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This was a Real Housewives’ first. More than half of this week’s episode was focused on the kids. A couple more weeks like this and the NJ season might qualify as a let down. It doesn’t mean good things for my recaps either. How am I going to cultivate solid one-sided relationships with the housewives and analyze their every move if their kids are taking up precious airtime?

I’m only including the paragraph below in the hopes that the kid issues eventually evolve into added drama for the housewives.

Jacqueline’s daughter Ashley failed two classes in school, was placed on academic probation and must attend summer school. Ashley has a tough time dealing with the situation so her step-dad purchases her a brand new SUV to help her feel better. Teresa’s aspiring actress/model daughter Gia had a professional photo shoot after an NYC modeling agency told her the first set of photos were too pageant style. Caroline’s daughter Lauren checks out beauty school. And Dina ponders her career choices and wonders if she is spending enough time with her daughter Lexi.

Thank God for Danielle. She is all over the place. She hosts a spa party, complete with an oral/maxillofacial surgeon who administers botox shots and lip injections. Caroline the voice of reason (who I predict brings zero drama to this season) calls the whole thing “crazy times ten. “ Dina also throws a jab in at Danielle saying she would like the one to be sticking a needle into Danielle. This comment puts Dina back on Danielle’s bad side and reignites the fight between the two.

Later on, Danielle crashes Jacqueline and Teresa’s play date to complain about her situation with Steve, her much younger boyfriend. She appears to be upset that things are not working out in her relationship and doesn’t want to continue her involvement with Steve, as he is too young and not financially stable yet. Luckily, Teresa’s husband is a friend of Steve so she is able to get the other side of the story. Turns out, Steve is only in it for the physical aspect. No shock there.

After Danielle leaves, Teresa and Jacqueline share some other rumors they have heard about Danielle. If so, Danielle could potentially be dating five guys, is a husband stealer and a stripper. For the well being of this season, I hope they are ALL true. Otherwise the only other reason to watch is to see if Gia gets another modeling or acting gig. Yawn.

Are you watching? Are these housewives holding up against the diva housewives of the past?


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