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Tonight’s TV Spotlight…Friday, November 6, 2009

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TGIF my friends! Did you survive the Thursday night TV lineup?  I hope so. Check back throughout the day as we’ll have reviews and discussions on many of last night’s shows including BONES, THE OFFICE, SUPERNATURAL, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES and more.

As for tonight’s lineup, well there’s plenty to choose from.  But my one pick would be WHITE COLLAR at 10pm on USA. I’m loving this show. I realize that with all of my health woes I haven’t been writing enough lately, but I’m going to start to fold WHITE COLLAR into the mix. Check back tomorrow for a full episode discussion! Who needs pain meds when there’s Matt Bomer to look at.

Don’t forget to check out John Krasinski from THE OFFICE on THE VIEW this morning.  He’ll also be live chatting on at 12pm EST (It’s 9am now. So that leaves me three hours to find a wheelchair and someone with a wheelchair van to drive me into work today. I’m sure my bosses will understand, right? I mean I’ve been out of work for a month, and I just happen to show up the one day John Krasinski is in the office.  Yeah, I’m sure they wouldn’t care. But seriously – JKras visits my office when I’m not there? Cruel.)

If you’re going out tonight (or going to bed early), set those DVRs because Cory Monteith from GLEE with be on with ConanIan Somerholder from THE VAMPIRE DIARIES is talking with Jimmy Fallon. And Ricky Gervais is on Letterman.

Check out a few other shows on tonight.

Ugly Betty | 8pm on ABC
“Plus None”
Matt asks someone to be his “plus one” at Wilhelmina’s fundraiser; Daniel hires Natalie to be his assistant, making Betty feel obsolete; Amanda keeps a secret from Betty; Daniel discovers that his mother has a history with Cal Hartley.

Smallville | 8pm on The CW
Jor-El comes to the Kent farm looking for his son but finds Chloe instead; Zod asks Tess for help finding the Blur; Clark tries to find Jor-El before Zod does.

Monk | 9pm on USA
“Mr. Monk Goes Camping”
To woo the only holdout on the reinstatement committee, Monk accompanies Lt. Disher on a scouting trip.

Stargate Universe | 9pm on SyFy
A high-risk operation may be able to return everyone who is trapped aboard the Destiny to Earth; Eli and Chloe are allowed to use the communication stones to visit Earth.

Medium | 9pm on CBS
“New Terrain”
The SUV Allison rents has unusual features, including a satellite radio that allows her to hear other people’s conversations.

White Collar | 10pm on USA
“Book of Hours”
A New York City mafia kingpin enlists help from Peter and the FBI after his precious Bible disappears; Neal finds himself in a tango with a sexy female villain and must decide where his loyalty truly lies.

Sanctuary | 10pm on Syfy
“Pavor Nacturnus”
Dr. Helen Magnus wakes to find the Sanctuary in ruins and the entire city decimated with no memory of how the devastation occurred.

Numb3rs | 10pm on CBS
“Shadow Markets”
The team tries to locate a cybercrime lord with an undercover sting, but a brilliant hacker foils the operation.

Crash | 10pm on Starz
“Johnny Hit and Run Pauline”
Ben’s nostalgic reunion with his ex-wife (Peggy Lipton) and her husband (Keith Carradine) takes a serious turn; Seth gets submarined by a tough journalist during a televised interview; Inez’s boyfriend’s admission stuns her, but not so much that she cancels her romantic getaway to London with her indulgent English suitor. Meanwhile, the hobby-shop dilemma has Bo and his mother at odds.

Also playing…

  • Ghost Whisperer | 8pm on CBS: Jim thinks a colleague might be involved in a med student’s disappearance; Aiden continues to be afraid of “the shadows.”
  • Law & Order | 8pm on NBC: When a wealthy young woman is found dead in her apartment, a few signs lead detectives to believe the killer was not after her wealth; a security video exposes two potential suspects, leading the detectives to a drug cartel.

On the late night couch…

  • The Jay Leno Show: Elizabeth Banks
  • The Late Show with David Letterman: Ricky Gervais, Brian Regan, Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys
  • The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien: The Pixies, Cory Monteith, Harland Williams;
  • The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson: Ewan McGregor, Regina Spektor
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live: Ted Danson, Khloe Kardashian, Lamar Odom, Chickenfoot
  • Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: Rosie O’Donnell, Ian Somerhalder, Josh Topolsky
  • Chelsea Lately: Susie Essman, Heather McDonald, Lavell Crawford, Dan Levy (R 11/2/09)
  • Last Call with Carson Daly: Neil Strauss, Brett Rogers, Peaches

Which shows will YOU be checking out tonight? Leave a comment here or send me a message via Twitter.


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  1. Remy on November 6th, 2009 1:50 pm

    I understand your pain. I am currently 11 minutes away from hopefully getting tickets to see Mr. Krasinski next week in Austin. He’s coming in to present Brief Interviews, and I swear to God if I don’t get tickets, SOMEONE WILL DIE.

    Whoa…need to breathe…and continue hitting refresh on the ticket sale site…