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24 Debrief: Day 7 | 1:00 am-2:00 am

April 14, 2009 by  

It was a big episode this week and let’s get started.


  • President Taylor told everyone that the reason she cancelled the air attack against Starkwood was that she didn’t have enough intel. While in Starkwood, Tony confirms that Hodges has missiles and is ready to launch them. Jack tells Taylor that Tony can go in and blow up the missiles. Taylor all but says yes, not being able to give the official order.
  • Jonas met with the President in the Oval Office. He says that Starkwood has been pushed out of the government, compared to the previous administration, and that Starkwood hasn’t been allowed to do their job. He is proposing a partnership between the President and Starkwood. The President accuses Starkwood of being a terrorist organization and of killing her son (remember back in the day?!).
  • Tony goes in and, at the last possible second (of course) destroys the canisters. Upon hearing that the bioweapon has been destroyed, Taylor arrests Hodges and Greg for being general douchebags. While he’s being taken away, he says that he’s “just a small cog in a very big machine” and that she “can’t even imagine what she’s up against.” Tony is OK after the explosion, but Larry has to take him back into custody.
  • After everything was OK, Jack called Taylor and asked about getting Tony a pardon. In the middle of the conversation, he blacked out, showing signs of the bioweapon. Taylor has asked to be kept up to date on Jack’s condition. Renee, meanwhile, has asked Kim to come in to see if she’s a match for the stem cell transplant. Jack is initially upset until he finds out that Kim has been looking for him all day after seeing him at the trial on TV. He goes and sees her and they talk a lot of stuff out. Jack apologizes for all of the pain he might of caused Kim. Kim apologizes for not taking responsibility for her actiosns and blaming Jack for everything. Even though they are bonding, Jack asks her to leave, saying that dealing with the disease would be unbearable with her there.
  • A Starkwood operative is caught by an FBI agent trying to leave the compund with a canister. He gets away and is eventually caught up to with the helicopter with Larry and Tony in it. The car pulls into a parking lot and, after landing, Larry and the op get into a firefight, with Larry eventually getting shot with a high-powered rifle. Leaning over him, Tony ends up calling off the operative and killing Larry himself. Yes, indeed, Tony is a bad guy.

Agent Philboy’s Assessment

Man, did a lot happen this week! There were big developments on all fronts and a big disappointment for me in the weak entrance of Kim Bauer.

First up, the President. I know that this episode was a game changer and that anything could happen, but, if Taylor makes it out of this as President and the writers decide to bring her back next season, is Jack being poised as a government worker again? She has taken a serious interest in him and not just as an asset to the government. She understands how much he has sacrificed today and isn’t going to forget it anytime soon.

Kim shows up and is gone as quickly as she arrived. I would hope that she would come back, but it seemed that she didn’t even need to be brought back yet. I hope that the awkward, not well-written scene makes sense later. And, no, for the record, I don’t think it was Elisha Cuthbert’s fault…I think she got everything that she could out of that material.

As far as Larry’s death, not only was it unexpected by yours truly, but it is going to add A LOT to the rest of this season! How will Renee react to his death? How will Jack react to Renee’s reaction? How will we react to Jack’s reaction to Renee’s reaction?

OK, now to the big one: Tony being the bad guy. Be honest, people. Can you trust him? And, I don’t mean, “Of course you can’t trust him! He’s a bad guy!” What I’m saying is that you can’t trust him no matter what side he’s on. I can reasonably foresee a scenario where Tony felt he had to kill Larry in order to point everyone in the direction of the main driving force behind Starkwood, etc. I won’t believe Tony is aligned with anyone until the final ticks of that clock.

I’ll let you people talk about what you learned this week, since a lot of stuff went down and I’m running out of room.

Weekly Kill Count = 5 Total Kill Count = 350+

What did you guys learn? Plus, what side do you think Tony is really on?

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3 Responses to “24 Debrief: Day 7 | 1:00 am-2:00 am”

  1. tw111 on April 14th, 2009 8:21 pm

    HDTV was not so kind to Elisha Cuthbert… whoever did her hair and makeup should be sent to a holding room and interrogated with that needle.
    Are we supposed to believe that she’s just going to walk? How is Jack going to shake off the prion disease now?
    I just don’t buy it that Tony was bad all along….. although when Jack finds out what went down, he is going to be seriously upset and maybe that will inspire him to take the stem cell treatment.

  2. Lisa (aka lmr) on April 15th, 2009 9:40 am

    There has to be an odd but logical reason for what Tony did we just don’t know what it is yet – Tony is not a bad guy and I hope that the reveal is as awesome as the last scene of this ep. Is it possible Larry was a bad guy and we didn’t know it? Concur of under- or misuse of Kim…I don’t think for a minute we’re done with her. And, yes the make-up was not good, not good at all.

  3. Kathy on April 15th, 2009 12:04 pm

    About Elisha, I read an interview with her where she said she dyes her own hair and I thought, “Yeah, right.” Now I believe her.