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DEXTER: Lost Boys

November 30, 2009 by  

It hasn’t been until the past few years that I realized that TV could be scary. Is that weird? I hate horror/slasher movies, so I’m not a fan of the genre, but I don’t mind being scared. Different things scare me though. The two scariest shows on TV right now, in my opinion, are “Dexter” and “Criminal Minds.” Psychopaths, nut jobs, child molesters and all that freak the crap out of me. That made this episode especially creepy for me.

So, Christine is Arthur’s daughter from some sort of other relationship that he wanted to keep secret. Deb’s hunches were right, much to the disappointment of Quinn. I have a feeling that Det. Morgan is going to be interrogating Ms. Hill as to the history of her father, Arthur Mitchell, over the next couple episodes, which could get pretty interesting.

Meanwhile, Arthur abducted a kid named Scott, took him to a basement, built a train set, made him put on some PJ’s and fed him some roofie-flavored ice cream. Dexter figured out that there aren’t in fact three kills to every cycle, but four. The fourth represents Arthur, not Christine like I had previously thought. However, Christine did witness Arthur kill a woman in a bathtub when she was five. I wonder if the thread of Arthur, Dexter and Christine all witnessing people die will be explored in these last two episodes.

One thing I have to talk about is something I touched on a couple weeks ago. I mentioned that I was going to get frustrated if it took Dexter a long time to catch/kill Arthur. But, I didn’t account for one thing: Arthur genuinely getting away. I imagined a scenario where Dex just couldn’t bring himself to kill Arthur because of the mentor-mentee relationship they had. But, chasing him and Arthur continuing to elude him is something I didn’t plan for and am really excited by.

There are things that happen on this show that I make me say hmmm. Rarely do we ever see something come of them. What about Dexter leaving the camp site in the middle of the night? What about Harry’s sordid past? These threads are pulled and then just left to linger. I hope that these last two episodes tie some things up, but I’m becoming doubtful. Every show is guilty of that at times (two members of the Soprano Family walking through the woods come to mind), but it’s especially frustrating when so much time is spent on something just for the sake of taking time away from the main storyline.

I think the next two episodes are going to be jam-packed with action, as there are a lot of things to tie up. The promos for the rest of the season mentioned that the final twist will be the final moment of the season. What in the world could that be? I’m starting to think that the family that Dexter has surrounded himself with could be crumbling. Why put it through so much crap just to have everything be fine at the end? I’ll feel cheapened if that’s the case. I’m also not sure how I feel about it. I think Rita needs something more to do. Between the two parts of the show, the family part of it went away with the death of Miguel Prado, and has really yet to return. Maybe it’s better off without it?

What is the one moment you’re looking most forward to seeing in the next two episodes?

Before I close out, I have to mention that, as I wrote this review, I’m watching a PBS concert of Straight No Chaser, the group made famous by their YouTube performance of The 12 Days of Christmas that Kath featured on the site last year. I’ve been listening to these guys since their days at Indiana University (I went to the rival Purdue University much much later, but got the CD when I was in junior high or so) and am so happy that they are together again and are doing so well. If you see the special on your local PBS station, make sure to watch or DVR it. You won’t be disappointed.

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