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CALIFORNICATION: Blues from Laurel Canyon

December 10, 2008 by  


With Californication ready to call it a wrap for season 2 it seems creator Tom Kapinos is cleaning house on a few on going issues in our favorite characters lives while also bringing some new conflict to the table for season 3. Yes, Showtime has ordered another season of Hank’s womanizing ways.

So off to the highlights of this past weekend’s episode. We left off with Hank relieved of the news that he has contracted syphilis, Runkle and Daisy’s ongoing extra marital affair and Marcy’s return to the real world after cleaning up in rehab.

The episode opens with the great news that Hank’s book, now Mia’s, has received some rave reviews. And while Mia reeks the benefits of her super stardom Hank must live vicariously through her in order to keep their illegal one night affair under wraps. Talk about a hard lesson learned for the novelist who has finally managed to break through his writers block, pen a novel that gets stolen and now has to attend a party at his current house for the gloating teenage witch!

Lew has decided to throw his former groupie a party in honor of her great accomplishment. During the event Hank has to dodge suspicions from Annika Staley, the Rolling Stones reporter who spent one night with Hank. After reading the book and its sexual escapades Annika has dialed into the fact that Hank could be the older man in the book or at the very least has something to do with this modern day masterpiece! Ashby picking up on this potentially horrible disaster escorts Annika on her way to meet Zack Wylde while Mia gloats.

As the night progresses on things only get worse for all of them! Hank and Charlie end up having a run in with Dani California, the only one who could straighten Runkle out. Daisy has decided to drop by with the Vaginatown director and Marcy is picking up on her husband’s distant attitude.

Throughout the night the rehabbed Hot Lips queen just keeps repeating “I am the best possible me”. The last thing she needs while trying to contain the urge to do drugs and booze everywhere around her is to find out her husband is cheating. A little scary how much she’s reminding me of the “Inner Artist” at this point! In the end she does find out when Charlie begins to rant and rave at Daisy about her quitting porn and their plans to be together. Getting angry Marcy lunges at Daisy and somehow manages to get a bunch of women involved. Soon the scene is full of women rolling on the floor and fighting with each.

Meanwhile Karen and Ashby are trying their best to console Becca after she happens to catch Damien making out with another girl at the party. The two had stayed at the event after Karen finally approved. When Becca discovers what Damien has done she immediately runs for the bathroom, locking herself in. Karen can’t get her out so Lew bribes her with tickets and a back stage pass to see Slipknot. Quickly getting over her traumatic experience Becca lets Lew in but not Karen. The two engage in a dysfunctional heart to heart. Where the hell is Hank?! Every chance he gets to play the knight in shining armor he’s busy.

Finally the biggest event of all, saved for last. Lew’s ex-wife finally shows up right before his scary overdose. The rocker’s stint appears to be coming to a close on Californication. After receiving the news that the woman he has be pining over is actually downstairs Lew gets the courage up to go down. Before he leaves his room with Coach Moody Lew does a line of cocaine that sends him into convulsions on the floor.

I really thought this was the end for Lew. I guess not though because unless Kapinos has decided to pull a Denny he’s in next week’s season finale. Also up for next week is the news that Karen is leaving to New York and Hank isn’t invited. We also get to see the birth of Sonya and Hank’s baby. This should be interesting!

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3 Responses to “CALIFORNICATION: Blues from Laurel Canyon”

  1. Chris on December 27th, 2008 11:22 pm

    Great post–I feel like I just watched the episode over again. I’m really happy that Californication is coming back for another season. There’s no other show that deals with adult themes in a more fun way. I also love all the characters: Hank, Charlie, Becca, Ashby?, and Marcie. Can’t wait for season 3.

  2. SS on February 7th, 2009 2:52 pm

    Lew died. The next episode opened with Hank and Mia in the graveyard at Ashby’s grave.

    Hank was imagining his goodbye with Lew… remember when Lew said that it was true what they said? “They have one hell of a band.”

    I didn’t catch it until the second time around.

  3. Peter on February 6th, 2011 5:25 am

    Damn, I love Californication. Season 1 was swell, season 2 was swell, season 3 was swell and season 4 is swell as well. So far I can tell. Well.