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SMALLVILLE Series Finale Recap

May 13, 2011 by  
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Hey SMALLVILLE fans! Wow, what a way to end the show! It was perfect in every way. One thing’s for sure the cast and crew of SMALLVILLE really out did themselves in this last and final episode of the decade-long series! While managing to cater to every major SMALLVILLE cast members personal storyline, showrunners managed to wrap up all of the loose ends, move us with footage from over the years, bring this season’s long running Darkseid storyline to a close, as well as Clark Kent’s long journey to becoming Superman! I loved the flash forward scenes with Chloe and her son (Ollie Jr.?) seven years into the future. And although the entire two hours were great, there were several very special moments in the show that I’m sure will stay with fans everywhere.

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SMALLVILLE Recap: Prophecy

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Hey SMALLVILLE fans! This latest episode, and the last, until next week’s series finale, brought us the return of a lot of familiar faces like Supergirl, Stargirl, The Toy Man, and several other superheroes and evil villains. But the main event of it all was Lois and her first experience wielding Clark’s powers! Given to her by Jor-El as a wedding gift, Clark’s biological father wants them to fully understand one another before they enter into their life union. What a gift, right?!

At first Lois is overcome with the excitement over all of her newfound powers. Buzzing around at super speed, breaking high heels left and right, she snaps a keyboard in half, and ends up throwing Stargirl through a wall! This all came after Clark and Lois decided to look into who was attempting to control the water rights in Metropolis – the Toy Man.

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SMALLVILLE Recap: ‘Dominion’

April 30, 2011 by  
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Another episode of SMALLVILLE aired last night and if you missed it, all I can say is Lois was awesome! Not to mention Clark and Ollie’s crazy slow motion fight scenes, and the return of Zod! Before I get ahead of myself and continue to gush about the final hours of SMALLVILLE, let me get back to what went down in Justin Hartley’s directorial debut!

Using Slade Wilson as bait, Zod manages to get an unaware Clark to the Phantom Zone. Tess is at the controls and Clark wants to do this alone, but Ollie manages to transport with him. With only a small window of time before the gate to the Zone is destroyed, the duo show up and are unexpectedly face-to-face with Zod. And not a Zod we’ve seen before: he’s the angry and relentless General Zod – SMALLVILLE style.

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SMALLVILLE Recap: Booster

April 23, 2011 by  
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Ok, I admit I wasn’t looking forward to the Booster Gold storyline. However, after watching Eric Martsolf work his role as the charming, cocky, arrogant superhero with perfect white teeth, this episode of SMALLVILLE sucked me in! Traveling from the future with the help of the legion ring, Booster attempts to steel Clark’s spotlight, Metropolis’ love and the key to the city, making Clark insecure in a way we haven’t seen in a while.

For years we’ve watched Clark torn between his destiny as Superman, and his persona as “Smallville,” but no matter what has fueled his inner turmoil, he has always been the most powerful superhero on the block…until now. Sure Booster has nothing on him except that his arrival coincides with Clark’s latest efforts (with Lois’ help) to make himself unnoticeable.

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April 18, 2011 by  
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Can you believe we’re in the final stretch of Smallville, with only 4 episodes to go after tonight? Hard to believe, but before we watch Clark fully embrace his superhero self, and fly off into the sky as Superman, show runners gave us a great ep as he battles himself -Clark Luthor, and his father in the alternate world. Sadly it will most likely be the last time we watch as John Schneider plays the role of Clark’s (usually) loving, but stern father Jonathan Kent before the show ends its ten year run.

This time around though, Jonathan has lost it all and was living in a world without Martha, the deed to the once cozy farm, and Clark, who isn’t his son in the alternate universe but someone who is hated. As villain of the week, Clark Luthor takes over from the beginning of the episode after appearing in Smallville with the help of the mirror box that sends the real Clark back to his world. Luckily Lois and Tess pick up on this switch and get to work trying to help the real Superman come back home.

Tom Welling did one heck of a job pulling off the dual identities of his long time character. Changing facial expressions in a flash from kind to evil, Welling lead the whole episode flipping back in forth from his Luthor self, as he played cat and mouse with Tess, trying to romantically connect with his sister (gross right?!), to his heroic self as he attempts to save his disgruntled and angry father in the alternate world.

And while he’s stuck in this horrible reality, Emile and Lois attempt to fix the shattered mirror box that Clark Luthor had tried to destroy for good as a way out of own universe where kryptonite is carried around to ward him off. Meanwhile Tess tries to keep her evil sibling Clark at bay, who is willing to make a life for her as long as she plays along.

