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PUSHING DAISIES Final Episodes: “Window Dressed to Kill”

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ThePieMaker.com (also known as me and Ducky) was invited to the L.A. screening of the final three episodes of PUSHING DAISIES back in January. Ducky wasn’t able to join me, but I ventured out to L.A. for a fabulous weekend with the DAISIES crew. Here’s the review I wrote after first seeing “Window Dressed to Kill” all those months ago.

Be sure to tune in to watch the episode tonight at 10pm on ABC.

This post contains spoilers although I tried not spoil the whole episode. Read at your own risk.

If you’re a fan of PUSHING DAISIES rapid, racing repartee and delicious, delightful dialogue then you’re in for a tasty terrific treat with “Window Dressed to Kill”. Not a single moment of screen time is wasted in this episode written by scribe Abby Gewanter. You’re going to need an extra cup of Joe to make sure you’re fully alert while watching as it’s jam packed with snappy dialogue, stunning visuals and more than a few recognizable guest stars, including Willy Garson, Constance Zimmer, George Segal, Sam Pancake, Wayne Wilderson and more.

Appearances can be deceiving. This episode is all about looking past the curtains of deception to find the true intent behind someone’s actions. Sometimes the reasons are good and sometimes not so much, but no matter what the reason deception can only lead to someone getting hurt…or killed.

Young Olive Snook was kidnapped during a family cocktail party by petty thieves Jerry Holmes and Roy “Buster” Bustamante. The two men were sent to prison for 25 years as a result of their deed. But before their time in the slammer was up, they pulled a Shawshank, and rather than heading to Zihuatanejo, Buster and Jerry set out to find Olive Snook – the little girl responsible for putting them in jail.

But, as we said, appearances can be deceiving. Pull back the curtain and we find that the young Olive Snook was a stowaway in the car that Jerry and Buster stole. They tried to bring Olive home but when she refused to give them any information about her life, they were stuck. A few days later they tracked down Olive’s parents and upon returning her to home they found out that her parents didn’t even know she was gone. Outraged at the behavior of Olive’s parents, Buster & Jerry shared a piece of their mind on better parenting. Not one to take that kind of criticism lightly, the snooty Snooks called the police and had Buster & Jerry carted off to jail for kidnapping, despite the Olive’s plea.

All these years later, the two bust out of jail and set off to find Olive, with whom they’ve been keeping in touch with through letters. Olive is happy to be reunited with the men, but her happiness is short lived when they realize the police are hot on their trail. Enlisting the help of Ned and Randy Mann (David Arquette), Olive sets off to get Jerry & Buster over the border and into safety. But their road trip to freedom in interrupted not only by a police roadblock but the roadblocks of deception caused by Olive herself.

Meanwhile, after the disappearance of Chuck’s alive again father, Ned has decided to give up waking the dead so as to just to live the life of an ordinary pie maker. This change of heart doesn’t make life any easier for Emerson Cod and his P.I. business. Lucky for Emerson, Chuck – the Alive Again Avenger – is on board and ready to help solve the case!

Emerson Cod and his new sidekick take on the case of one Erin Embry. Erin, along with partner Coco Juniper, created beautiful, eye catching displays in the windows of Dicker’s Department Store. The foot traffic attracted to the windows translated into big business for Dicker’s. So when Erin is found dead in a scene reminiscent of her last window display, a few eyebrows are raised and fingers are pointed (but not Ned’s finger because he gave up on that, remember?)

Eyebrows will surely be raised as Ned and Olive share the tenderest of moments in this episode. Good thing that Chuck is off investigating with Emerson because I don’t think dead girl would ever want to see just what happens between the pie maker and the pie waitress. Ned’s earlier “I wouldn’t say never” confession has left Olive a little more than confused about how the pie maker really feels about her. And it seems Olive isn’t the only one confused.

“Window Dressed to Kill” is the first of the final three episodes of PUSHING DAISIES, and I think it’s fitting that it’s one of my favorites to date. The over the top fantastical moments that fans of the show are accustomed to are offset by some warm, tender moments that make you fall in love with these characters just a little bit more…if that’s even possible.

Now on to a few other favorite moments and quotes to keep you guessing until the episode (finally) airs.

  • It’s winter time. And in winter you wear gloves. And wearing gloves means you can hold hands with the one you love. Especially since without the gloves holding hands would mean certain death.
  • Ned: Who wants to be Superman? Not me. I say no to super and yes to man. I’m Clark Kent.
  • Buster: What do we always say about the past?
    Olive: It makes an ass out of you and me.
  • The return of Randy Mann (David Arquette) led to some great male bonding moments between he and Ned. This was more of the role that Bryan Fuller imagined for David. He envisioned Randy sticking around as Ned’s new best friend. Randy will play an important part going into the series finale, “Kerplunk”.
  • Ned: Me and Olive love each other very much.
  • Lily: The only thing that smokes in this house is the gouda.
  • Emerson: How long do you think she’s been dead?
    Coroner: Oh, about $50.00
  • Cheno fans rejoice! Olive sings!. This particular song was unexpected and beautiful.
  • Olive: We need to back off on the PDA because Vivian’s Ps & Qs have gone AWOL and I can’t take much more of what I just took before I’m DOA.
    Ned: Olive, use your words.
  • Look for the return of Pigby, Mother Superior and Olive’s friends from the nunnery.
  • Amazing and I mean amazing special effects in this episode. One in particular that is perhaps the biggest special effects moment in the history of the show. Very cool.
  • Olive: You try on a sweater at the mall. You try on your best friend’s bra and you smile on the inside because yours are bigger and better.
  • Ned: I’m Superman. I’ve got a finger faster than a speeding bullet. Come on, who can I touch?
  • The very last scene made my stomach flip just a little bit. Whether you are a Ned/Olive shipper or more of a Ned/Chuck kind of person you’ll be left thinking, HUH?!

How’s that for a tease?! I hope I didn’t give away too much. I can’t wait until all of you see it so we can properly discuss. Let the speculation begin! Remember to continue to write to ABC is support of airing the final three episodes of PUSHING DAISIES!

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  2. Billiam on May 30th, 2009 11:34 pm

    If I was in his place, I would choose Olive. And really, Chuck should get a new name and move somewhere far away where she doesn’t have to hide her face all the time.

  3. Jana on May 30th, 2009 11:55 pm

    What an amazing episode!

    We cut our visit to Niagra Falls short so we could be back in our hotel in time to watch.

    And it was better than Niagra Falls.

  4. Denise (ddker) on May 31st, 2009 5:59 am

    I wish they could have shown the previous episode before it because the first few minutes were confusing trying to remember what was going on in the story line last time it aired!