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PUSHING DAISIES: “Water & Power” Tonight at 10pm

June 6, 2009 by  

Tonight the second to last episode of PUSHING DAISIES airs on ABC. I’ve said my goodbyes but I’m still not emotionally ready for next week’s series finale. Are you?

Here’s a sneak peek at tonight’s episode! Enjoy!  And let me know what you think after you’ve watched the episode.


ThePieMaker.com continues it’s sneak peek at the final 3 episode of PUSHING DAISIES with our semi-spoilery, screencap beauty of a post about episode 2.12.

“Water & Power” starts with a look back at Young Emerson Cod who had above average intelligence and a love for rules and regulations until one day mischief took over, proving “love makes you stupid.”

It’s hard to write about this episode because it’s steeped in Cod mystery, back story and intrigue – and we don’t want to spoil you on everything! Without giving too much away…

Simone, her clicker and her dog Bubblegum return as does someone that may or may not know the whereabouts of Emerson’s real life Little Gumshoe.

What else can we tell you?

While investigating the murder of Roland Raleigh Stingwell, Billionaire Builder of the Papen Country Water Pipe System and nemesis of Emerson Cod, more than one ghost comes back as more than one PUSHING DAISIES mystery is solved.

If you’re wondering about those folks back at The Pie Hole, don’t you worry! Even though this episode revolves mostly around Emerson’s past, present and future it also picks right up where “Window Dressed to Kill” left off.

Randy Mann continues to pursue his crush on Olive but a sticky swamp of emotions complicates things for the possible love birds. Ned and Chuck decide to help them along but Olive confuses Ned’s advice and decides Randy Mann is Randy Rebound which sends Ned on a mission to once again interfere with Olive’s love life and un-mix her nuts signals.

Oh and we almost forgot…

Two Words: Gina Torres
*geeks out*

While “Water and Power” isn’t the best episode of the series, it’s one that is essential to PUSHING DAISIES as a whole. Character backstory plays a huge role in the episode because as one pop-up book opens, another closes as we steam toward the series end.

Favorite moments and quotes from “Water & Power” after the jump…

Highlights from “Water & Power”:

  • Rings Discovered Around Uranus! Scientists Plan Probes
  • Ned: “What better place to nurture a romance than The Pie Hole? Warmth, pie, snuggly boothes… all the right ingredients.”
    Chuck: Love doesn’t need the right ingredients, it’s heartier than that.”
    Ned: You said heart-ier.”
  • Olive: “Oh. My. God. I’m that girl! I’m that girl in High School that’s afraid of real relationships so she’s attracted to guys in College… or Canada.”
  • The D-A-M (drop the N) Ruby
  • Chuck: Who the heck is Lila Robinson?”
    Emerson: “She’s the baby mama that took my daughter.”
  • Emerson: “You know you ain’t fooling nobody, right? I know that every secret I tell you has about 20 seconds before it spills out of your mouth into dead girl’s ears.”
    Chuck: Now that is not true.”
    Ned: “It’s true!”
    Chuck: “It’s true…”
  • Facial hair, a thermos full of tomato soup and the thin line between stake out and make out.
  • The Damn jokes are endless and never get old.
  • Hearing Ned say: “You go girl!” damn near made me piddle
  • Watching Detective Lawrence Puget go verbal toe to toe with the double talking Cod is like flm noir magic.
  • The whole gang finally finds out about Penny!
  • Simone: “She’s lying, look at her eyes.”
    Emerson: “She’s lied so damn much her eyes look like that permanently.”
  • The spit take!
  • Olive: “You just blew a dog whistle full of crazy and I’m not a dog.”
  • Ned: “Olive I have a question. Can love make you do something crazy?”
    Olive: “I went to a nunnery…”

  • Chuck tries to tell the truth about her having two birthdays but people just think she’s talking gibberish.
  • The backtracking Mennonite lawyers capture the sheer genius of Daisies writing and casting. Oh how we’ll miss it all.
  • One of the oddest damn first dates ever!
  • Lila: “In my experience, when you’re hiding in the trunk of a car it’s best not to chat!”
  • Crazy Ass She-Wolf
  • Randy: “In time you might forget you ever bounced.”
  • The return of “clearing” and “crossing” – this time in their underwear!

Be sure to tune into the second to last episode of PUSHING DAISIES tonight at 10pm on ABC.


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  2. FriendlyFan on June 6th, 2009 9:59 am

    I am still so sad that the show is almost over! It was such magic. Why does ABC do thins to us??!!!! 🙁 Thanks for all of your work promoting it and covering it!

  3. Kimber on June 6th, 2009 11:27 am

    Tried not to read too much info up there (didn’t want to be spoiled) … but the preview from last week had me totally geeking out too. GINA TORRES! Zoe Washburn! I’m very excited for that. Also – the last pic, of Ned and Chuck in their undies … *swoon*

  4. Mina on June 6th, 2009 11:09 pm

    Ned in undies!!!

  5. Tim on June 10th, 2009 10:21 am

    Loved the episode. Being a Mennonite, I thought the Mennonite lawyers were hilarious. And I loved the fact that they didn’t dress differently, as most Mennonites do not. I will really miss this show.