Ultimately the best of the episode came when Clark was held up in the farm with Jonathan and reminiscences about their life together. Showing him where Grandpa’s shot gun was and dishing his own advice, and famous quotes back to him, Clark helps bring his angry dad back around and talks him into going after the love of his life Martha. I also loved the strong connection and blind trust the short haired Lois gives to Clark after she figures out who he really is in the alternate universe at Olly’s funeral.

By the show’s end Clark is brought back to Smallville after the mirror box is repaired and just in time to save Tess from Clark Luthor who has her by the neck and is dangling her out the window. Watching evil Clark fight with the real Clark was also a major highlight of the hour. Brining him back to the fortress of solitude, the real Clark dishes his words wisdom about not letting the Luthor name define who he is.

At the close we see the real Clark back and wearing Jonathan’s jacket while he and Lois discuss selling the farm, their recent wedding gift from Martha. What a sad ending! I didn’t think the farm would go. But in order to move closer to his destiny it looks like show runners have decided to move the soon to be married couple into an apartment so that Clark can be the hero he is meant to be.

Alright Smallville fans, ring in on what you thought about this latest episode! What did you think of Clark Luthor vs. Superman? Will you be tuning into the series finale? Until next week when we see Booster Gold make his debut!

SMALLVILLE Recap: ‘Scion’

March 5, 2011 by  
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After finding themselves in quite a mess on last week’s episode — which was a tribute of sorts to THE HANGOVER — things were toned down a bit in the latest SMALLVILLE episode entitled “Scion”! That’s not to say that this week’s storyline was boring in the least!

In a major turn of events, Tess’ big gift to Lois and Clark was awesome. Of course we knew what was about to go down since SMALLVILLE has managed to stir up such a buzz in its last season. But who really could have guessed that Alexander was going to turn out to be Connor Kent of all things?!

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SMALLVILLE Recap: ‘Masquerade’

February 19, 2011 by  
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“Masquerade,” SMALLVILLE’s latest episode, was just that: one big bad ball where just about everybody, excluding Lois, has been hiding their own identities for so long they are not sure who they are anymore, until an encounter with Desaad.

Desaad, a servant of Darkseid, is back and playing on all those emotions that most would never admit. After trapping several FBI agents and infecting them with the darkness, Chloe and Oliver find themselves in the middle of it all after innocently pretending to be the Jones’ in order to get a table. Without Oliver’s playboy identity opening doors and Chloe’s non-existent…well, existence, a night out in public is now a luxury and apparently dangerous, after they end up in the back of a trunk.

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February 12, 2011 by  
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Hey GMMRers! Before I break right into the latest and greatest of this week’s Smallville episode I have to share my colossal excitement that actor Michael Rosenbaum will be returning to Smallville after months of speculation. Can you believe it? According to sources, Rosenbaum, who played Lex Luthor for seven seasons, wasn’t looking to return with plans to move forward, behind his role as the villainous Lex, but changed his mind!

Moving on, this week’s Smallville, titled Beacon, showcased the return of Senator Martha Kent, out to rally against the VRA. Shot by an unknown gunman during her speech in Metropolis, the famous Annette O’Toole returns to town in an effort to ensure Clark’s future and by no surprise shares a pact she made with Jonathan years ago to protect Clark no matter what the cost, even her life. One of my favorite Smallville characters! Martha also had plenty to mull over with Chloe.

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SMALLVILLE: Collateral

February 6, 2011 by  
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Hey SMALLVILLE fans! It’s been a while, especially after the CW’s decision to air the return of Season Ten a week later than scheduled. So, where did we leave off? The last time we we were treated to a new sixty minute dose of Kal-El and the crew, Clark had proposed to Lois! We were also left with that mysterious scene at Carter Hall’s funeral. Was it Darkseid that had Oliver, Clark, Lois and Star Girl all on the ground? That’s what I was thinking…
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December 12, 2010 by  
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How’s it shaking Smallville fans?! Can you believe the first half of the season is already over? That went too fast, didn’t it? Although Smallville won’t be returning until next year, show runners sent us out with a bang in last night’s episode entitled Icarus.

On board this latest hour of Superman, was Star Girl and Hawkman, out to help Clark and Oliver (CK’s best man!), after civilians of Metropolis start cropping up with darkness tattoos. All the while Lois Is held hostage by an immortal Slade, who was suppose to have bitten the dust after the accident. We knew that was coming!

