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DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: Mama Spent Money When She Had None

February 9, 2009 by  

Desperate Housewives is back this week and the ladies have money on the brain.

Carlos has managed to pay off the credit card debt that he and Gabby have rung up over the years and to celebrate he wants to take Gabby out to a fancy dinner. She wants to wear the red dress she wore when he proposed but can’t fit into it. That’s when she hears about the extreme boot camp that Edie used to lose five pounds in one day. She quickly joins and we’re treated to a hilarious as well as heart- warming subplot. The camp is so over the top that it’s perfect for the ladies of Wisteria Lane. There’s a contract to be signed and a former Israeli soldier as the instructor. And, of course, in typical Gabby fashion she quits after only one class. But that isn’t about to stop crazy instructor; he brings the boot camp to Gabby. And that’s where the heart- warming comes in: Edie tells Gabby that the women have come over to her house to support her since they know how much it would mean for her to fit into her dress. Gabby rejoins and manages to look great in her dress. She realizes, however, that things aren’t exactly how they used to be; she’s a much better person now.

Susan is trying to get MJ into an exclusive private school but realizes she can’t afford the tuition. She turns to Mike for help but he’s broke as well. The she notices that Katherine’s sporting a brand new pearl necklace. As a side note, did anyone else think that Katherine got a boob job at first? That was my first impression until we saw the necklace. Susan, of course, decides that the best solution is to sneak into Katherine’s house and steal the necklace. Katherine sees her, however, and chases Susan into the street in her towel. Susan quickly explains and she and Katherine confront Mike together only to find out that it’s a fake necklace. That’s when Mike finally tells Susan to become more financially independent. I completely agreed with this; Mike is pulling more then his fair share when it comes to supporting Susan and MJ. I was proud of Susan when she was creative and came up with a solution; she’s joining the faculty of the private school as an assistant to one of the art teachers in order to get 50% off MJ’s tuition.

Lynette was back to being her same old annoying self. Instead of being happy for Bree when she achieved professional success, she was catty and bitter. First, she stalked away when Bree was showing the housewives her new car and then refused a gift from Bree, only to accept an “investment” in the pizzeria. When Bree tried to make a small change in the pizzeria, however, she freaked out and stormed off. I realize that some people might think that Bree was being a show off and overstepping when it came to the pizzeria but I think she was entitled to the actions she took. I know there’s going to be some disagreement over this (there was strong disagreement between myself and the person I was watching with), so tell me what you think below.

Now let’s talk about Dave. Bob told Tom that Dave was responsible for putting Porter in jail and Tom punches Dave out in retribution. When he went in for the second punch, however, Dave displayed some serious self- defense skills and was able to easily overcome Tom. And then there was his response to Edie when she asked what the biggest difference between his first marriage and their own was. Dave replies that his first marriage was like a fairytale but that his marriage to Edie “is not forever” and that “fairytales end with death”. I have a feeling that things are about to get very intense.

That’s it for this week! Let me know what you think below.

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One Response to “DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: Mama Spent Money When She Had None”

  1. Henry on February 9th, 2009 4:04 pm

    I was so happy that Mike told Susan to step up and start doing something herself! I’ve been saying forever that Susan never seems to be doing anything so I was really impressed with her whole speech in the office. I was all, “You rock kid!”

    Lynette should have just taken the money and been done with it. But that whole 15% was bound to blow up in her face. And its hard to be mad at anyone because the whole situation was just bad. Yes, Bree took over Lynette’s thank you party and used it for her own ends instead of just accepting it in the spirit it was given. Yes, Lynette used this opportunity to promote her business by saying that they would be serving Bree’s pizza recipe, but why wouldn’t she tell this to Bree ahead of time? Everyone knows going in that Bree is very particular about her recipes, heck, she’s particular about everything with her name on it.

    Bree never really stepped over the line to me. And Lynette is just upset that she has someone who she has to run things by instead of just running with it. Of course, thats her MO. Lynette can never be happy for too long.

    Edie Britt had some great things to say in this episode. I loved her conversations with Gabby.