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Hey GMMRers it’s been awhile but finally after a few weeks on hiatus Smallville has returned along with some juicy news as well! While on a long break word around the web is that two of our show’s stars will be killed off by the end of the season. So I thought today I would hit the highlights of last night’s episode and see who you guys are putting your money on? Now on to the latest happenings on Smallville with a guest appearance by the devious Linda Lake played by Tori Spelling.

The episode entitled Infamous brought Clark to the realization that the world isn’t quit ready to find out who the red-blue blur is after all. Forced into exposing himself by Linda Lake, Clark’s whole world becomes affected by the announcement as well as the lives of Chloe, Jimmy and Lois. The H2O queen shows up right after Lois arrives back to Metropolis. Lake wants Clark to give him the inside scoop on all the city’s happenings and if he doesn’t she’ll publish the truth behind Clark Kent. Beating her to the punch Clark decides to reveal his true identity to the world and gives the exclusive story to Lois to publish! After Lois laughs at Clark he tells her all about his true identity after lifting up a desk then catching her in his arms. The storyline was definitely an unexpected surprise.

Within 24 hours Clark’s story hits the front page. The news seemed to go over too well with the citizens of Metropolis making the whole situation seem surreal. Embracing the fact that Clark was an alien ended quick with the press conference held by Linda Lake. The former evil Daily Dish columnist wants revenge now that her plan has fallen apart and tells the world that Clark is part of an alien invasion that will only be harmful to the human race. She also accuses Clark of killing Lex Luthor.

After running from government agents, saving Lois and warning Chloe, Clark decides to rewind the situation with the Legion time ring. First he must get the ring from Linda Lake. With the help of Lois, Clark gets it back and instantly rewinds time to two days prior.

Clark ends up writing his own killer story on Linda Lake. Bringing it to her before she can follow through on her vindictive scheme Clark threatens to expose her. After zapping Linda with a heavy dose of electricity Clark is back to explaining to Lois why he missed her at the airport. Meanwhile Linda Lake’s last scheme ends deadly when Davis Bloom, aka Doomsday, ends her life.

What an action packed episode but not my favorite episode for the shows return. The first 30 minutes was great but I felt a little cheated when the story hit rewind. Seeing Lois and Clark’s relationship evolve was great even if it was only for a minute. Who knew Lois could be such a softy?! What did you think Smallville fans? Was this a good episode in your opinion or just a step back for the characters on Smallville?

Don’t miss next week when Tess attempts to reveal Clark’s secret with an explosion and Davis tries to control the beast within.

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