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After saying goodbye to Edie last week, Desperate Housewives was back tonight to deal with the aftermath of her death. Everyone’s pretty shaken up, but no one more so than Dave.

After nearly strangling Edie to death and then causing her to hit a pole while she fled in terror Dave is understandably feeling a little guilty. All of the ladies take their turn trying to reach out to him, and it’s Susan who finally succeeds. While trying to comfort him, she admits that it was her who was driving, not Mike, when they hit and killed Dave’s wife and daughter. The look on his face after she admitted this was horrifying. And, after the scene at the end of the episode, I’m afraid for MJ. Dave certainly seemed like he was planning something. Hurting MJ would be the thing that would hurt Susan the most and that’s what Dave seems to be aiming for.

Bree is finally starting to seriously consider divorce. Orson’s behavior has been out of line for quite some time and his latest stunt resulted in Edie’s death. Honestly, I’m surprised that Bree has put up with him for this long. She’s an independent woman with a successful business who certainly does not need to answer to a resentful husband. I sincerely hope that Bree will move forward with her decision to look into divorce.

Gabby is having trouble adjusting to the fact that all of her friends have gone back to work while she remains at home with her children. As a result, she’s been growing closer to Tom, who is a new stay at home dad. I think Gabby’s storyline with the garden club has potential. After all, Gabby’s at her best when she’s in control.

That’s it for tonight folks! I’m really excited for Jackson to be back next week to make things a little more complicated. Tell me what you thought of this episode below as well as what you’re most looking forward to leading up to the finale.

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