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Project SUPERNATURAL Update – Season 2, Half Way Point

July 27, 2009 by  

Slow and steady wins the race, right?  Perhaps not when the 5th season premiere of SUPERNATURAL is getting closer by the day. That’s good news for all your SUPERNATURAL fans, but not so much for those of us who are trying to play a little catch up.

I’m still going though. I’m trying.  And since today I hit the mid-way point of Season 2, I thought I’d share a quick update of where I am. For those of you who follow me on Twitter and/or listen to The TV Talk Podcast, you’ve been getting some Project SUPERNATURAL updates from time-to-time. I’ll continue to Twitter for quick one-off thoughts while I’m watching, and the podcast will be the place I can go a little more in-depth about what I’ve been watching.  But here’s a run down of the most recent P.S. episodes.

  • “In My Time of Dying” – The great thing about watching seasons back-to-back is that I only have to wait as long as it takes the DVD player to load to find out what happened after the cliffhangery season finales.  This first episode back was a doozy. Dead Dean. Dead John. The Reaper. THE Demon. This episode was a real turning point as things got a lot darker for Dean after Daddy whispered those words. TO be honest, I thought John whispered to Dean that he was going to die so Dean could live.  I thought that was what had been haunting Dean.  Not so much…the news about Sammy? Well that was just cruel, John Winchester.
  • “Everybody Loves A Clown” – For the record, everybody does NOT love a clown. Not sure how I made it through this episode.  But I will tell you that I didn’t enjoy it…not one scary bit.
  • “Bloodlust” – I remember that I watched this particular episode on a Sunday.  Earlier in the day I watched Buffy’s “Once More with Feeling” (just for the fun of it).  In the afternoon I watched “Twilight” (because that’s what I do…I watch “Twilight”. That night I turned on HBO and watched a new episode of TRUE BLOOD and then I sat down to watch SUPERNATURAL and this is the first episode I watched.  I was vampired out to say that least. But had to laugh at the irony of yet another story in which the vampires were good and never went after humans.  Clearly I was sensing a theme.  Also fun to see Amber Benson from BUFFY playing a vamp. Not my favorite, but seeing how this episode introduced Gordon Walker and was clearly a set up for an important ep later in the season, I can appreciate it more now.
  • “Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things” – Dead chick out for revenge. I didn’t hate it, but it it felt like a filler episode for me.  It did serve as an episode where more of Dean’s dark behavior surfaced. This seemed like one of the first episode where he let his dark side rule his decision making. He started getting scary. And is it wrong that I kind of liked it?

  • “Simon Said” – One of my favorite episodes so far. I thought the “I’ve got an evil twin” twist was really interesting.  It was unpredictable, funny yet brought us more info about Sam’s kind. I’m sure SPN fans have a name for those is Sam’s boat…I just call them the 83ers.
  • “No Exit” – This was a fun episode for me because it featured Jo so much.  To date I’ve known Alona Tal only as Meg from VERONICA MARS.  This role was such a departure for her that I couldn’t help but love it. Oh and at the end of the ep it was revealed that John was in some part responsible for the death of Jo’s father. I’ll be honest, I thought there was going to be a big reveal that Jo was in fact Sam and Dean’s step-sister. I was kind of disappointed that didn’t play out.
  • “The Usual Suspects” – If I remember correctly, this was the one with the chick from “The Exorcist”, right? If so, I thought it was okay.  The twist with her partner/boyfriend being behind the murderous spirit was a little hard to swallow. It felt a bit forced.  And we could have done away with “The Exorcist” call out at the end, but that wasn’t a big deal.  Clearly the events of this episode will have an effect later since now both Sam and Dean are officially wanted criminals.
  • “Crossroad Blues” – I’ve been afraid of dogs my entire life, so an ep featuring the Hell hounds wasn’t my favorite. The best part of this episode was the confrontation between Dean and the demon when Dean finally let his guard down about the guilt over his father’s death.  Glad he could pull it together but he should have killed that demon when he had the chance.
  • “Croatoan” – Ladies and Gents, 31 episodes into SUPERNATURAL and this is the first episode which spurred a full on nightmare.  I watched this episode late (too late) at night and then when straight to bed.  Had a nightmare that everyone in my town was a walking zombie.  Sam Winchester was the only one protecting me but at the last minute he turned on me too.  It was the “Croatoan” SPN episodes meets Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”…without the fun dance moves.
  • “Hunted” – Loved that we got to meet another 83er, Ava. She went out of her way to save Sam’s life but he wasn’t able to return the favor before The Demon got to her.  Finally we learned what John whispered to Dean right before his death.  And Sam’s reaction to the news that he might be a killer?  Well, it killed me.
  • “Playthings” – Creepy kids. Creepy dolls.  Come on now…my heart can’t take these kinds of episodes.  And when the little girl almost drown to death in the pool covered in plastic?! Ugh I couldn’t take it. But on the flip side, I did get to see Drunk!Sam, so that was a win.

