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BONES: The Cinderella in the Cardboard

April 16, 2009 by  

Gosh, Daisy is annoying. She just is. Sweets can do better I think. Even though her character is kind of funny, and Carla Gallo is divine as an actress, I still cringe every time she is on screen. It was almost enough to distract me from the MOST DISGUSTING CORPSE in BONES history. Dis. Gusting.

But the best part is the news that Booth only gives guys hugs to Brennan, not to actual guys. Good stuff.

The Case:

The outline of a woman’s body is imprinted on some large cardboard slabs, causing some to believe it’s a religious sign. Thankfully (?), it’s actually the body of a young woman. And also thankfully, Brennan and Booth’s bickering on religion shifts into bickering on relationships right away. And we get to the crux of the case, the woman was engaged but also involved in an online dating service. Until she died. Oh, it was so disgusting, that body, and for one of the first times in history, I thought the writers were a little cruel towards the corpse. Usually there’s a respect there, but I could have done without all the pizza references from Wendell. Speaking of…

The Squints:

Wendell: I thought he was kind of weird this episode. I’m glad he was less “Jenny from the block” than normal, but still, he just was way over the top on some parts. The post-it stuff was funny, pizza=not funny.

Cam: Still no mention of Michelle this week, unless I missed it. So I guess we’ll all just pretend that never happened? Or….

Hodgins+Angela: Eee….Hmmm….yeah… reactions to them are very unsure. But uncertainty can be a step in the right direction, correct? But what exactly do I want for them? What do YOU want for them? I guess I liked Hodgins rejecting her at the end. But I didn’t like her feeling rejected. So, yes, as I said, unsure.

Sweets + Daisy: I don’t care if my cousin was my size, I don’t think I’d try on wedding dresses for her and let her fiancée twirl me around. Or at least, I’d tell my boyfriend I was doing it. But, oh well, then what would we have done for a B plot? And once again, Sweets doesn’t seem to actually be doing any work for the FBI. Who signs his paychecks?

Booth and Brennan:

Booth’s man to man heart to heart with Sweets was a highlight of this season. So classic. But I also liked Booth’s interactions with Brennan in this episode. He had his hands all over her, didn’t he? But he also called her on a lot of stuff and didn’t back down. I think Brennan likes it when he’s like that. And as for Brennan, when she was talking to Angela about Sweets and Daisy, and Angela said “Come on, Sweetie, be kind”, Brennan’s slightly affronted “of course” is very telling. She is kind hearted. It doesn’t always translate that way, but I firmly believe she never intends to be malicious. She honestly believes she is being kind in telling Sweets the truth. And if I may go out on a limb here, I think that for years, any time Brennan may have felt these ‘stirrings’ of jealousy about wanting or not wanting to feel love, she would have indulged with a sexual partner, to reaffirm her belief that relationships are temporary and love is a chemical process that produces delusions. But this night….she knocked on Booth’s door, obviously uninvited. For his friendship, I think, and because she trusts him to tell her the truth. And Booth promised her she’d love one day, and he inched closer to her every time he said it. Very nice.

What do you think? Are Booth and Brennan growing closer together? Now that it seems to be happening, is it too fast? AH!

See you TOMORROW NIGHT for another BONES episode!


8 Responses to “BONES: The Cinderella in the Cardboard”

  1. Patty on April 16th, 2009 10:33 am

    I really liked this episode. The body was GROSS and luckily the victim was unlikable so I didn’t care that they treated her like a pizza.

    I like that they seem to be moving everyone ahead in their relationships. Angela and Hodgins, Sweets and that annoying girl and Booth and Brennan. I wondered hwo they were going to get B&B to the end of the season but things seem to be moving.

    I really like Sweets if not so much his girlfriend. I like that they have made him into a man and not just a dr that looks like a 12 year old.

    Two things: Blossom!!!!! and favorite line: Booth to Brennan – Dr Burn in Hell. Loved it!

  2. Vanessa on April 16th, 2009 10:42 am

    This blog must really be influencing me as my initial reaction at seeing the body was remembering you calling last week’s body the grossest ever and wondering what you would say about this body! Apparently we are all about the super disgusting bodies on Bones right now. I also recognized Blossom and was surprised that she didn’t end up playing more of a role.

