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Tonight’s TV Spotlight: Friday, January 2, 2009

January 2, 2009 by  

In just a few short week Fridays are going to be overflowing with fantastic TV.  FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS will be airing on NBC, new episodes of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA on SciFi, and the long awaited premiere of Joss Whedon’s DOLLHOUSE hits Fox. Fridays are going to be the new Mondays which used to be the new Thursdays. Well, anyway you look at it, it’s going to be awesome.

But that awesomeness is on hold tonight.  I can’t say I’m excited about anything really, but here are a few shows you might want to check out.

Any other shows YOU think we should be watching?

20/20 | 10pm on ABC
Women who turn childbirth into a pleasurable experience; women mothering fake babies; a woman who was investigated for breast-feeding her 8-year-old child; women who become repeat surrogate mothers; home births. (GMMR: Am I sensing a theme here? They should have saved this one for Mother’s Day.)

Crash | 10pm on Starz
Axel is questioned about the K-Town shootings; Kenny is left with the kids; Ben discovers disturbing information on his former business partner. (GMMR:Is anyone watching this show?  I just recently got Starz and I’ve seen a bizillion promos for it.  Let me know if it’s any good. I know Dennis Hopper s legendary and all but he’ll always be the creepy guy from ‘Speed’ to me.)

Oceans 12 | 8pm on Oxygen
To pay back a casino boss, Danny Ocean and his team of criminals plan an elaborate heist in Europe. (GMMR: My least favorite of the trilogy but the eye candy is still nice.)


3 Responses to “Tonight’s TV Spotlight: Friday, January 2, 2009”

  1. OldDarth aka CanuckLou on January 2nd, 2009 8:40 am

    Definitely watching BSG and DollHouse. Not sure yet what we Canadians will be getting Friday nights yet.

  2. Carli on January 2nd, 2009 1:03 pm

    Already watched FNL, but I”m sure I’ll support it and watch on NBC. Can’t wait for BSG to start back up; it’s sad this is the end, though. And, of course, I’ll be watching Dollhouse.

  3. Philboy on January 2nd, 2009 1:36 pm

    I think this means I’m watching either Bowl Games or Mamma Mia! tonight.