What I didn’t expect to see was Lois and Clark engaged just yet, but it finally happened! Making it impossible for him, Lois insists they go home to relax since the city wide curfew is making her on edge. Instead of giving up, Clark improvises, trading in his table for two at a swanky restaurant. What a scene! Rose petals floating through the air and a big fat engagement ring! It didn’t take Lois long to accept.

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December 5, 2010 by  
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Jumping right back into the swing of things – what did you think of “Luthor”? The name says it all, doesn’t it? And what a way to bring back the dead. I love Lionel Luthor and of course his evil offspring Lex, and now Tess. What a surprising turn of events. I never would have pegged Tess as an heir of the Luthor family tree.

Neither did Clark, who spent most of the episode bashing her newly discovered family name. “Born dangerous, with poisonous blood,” Clark believes in second chances, just not when it comes to his evil arch nemesis. And the thought of becoming one himself? We found it in this episode what Clark’s life would have been if he was discovered by Lionel Luthor in that corn field instead of the Kent’s.

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November 21, 2010 by  
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What up Smallville fans! It’s been a while. We have alot to discuss! This week’s episode marked the return of Aquaman. It didn’t turn out to be the warm and fuzzy reunion for the superhero league that I expected to see. Not only did AC bring home his wife Mera, but an anti government attitude that justified blowing up oil rigs and whatever posed a threat to their kind. Of course Clark was against this and ready to sign up for the Vigilante Registration Act created that Lois’s Dad, General Lane, has been involved with. Instead Oliver decided to take one for the team.

This was definitely a problem for Lois. Since her and Clark have been on the road of honesty, Lois finding out from Oliver that Clark was contemplating such a risk with his identity made her none too happy. The mushy Lois and Clark we’ve seen for weeks just went out the window!

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October 30, 2010 by  
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Happy Halloween GIVE ME MY REMOTE! What did you think of SMALLVILLE’s “Harvest?” Tonight’s episode was different from what I expected. It was oddly funny at times and very familiar in a lot of ways. I love the way things are going!

After arguing with Clark, while they were stranded on the side of the road, Lois accepted the help of a little girl who leads her to a remote village. Believers of the righteous path, the little congregation who relocated from Idaho, are living deep in the woods where blue kryptonite is running through their water. Unfortunately for Clark, these folks are drinking way too much H2O!
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October 24, 2010 by  
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Clark and Oliver decided to team up with Tess Mercer?! Never thought we would see the day! Sure, when Clark was younger, and naive, he always fell for the Lex’s charm, but again? Without Chloe’s savvy computer skills or Carter Hall, who has gone MIA, the super duo was obviously desperate for help as they tried to free Lois from the control of Isis.

The good to come out of Lois being possessed (once again) was Isis’ lesson for Clark. Isis’ obsession with getting back the love of her life seemed to help Clark find a happy medium with his own issues of the heart. His definition of love and just how far he would go for Lois really came into question. Even though Isis was about to bring on the apocalypse in order to get her one true love, Osiris, back, she did manage to give Clark the courage he needed to tell Lois about his true identity. After gaining perspective, Clark sharing his secret seemed to be no big deal after all this time. Lois took it well.

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SMALLVILLE 200: Homecoming

October 16, 2010 by  
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Hey SMALLVILLE fans! The 200th episode was by far the best of the season, right? Homecoming was PERFECT. The writers really outdid themselves this time. Between the flashbacks, Clark meeting himself in the future, and Brainiac 5, my eyes were glued while my brain was soaked in those scenes from the past!

When Homecoming kicked off we saw Clark having doubts with the mindset that Jor-El could be right after all this time, that he is not the hero he is supposed to be. Clark has been out of commission, not fighting crime as The Blur or spending time with Lois. Lois shows up to comfort him and coax him into attending their Smallville Class Reunion, but he only accepts with hesitation.

I was unsure how the writers would take us down memory lane without the iconic characters of Lana Lang or Chloe Sullivan, but they managed. It has been a long time since viewers have seen the Wall of Weird, Lana’s Kryptonite necklace, or the halls of Smallville High. Despite the absence of so many fan favorites, it was fantastic to remember the good old days, when life on Smallville was simple and all about whether or not Clark could play football like a regular kid, if he was going to date Lana again, or if Lex would discover the truth!
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