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Joshua Jackson, Taylor Kitsch Among Tomorrow’s Big Screen Stars

March 9, 2009 by  

Not really a new post by me, but rather a link to an interesting story and video from the New York Times about the small screen stars who will make it big on the big screen. The interview and story, written by Lynn Hirschberg, focuses in on a few of our favorite leading men: Joshua Jackson (Fringe), Taylor Kitsch and Gaius Charles (Friday Night Lights), Eric Dane (Grey’s Anatomy) and Bill Hader (Saturday Night Live).

Read the article here

Watch the video here

While I’m not sure about Hirschberg’s assessment on who will break out I certainly believe all of these guys have potential to do so. I’ve longed believe that Joshua Jackson is so much bigger than his TV roles. Despite his many movies I’m not sure why he’s never broken out in a big way. Maybe being friends with J.J. Abrams will help get him a huge movie hit – of course giving all due respect to the wildly successful The Mighty Ducks franchise.

Taylor Kitsch and Gaius Charles are talented enough to have long last careers, especially Gaius Charles. It’s all about making the right moves. Kitsch will break out on the big screen in a big way in the next X-Men movie, but what his career will look like a few years down the road in fuzzy to me. And it must be said, I hope that Kitsch’s publicist and stylist watched the video because (a) that hair doesn’t quite work for him and (b) he sounds like a bit of a douche and we know he’s not.

Eric Dane is a handsome gentlemen. No doubt. If he’s going to transition back to the movies I think he should look at some smart romantic comedies. He came to GREY’S ANATOMY as a the dramatic tension between Derek and Addison but he’s proving himself to be not only a leading man in his own right but also he comedic relief that is so needed on that show.

Bill Hader is the best. He’s already had lots of screen time by virtue of being one of the Apatow boys. But can he hold his own as a leading man? With the right script, yes. I think he’s one of the bright spots on the SNL stage right now. Although if we were talking leading men, my money would be on Jason Sudekis.


2 Responses to “Joshua Jackson, Taylor Kitsch Among Tomorrow’s Big Screen Stars”

  1. Playe on March 10th, 2009 5:02 am

    Joshua Jackson hasn’t broken out in films because nobody would give him a chance. None of the studios push his films and most of them either get limited release, direct to dvd or on tv. its amazing why people like Miley cyrus gets popular while Josh is ignored.

  2. Gainhe on December 4th, 2009 10:45 pm

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