to his pipe in an effort to get Mike to come fix it. He uses this as an opportunity to convince Mike to be in his band, which Mike politely refuses saying that he lives too far away. Dave then buys Mary Alice’s old house to rent to Mike at a cheap price. Based on Dave’s aggressive pursuit of Mike, it seems like Mike is definitely part of his revenge scheme. This is in line with my earlier theory that Dave’s wife and daughter were the people Susan killed in the car crash that broke up her marriage. What do you guys think?

Bree is getting to ready to launch her new cookbook and is trying to walk a fine line between being proud of her accomplishments and trying not to make her friends jealous. Of course this doesn’t work, as Lynette and Katherine are immediately seething with jealousy. Lynette even goes so far as to take it upon herself to redo Bree’s ad campaign. After Bree politely refuses her help, Lynette learns that her old assistant now owns an advertising company that is in charge of Bree’s ad campaign. Lynette feels like a failure and ends up getting drunk and making a scene at a function for Bree. Lynette and Bree talk it out at the end of the episode and Bree expresses her belief that her personal life is a failure. I was glad Bree and Lynette worked things out; Lynette should be more sympathetic to Bree seeing as she is really the only one of the housewives that has had a career. Katherine is also jealous and seems to be much more passive aggressive about it; at the end of the episode she throws out Bree’s cookbook. There seems to be allot of tensions here that are about to explode. Whatever gives Katherine more screen time is fine by me; she’s been drastically underused this season.

The funniest storyline of the episode was definitely Gabby’s attempt at regaining a sex life. She finds a family willing to set up a play date once a week with her kids. One of the funniest scenes of the episode was when the little girl just kept spinning in a circle instead of playing with Juanita. Juanita leaves for a play date and Gabby and Carlos head upstairs for some alone time. Unfortunately for them Juanita is dropped off early and walks in on Gabby and Carlos. Gabby and Carlos try to pass it off as ‘wrestling’ but after Juanita struggles to accept this, they decide to teach her the facts of life. I had trouble believing the scene where Juanita walks in. It seems unrealistic to me that Juanita’s friend’s mother would just drop a four year old off and not make sure that her parent’s were actually home. I’m also not sure about Gabby and Carlos’s approach. Their description seemed a little too detailed to me; they should have left it more vague.

Leave your thoughts on tonight’s episode below. I’m looking forward to hearing what you guys think!

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  1. Jamer on October 20th, 2008 1:11 pm

    wicked post…thanks for the recap, i missed the show last night so now i feel better 🙂