    I’m loving all the B&B lately and look forward to more as we are getting multiple episodes each week. My DVR is telling me there is another new ep this coming Monday!

    Finally, “Date or Hate”?! That can only lead to bad things. I know it rhymes, but the only other choice aside from Date being Hate is just cruel! That is a crazy way to find a date…

  3. Mary @ Giving Up on Perfect on April 16th, 2009 11:15 am

    I didn’t think Hodgins deleted (or hated) the match with Angela. I thought he just saved it for later???

  4. angiep213 on April 16th, 2009 1:13 pm

    I should know better by know than to eat dinner while watching Bones, but do I ever learn? No. I suppose it didn’t help any that I was eating pizza during the oh-so-lovely scrape the body off the cardboard while comparing it to pizza scene. Lost my appetite REAL quick.

    This squint is the least bothersome of the bunch to me, the others seem to annoy me a lot faster. I still like the idea of rotating the characters through though, instead of fully replacing Zack.

    I figured Blossom (who I did a double take at – no hat through me off!) would’ve figured in a little more to the murder plot at the end, but like last week was glad they didn’t go with “hey didn’t that actor play on…” person like some shows.

    Booth and Brennan…Oh how we love our B&B. Kinda hoping leaving them on the couch, talking about love, and drinking Booth’s good Scotch leads somewhere fun! Wishful thinking I’m sure at this point in the season, but a girl can dream! That said, how pissed would everyone be if they didn’t show that?

    Loved Booth taking on the role of therapists and counseling Sweets through his non-breakup with Daisy. Pulling up the chair, asking the questions, fingers under the chin in stereotypical therapist form.

    Was glad Hodgens went into the bar at the end, instead of pining away for Angela. But I’d like to see them together again too…so like SB, I’m unsure. Glad they got away from Angela’s celibacy issues this week though.

  5. John on April 16th, 2009 3:40 pm

    I don’t think Brennan intends to be malicious, but I think she rarely tries to be kind either.

    I think the writers are writing Brennan’s character way too socially clueless.

    And she shows virtually no empathy for anyone and she seems to not care about it either. Given her behavior you have to question if she is rally capable of having a real relationship with anyone.

    I think the writers are doing this for the comedic effect and have increased her social dysfuntion.

    Could a person this clueless about people and their motivations actually write a best sellering novels, even crime related ones? Readers want to know more than just the forensic details of the crime and its resolution; they wants some characters they can relate to.

  6. Bonnie on April 16th, 2009 7:25 pm

    I’m sorry but I totally thought Brennan was right about telling Sweets. Is it really none of their business? They work? together and they see him on a somewhat social basis. Please, friends, tell me if you see my boyfriend twirling another girl around who’s wearing a wedding dress in a wedding shop! While she is over-the-top clueless about social situations, she makes some valid points.

    LOVED Booth in this episode. LOVED him helping out Sweets. LOVED how confident he is. I’ve only been watching Bones for a year but I really think he’s come into his own. He used to be sort of insecure and they played that up a lot more. He’s really becoming wise (counseling Sweets, counseling the high school kid who fathered those babies earlier this season) and seems very comfortable with himself. That’s sexy. No wonder Brennan is showing up at his house uninvited, needing some reassurance. Like this switch.

    BTW – I think Hodgins saved it for later and Angela was fine with that. Didn’t realize she felt rejected as another poster said. Seems like they’re OK.

    LOVE these recaps. Thanks!

  7. Kathy on April 16th, 2009 10:35 pm

    I saw the Date or Hate thing differently. My impression was that they were matched up by the service as being compatible. When they received the message, both of them were ambivalent about the possibility of revisiting the relationship. They didn’t choose either option–they both just left the app without making a decision either way (date or hate).
    By the way–I wonder if Angela listed her 6-month commitment to celibacy on her profile? Does that cut down on the responses? 🙂

  8. Poetic_line on April 18th, 2009 10:24 pm

    I loved how Booth was constantly holding Brennan and she never pushed him away or smacked him. I’ve really missed their physical connection of late. And that’s so important to maintaining their chemistry for me.

    The banter on religion and relationships was really funny and it was a delight to see them toe to toe again.

    And of course, Booths session with Sweets was an instant classic. And as for those guy hugs, Booth couldn’t fool me. I knew he’d never hug a guy the way he held onto Brennan. Clearly, he’s in love with her.