Ok, I’m going to keep going.  Thanks for all your support and encouragement. I’ll try to share another Project SUPERNATURAL update at the end of Season 2. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter ( and to subscribe to  TheTVTalkPodcast for the latest Project SUPERNATURAL updates.

Can I finished before the Season 5 premiere?  We’ll see.  I’ll try.

P.S. Who can fill me in on what happened to Jared during Season 2 that put him in that cast?! At first I thought it was a prop, but since these Winchester boys seems to have some extra ordinary healing powers (come on, hardly any scars despite how often they’ve been beaten?) I’m going to assume it was a real life injury that landed him in the cast.  Spill…I know you know.


8 Responses to “Project SUPERNATURAL Update – Season 2, Half Way Point”

  1. Patty on July 27th, 2009 11:15 am

    When the zombie girl tackled Jared in the cemetary, he broke his wrist for real.

  2. Patty on July 27th, 2009 11:19 am

    And the whole rest of S2? LOVE. I just looked at the list of what you have in store…some great stuff. Even if you are a big chicken as you seem to be. I laughed that you had nightmares after Croatoan. I can honestly say the only episode that gave me nightmares was the finale of S3. Don’t watch that one at night. Not so much that it’s scary but the feeling it leaves you with. Keep going!

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  4. Nicole on July 27th, 2009 11:43 am

    Jared broke his wrist while filming a stunt in 2×3 and they wrote the injury into 2×4… i think he says something like “i think she broke my hand” at the end of the ep. Thats why he has a cast until “Playthings.” When asked about it I think he goes into the story of he and Jensen getting into a barfight but that was during season 1. I guess it sounds more manly than admitting he broke it while filming a stunt with a girl.

  5. Kristen on July 27th, 2009 11:44 am

    Yeah Jared broke his wrist and then they had to write it into the script. I guess at least it adds some realism to the gravity of the hazards of their job.

    Glad you’re still keeping with it. The second half of second season has my favorite episodes of the whole series. I can’t wait for you to watch Tall Tales and What Is And What Should Never Be. Great, great episodes. And not that scary! You’ll love ’em! I hope you make it through the series before September! Keep chugging away. I’m now watching Friday Night Lights because of you guys and I’m almost through season 1 just from this weekend!

  6. Nicole on July 27th, 2009 12:43 pm

    Reading your reactions to the eps is making me want to go back and watch them all over again! And I do agree with Patty, that the Season 3 finale is one you should watch maybe during the day. It gets under your skin and it’s not what you want in your head as you’re drifting off to sleep. Amazing episode.

    Anyway, as GMMR’s SPN recapper, I love reading your take on the series! I hope you’re able to finish up by the start of S5, but what about S4? It’s being released on dvd September 1st I see – and from what I’ve heard, S5 premieres on September 10th. Are you going to make it a personal challenge to watch all of S4 in ten days? That’s a lot of show in a short time! 🙂

  7. Give Me My Remote on July 27th, 2009 12:58 pm

    I’m going to see if maybe I can get some love from WB and get it before it comes out…although I highly doubt that’s possible. I’ll do what I can. Perhaps I can find S4 online.

  8. Emmy on July 28th, 2009 2:43 am

    “I’m sure SPN fans have a name for those is Sam’s boat”

    For the most part I think we call them “PsyKids”. Like “Sam and the other PsyKids”. It’s because in Devil’s Trap the YED(Yellow Eyed Demon) called them his all “kids” when talking to Sam and Dean about his plans when he had them trapped against the walls. They all had some sort of psychic abilities, so “PsyKids”