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24 Debrief: Day 7 | 9:00 pm-10:00 pm

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This week we were in real real time (my apologies to Kath for giving her the wrong time for last week) as we got some much needed answers. Let’s get started before I get too excited about my trip to Portland tomorrow.

Oh, what’s that? You didn’t know I was going to Portland. Neither did I, until yesterday. I’ll be traveling with the No. 5 seed Purdue Men’s Basketball Team as part of the pep band. Hopefully, I’ll be gone until about Sunday, if we win both games. If anybody has some good suggestions for food or things to do in Portland, leave them in the comments. [GMMR: Congrats Philboy…GOOO Purdue!]


  • Jack breaks into a car that conveniently has a MacBook in it. He sends images off the hospital security camera to the newly-suspended Renee, who identifies the killer, Quinn, as a member of private security contractor Starkwood. Starkwood has been known for some shenanigans in the past but nothing having to do with Juma or Sangala. The best authority on Starkwood is none other but Senator Mayer, who is investigating them, along with Jack and half of the rest of the free world.
  • Larry is a tool.
  • After losing Jack, Larry goes back to FBI HQ and finds Morris O’Brien, Chloe’s husband (Remember her?!) who wants his wife released. He makes a deal to help them find Jack’s location in exchange for Chloe’s release. On a scale from one to divorce, Chloe is at about a seven.
  • Larry is a tool.

  • Jack breaks into Mayer’s home and proceeds to go through his files. He eventually puts all of the pieces together. Juma sold Blackwater a bioweapon that he was developing on an island near Sangala. That is the weapons shipment that Jonas keeps talking about all creepy-like.
  • Larry is a tool.
  • Right before Mayer was about to help Jack find Starkwood, Quinn shows up, kills Mayer and chases Jack to a construction site. Before killing him, jack finds out from Quinn that the weapons shipment is already in the states.
  • At the White House, no one trusts anyone else. And, no one seems to care about the President’s husband, including the President.
  • Did I mention Larry is a tool?

Agent Philboy’s Assessment

I was so glad to get some answers this week as to what Jonas is doing, if not why he’s doing it. Jack in Mayer’s house, while improbable as a concept, worked really really well. Not only did we get the answers involving bioweapons that Jack knew about in Sangala (thank you, prequel) we also got a pretty good discussion between Jack and Mayer as to what Jack may or may not regret.

That brought me to something else. As Jack was talking about how he lost his family, a couple of thoughts crossed my mind. First, aren’t we going to see Kim again at some point? I’m looking forward to it honestly, as every reunion or reappearance we’ve seen this season has been great.

But, I started thinking about the fact that I had completely forgotten Teri and Kim had really existed in that first season. We think so much of Jack as this loner and rogue agent or whatnot, we forget that, at one point, he had coworkers, a family and even friends, or so it seemed. I’m not sure if Jack just works better alone, in both sides of his life, but the show definitely seems to work better when we aren’t worrying about Jack’s love drama.

As you can see from the Debrief this week, I’m getting pretty annoyed with two storylines. Luckily, they haven’t spent too much time on either of them and they haven’t really taken away from the main plot.

The whole Olivia in the White House thing is getting annoying. And not in the way Joans and his pesky weapons shipment is annoying. We get it! She hates Ethan and Ethan hates her. Someone get fired or resign so we can stop this crap. And, what happened to Henry? Did he die? No one seems to know or care.

Secondly, Larry is a tool. I’ve always the anti-Jack of every season not only because they’re the anti-Jack, but because, at this point in the season, why wouldn’t he just trust Jack? It seems to be the logical conclusion.

Everything I Need to Know in Life I Learned from Jack Bauer (and Others)…

  • If you break into a car, make sure it has a MacBook.
  • As long as you have a good reason and aren’t there to kill the people in the house, you can break in whenever you want.
  • When all else fails, grab a front loader.
  • You can always hijack a car with a screwdriver. Just, again, make sure it has a MacBook.
  • When you get fired, you can spend as much time in your office as you want, just on your computer.

Weekly Kill Count = 2 Total Kill Count = 344+

Good episode? What are the things that annoy you about this or any season of “24”? Plus, any things to do/places to go in Portland are more than welcome. BOILER UP!

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3 Responses to “24 Debrief: Day 7 | 9:00 pm-10:00 pm”

  1. SB on March 17th, 2009 12:56 pm

    I don’t watch 24, but shout out to a fellow Hoosier! (Or Boilermaker, as the case may be!) I’m an Indiana transplant in Chicago–represent!

  2. Lisa (aka lmr) on March 17th, 2009 7:01 pm

    Have fun in Portland and win, win, win!!!!!!!!!!

    Great recap.

    Larry is a tool (it cannot be said enough)

    I miss Jack’s manpurse 🙁

  3. Patty on March 17th, 2009 11:14 pm

    I love me some Jack this week! (and yes, I agree, Larry is a tool!)

    I actually had a WTF for a minute when Quinn shot the senator! So did not see that coming! I loved smug Morris and pissed Chloe and hope both of them will hang around to help Jack in the next few hours along with Tony.

    I am terrified of Kim’s return since every time she appears on screen lots of bad, bad things happen.

    I kinda miss Jack’s man purse but I guess the screwdriver is more manly.