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PRIVILEGED: All About Betrayal

February 12, 2009 by  

Hey Privileged fans – sorry this is a day late. When I sat down to watch it on the pvr the channel had become distorted – all pixilated and totally unwatchable. Has this ever happened to you guys? So annoying.  [GMMR: Yes, that’s the same exact problem I’ve been having with my CW-HD channel as of late.  So weird.] Anyhow, I managed to watch it last night, so here we go…

Poor Rose. She is clearly the one who most fit the “betrayed” category in Tuesday’s episode, to the point where she felt she couldn’t trust anyone anymore, and who could blame her? She was let down by almost everyone she’s closest with and found out she had a grandfather she didn’t know about just as he was dying. We also got an answer as to why Sage felt responsible for her parent’s death and as we all assumed it was not that she deliberately did anything, but rather because she inadvertently kept her mother on the phone causing them to miss their plane and catch the next one. While this is obviously not something that anyone could blame her for, it is easy to understand how Sage would carry guilt around for all those years.

Myles has passed away, but obviously this can’t be the end of the situation. I’m guessing that we’re in for a legal battle with Myles’ daughter (the basis of the suit is pretty weak – although that could just be the lawyer in me; on tv anything is possible). Anyhow Rose and Sage have forgiven and forgotten, and Rose has decided to show people that she’s strong and can take care of herself, so she’s moving out of the twins’ room into her own. How she could want to leave that room with the gorgeous wallpaper and bedspreads (I am fixated on the décor, sorry) is beyond me, but I’m sure the blue room down the hall will be just as beautiful. One last point about this storyline: the tearjerker moment for me was totally when Sage and Lauren were talking and Sage said she was sorry for all of the loss Lauren’s experienced in her life. Was that a beautiful moment or what?

Now, onto Will and Megan – wtf?? Everyday he just gets more and more annoying, and this is nothing against the lovely Brian Hallisay. Lately though the character is becoming a constant whiner and I’m starting to wonder why Megan is still with him. Especially now that there’s a new guy in town, played by Robert Buckley. I have never seen Lipstick Jungle, but I know a lot of people know him from that and have been really excited that he’s now on Privileged, and now I know why. Will’s dad is launching a new magazine based on Megan and Will’s pitch and he’s hired David (Buckley) as the new editor in chief. So far, I’m really happy with the new addition – he has a bit of a Scott Speedman vibe to me, which is always a good thing.

M & W both had to work and pitch David in order to secure positions with the mag, and Will was ultimately successful while Megan wasn’t. David was upfront with Megan that he just couldn’t have relationship drama around the office this early in the game and so he wasn’t comfortable hiring both her and Will (he had seen them fighting at work the night before). Fair enough, except that Will was guaranteed the job thanks to his father making it clear to David that Will would be hired, so if it can only be one or the other, maybe the deserving one got the shaft. Will knows he was a shoo-in – his father confirmed it, but he still accepted the job. Fine, most of us probably would have done the same (not knowing that it was an either/or situation), but if and when he finds out the real reason why Megan wasn’t hired he’d better own up to it and see if he was really the deserving candidate.

Last but not least, Marco and Keith!! Marco decided he was going to get his man and even made homemade Turtles to surprise him (yum!), but when he showed up unannounced he discovered Keith drinking with his female best friend, played by the always-hilarious Jennifer Elise Cox. It seems that the two had decided that since they were both single and wanted to be parents, that they would hook up and have a baby together. Since Keith’s friend was clearly in love with him it wasn’t the best of plans, so it wasn’t so sad when the plan was derailed because Marco decided to be bold and got down on his bad knee and proposed with platinum. Will we see a Marco and Keith wedding one of these days? Time will tell, but we can hope!

What are your thoughts? Is Will bugging you guys as much as he is me or am I being irrational? How happy are we that Robert Buckley has landed in Palm Beach? I’m really looking forward to the new dynamic of the magazine on the show – I think it could be really interesting. FYI, next week is a repeat of the Cuban luncheon episode (All About What Lies Beneath), but I’ll be back with the next new one. See ya!

Nicole is a lawyer with an unhealthy t.v. obsession and many t.v. boyfriends. If she had a locker at her office it would be covered in photos of Zachary Levi, Jensen Ackles, Lee Pace and John Krasinski. She lives near Toronto and is spending the winter cursing that fact while trying to convince her friends to do a group move to a warmer climate. So far it’s not working.


5 Responses to “PRIVILEGED: All About Betrayal”

  1. Megan on February 12th, 2009 3:24 pm


  2. Emily on February 12th, 2009 4:38 pm

    This is the first episode where Will has annoyed me – but only slightly. I could see where both Will and Megan were coming from on the issue of getting a job. Who can turn down a good connection? But it doesn’t feel very good to get a job that wasn’t based on merit.
    I could excuse Will’s anger a little because I think he’s feeling guilty and embarrassed that his dad got him a job – especially when he had worked so hard earlier to get that job without the photographer knowing who his father was.
    And Megan. She usually bugs me a whole lot more than Will. But I totally sympathized with her this week. I would never want to take a job I didn’t think I deserved. And I am suspicious that part of her issue with not accepting Will’s help is because the opinion of the new guy matters a little more than it should. The boss has no idea how much romantic conflict would be caused by hiring Megan and Will…or maybe he does 🙂

    This show just keeps getting better. I never imagined when it premiered that I would love it so much! And even though I’m in the minority, can I just say again how glad I am that Charlie is gone? Although I hope Will stays around, this new guy at the magazine is a much better romantic alternative for Megan.

  3. Nicole on February 12th, 2009 11:56 pm

    Oops, yes you’re absolutely right – I hadn’t even noticed that I typed “Lauren”.

    Emily, I agree that David is a great romantic complication for Megan, but I have to say I will most definitely miss Charlie. I just loved their chemistry together, and I really believed their friendship. I don’t hate Will, but I have not been loving how he’s been acting in the past few episodes. I guess for some reason I don’t feel as connected to his character and they aren’t winning me over by having him seem like he’s constantly got a giant chip on his shoulder.

    I am loving the show though – the ensemble works so well together and the storylines incorporate a really nice combination of heart and humour. I’m really hoping it gets picked up for season two – I’d love to see where they can take the characters down the road.

  4. allthewine on February 13th, 2009 12:38 pm

    I’m the opposite – Megan is the annoying one in the relationship. Unless she’s never been in a relationship, she should know that picking a male-best friend over your boyfriend will never end well. I totally got where Will was coming from. It’s like Megan just wants to berate will because he’s a playboy, but she has a lot of work to do in the girlfriend department too.

  5. Ashley on February 18th, 2009 9:22 am

    I can’t stand Will, I’ve never liked him. He gets more annoying with each episode and I’m ready for Megan to leave him. I liked the dynamic between her and Charlie and will miss those moments. I don’t like Zach either and I find it hard to believe that Rose actually likes him.