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Hey GMMR readers! It’s Sarah back with the highlights of this past Sunday’s Californication.

This week on Californication we witnessed Marcy’s stay in rehab and her wonderful ashtray making talents. Charlie and Daisy’s continued affection for each other. Hank’s very scary discovery of a lump, and Karen’s date with the Great Ashby.

The latest episode, titled La Ronde, opens with Marcy pouring her guts out to Charlie, Hank and Karen at rehab. Yes, she made it there after all! After a quick bathroom fling with a strange man and a pile of coke Marcy has hit rock bottom. Deciding to come clean, Marcy is facing her demons and wants to clear the air with her hubby.

Charlie on the hand doesn’t want to hear about any of it since the guilt of his extra marital affair seems to be weighing on his mind. The whole time his wife has been trying to kick her habit Charlie has been out running around with Daisy watching Dirty Dancing and such. I’m not really loving Runkle’s current storyline.

Meanwhile Hank and Karen are about to go on a date, separately. Moody has a planned Friday night out with the frisky Janie Jones. When Moody shares his plans with Lew over a game of golf the rocker labels it a date since it is after 7. This time Lew doesn’t seem to upset over Hank and Janie’s plans since he’s currently running after her replacement. It appears that Lew knows that he can’t get back what he used to have with Janie but Karen might just be the next best thing.

Out for a night of so called gallery hopping Hank and Janie run into Sonya after Hank chokes on a cheese cube. The best part for me by the way! Although I was surprised that Hank was taken aback after all the women that have throw themselves at him. After casually mentioning that Sonya is pregnant with Hank’s alleged child, a boy we find out later, the couple decides to stick around and talk with Sonya and the quirky “Inner Artist”. Hank had tried for a fast get away but Janie wanted to stay. It didn’t last long for Lew’s ex wife to want to cut and run though. Julian’s openness about group sex and the birth orgasm really freaks her out! Did I hear right by the way that Julian likes Hank?! It just keeps getting stranger and stranger!

On the other side of town Karen and Lew are on a date. Lew is actually a gentleman in this episode. A side we have yet to see of him. Whisking Karen off to the Hollywood Bowl for a private concert and conversation? Not what you would expect from the animal that has apparently dropped Mia! Which I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of! The problem with these two is Lew’s interested in Karen simply because she reminds him of Janie. While Karen’s possible interest in Lew could also be because he is Hank, minus the quirky night in shining armor attitude. Karen appears to know what’s good for her though and ends the date with a hand shake before Lew jumps on her!

Janie sharing the same style as her former rock n’ roll flame has offered herself to Hank after the two finish their night out. And finally the moment I’ve been waiting for, I don’t know about you, Hank declines her “proverbial nightcap” and takes off to see Karen! Finally he says no! I really thought it would be the other way around.

In the end Hank and Karen end up spending the night together after being separated for most of this season. At the end of the episode Karen discovers Hank’s lump. Is this an earth shattering health scare that will turn these two around? I guess we’ll have to wait until next week to find out the results.

Don’t miss next week when Lew and Moody throw down and we find out if Hank just might need a shot of penicillin!

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