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LOST: The Little Prince

February 5, 2009 by  

There’s nothing like a timely review of LOST to help you through the day, right?  Oh wait.  It’s 8:20pm on Thursday night – oops.  Technical difficulties on GMMR today prevented me from blogging all day.  I know it’s a lame excuse but it’s the truth. I know that everyone is probably all LOSTed out, but I wanted to post a little something on it all the same.  If you’re looking for a more in-depth review of last night’s ep then check out the next TV Talk Podcast with GMMR & Ducky which will be coming later tonight or tomorrow.

Let’s get to it…I enjoyed last night’s episode although it was my least favorite of the four that have aired so far this season.  While I know the payoff for the time travel will be coming soon enough I think it’s being a little overdone.  I think the writers got a little “flash happy” in the writers rooms.  Now that it’s been revealed that the island is rumbling through time, it’s almost as if the flash is their easy go to.

If you think about it, not much really happened on the island last night.  One of the trips allows Sawyer to witness Kate helping Claire deliver Aaron.  It was one of the most touching scenes of the season and perhaps Sawyer’s most vulnerable moment to date.  I’ll admit that I cried like a little girl when I saw the love in Sawyer’s eyes.  It was heartbreaking.  And then when he actually opened up to Juliet about what he saw?  It showed just how far Sawyer has come since being on the island.

The nose bleeds are running rampant with the group now.  First Charlotte, then Miles and now Juliet.  Uh to the Oh.  Daniel and Miles were discussing why some of the people are prone to the nose bleeds but not others.  There was some hypothesizing that perhaps it had something to do with the time spent on the island.

Miles, “I’ve never been here before two weeks ago.”
Daniel: “Are you sure about that?”

And with that exchange I’m now officially convinced that Miles is the son of Dr. Candle.  Miles is the baby we saw in the crib back in the first episode of this season.  He’s been here before.  It’s the reason he was handpicked for this little expedition.

As for the other Oceanic 815 island inhabitants – they are no where to be found. Not really sure where Rose, Bernard and the crew are.  Hopefully they’ll show up soon, I’m a bit worried.

After making it back to camp, Sawyer and the crew stumble across some big ass canoes.  I can’t remember why they decided to take them out for a spin (and I’m too lazy to go back and try to figure it out), but they did and they ended up being attacked by another group of boaters.  Who were they?  Perhaps a young Danielle Rousseau and some of her Frenchy friends.  We know they were out on the water because they discovered Jin floating around.  Jin’s alive!!  I never really thought he was dead, but it’s nice to know he’ll be reunited with Sun sometime (hopefully soon).

The boat scene had me laughing out loud last night.  The boat is being shot at and just when all hope seems lost….

Sawyer: Thank you, Lord!
[cut to another point in time with the rain pouring down]
Sawyer: I take it back!

Back in the future (kinda)…

Sun has someone following Ben and Jack (ok probably just Ben).  Along with surveillance reports come some very delicious chocolate.  Some are filled with raspberry jam, others coconut, but Sun seems partial to the gun-flavored chocolate. Sun – you are bad ass, but I don’t think this is going to end well for you.  Violence isn’t the answer.

Ben and Jack are still trying to wrangle up the Oceanic 6. Kate is trying to figure out just who is trying to reveal her true relationship with Aaron.  She tracks the lawyer to a motel where Claire’s mother is staying but after Jack almost gives it all away, he learns that Claire’s mom doesn’t know anything about Kate or Aaron.  Hurumph.  Who could it be behind all this?  Who could be so diabolic, manipulative and cruel?  I’ll give you a hint, his name begins with B and ends with an EN. Yeppers, Ben hired the lawyer as a way to force Kate to go back to the island. He is a little weasel, isn’t he?

Someone is trying to kill Sayid.  Is Ben behind that too?

Ben’s lawyer is getting Hurley out of jail.

At the dock Ben, Jack, Kate, Sayid, Aaron, Sun (and her gun) are all reunited. One step closer to going back to the island…at least I hope so.

So for the late and half-ass recap.  But come on, LOST talk is always better on the podcast, right?  Stay tuned.

If your over talking about LOST, I understand, but if you’re still up for some chat I would love to hear what YOU thought of last night’s events.

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2 Responses to “LOST: The Little Prince”

  1. Kerry on February 5th, 2009 8:42 pm

    They took the canoes in place of the inflatable boat that was missing, so they could go to the Orchid by water. And, I think the people shooting at them were the rest of the unseen group from the Indian airline.
    Flash back/forward to the French group — I’m sooo happy they brough Rousseau back (at least in some form), but wondering how Jin’s interaction with those people outside of where he should be in the past might be problematic. Maybe he’s the cause of the sickness that drove them crazy?
    And, I loved Ben’s response to Jack defending him against Kate’s accusations, “No, she’s right, he is my lawyer” — just perfect delivery.

  2. Emily on February 5th, 2009 9:52 pm

    Overall, average episode. I mean, average for Lost is still great. But I think that this episode mostly suffered from both multiple time jumps, and splitting between island and off island. I could never keep track of when they were (man, that when thing never gets old). Plus, the fact that it was only so so meant I was only paying so so attention (bad idea for Lost).

    The fact that Jin was alive didn’t surprise me, and I kind of guess it was Danielle at the end. But, it never connected that Miles was the baby. So, hmm.

    Anyways, still (as always) looking forward to next week!