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SUPERNATURAL: My Bloody Valentine

February 12, 2010 by  

I love it when Supernatural gets creatively disgusting, and so obviously I loved this episode, because it contained about three or four of the grossest things I’ve ever seen on the show. I mean, which was the worst (and by worst I of course mean best)? Was it the adorable couple who chewed each other to death, bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase “I want you inside me”? Or perhaps Cas on his hands and knees stuffing his face with handfuls of raw ground beef? Even the mere mental image of a guy shoving Twinkies down his own throat with a toilet brush was enough to cause me to make a gag face. I think the winner though would have to be the diner cook shoveling hot fries into his mouth while his hands melted with burning oil, followed later with the entire upper third of his body bubbling away in the Fry-o-later. Who’s up for a bucket of extra crispy? Gah! Of course, my inner twelve year old was so giddy from the whole thing that I loved every second of it.

The show also brought the funny pretty hard, because laughter is the best cure for nausea unless you have access to a medical marijuana prescription. Cas’s vessel Jimmy really loved burgers, and so when Cas was infected with “the hunger” he went on a massive binge, demonstrating that angels are apparently equipped with the power of super-digestion (I still don’t get what happens to food when angels, vampires, etc. eat – I mean, it’s not like they digest. I do like when they can eat and drink and get drunk and so it’s probably best not to delve too deeply into the physicality of it all). This being a Valentine’s Day episode, the boys met up with a cupid (there are dozens, apparently) who was in town to play matchmaker to a few couples that heaven needed to make happen for one reason or another. Cupid was a big softie who modeled his affection style after Lenny from Of Mice and Men, and cried like Glen Beck when Dean accused him of turning the townsfolk into savages.

I think my favourite funny moment though was when Dean called Cas about the angelic symbols they found, and Cas appeared about two seconds into the phone call…and then finished the conversation before hanging up. It would have to either be that or Dean screaming “I punched a dick!” after Cas and Sam took issue with him punching Cupid. Cupid turned out to be just a red herring though, because a much worse baddie had rolled into town on his black steed (an electric wheelchair) and surrounded by a demonic secret service – the 2nd of the Four Horseman to cross paths with the Winchesters, Famine. When we met War, he was charismatic and pretty badass – he was a fun villain. Famine on the other hand, is the creepiest dude ever. Actually, no, he’s on par with another old, creepy villain that still freaks me out to this day. Did you guys ever watch the Poltergeist movies? One of them had this old man with horrible teeth and a quiet, slow, sing-songy voice very much like Famine. All of my childhood trauma from seeing that movie resurfaced last night – chills.

So, Cas wasn’t the only one affected by Famine’s “hunger” – Sam was jonesing bigtime for some demon blood, but on the bright side he was honest with Dean about it and insisted on being locked up to prevent him from succumbing to temptation. While Dean and Cas ventured out to cut off Famine’s ring (since it worked on War), Sam stayed behind, handcuffed in the bathroom, which of course meant that a couple of demons showed up. I have to say, being the vessel for Lucifer is netting Sam a lot of benefits so far – he’s like the golden child and everyone on the dark side has been ordered to protect him and keep him safe, so he’s never really in danger these days. Obviously, there’s a trade-off for this goodwill, but for now it’s working in his favour. So poor Sam couldn’t hold himself back anymore and gave into his craving, taking down a demon and coming up with a face covered in blood. I do love mean, take-no-prisoners Sam so I happy with this development (don’t get me wrong though – I wouldn’t want to go through a drawn-out addiction like last season, but I’m not worried about that happening again so I was able to enjoy the bad-assery).

When Sam showed up to join in the fun at the diner, Famine was falling all over himself trying to kiss his ass, but Sam used his demon-juice powers to exorcise the demons from all of the secret service agents, even when offered an enormous supply of D (it’s a True Blood reference, like their V – just go with it). Famine then ate the souls himself and Sam used his powers again to pull them out all at once, and boom went the Faminite. I’m not quite sure how to interpret this – did Sam succeed in killing him, or no? It seemed pretty final to me, but who knows?

On to the most serious matters to come out of the episode, Cupid revealed to the boys that their parents had been set up by Heaven in order to ensure that the boys would be born (causing Dean to punch a dick). With all the talk lately about destiny and paths and no free will, this wasn’t a huge shocker, just another piece in the puzzle. Famine also had a little heart-to-heart with Dean, explaining that Dean was immune to the hunger because he was empty, or dead inside. He wanted for nothing because he is nothing. Will this have implications for his future as Michael’s vessel? Is it a result of his time spent in Hell? Is it all a lie that Famine made up to puncture some holes in Dean’s confidence? I can’t wait to learn more. You know what else I can’t wait for? Dean to start talking to Sam, or Castiel or someone who’s on his side. Not that I’m trying to rush the show, but I am so amped for the brothers to get all of their crap out on the table, talk it out, be buds again and unite to kick some biblical butt. I know, this won’t be happening until near the end of the season, I’m just saying.

Ending on a sad and somewhat despondent note was a good way to go. Sam back in demon detox and screaming for help, Dean outside shouting at God for help. Have we hit a new turning point in the road to the Apocalypse? I think so. They can’t pretend everything is okay week to week like they have been (sort of) lately– they really need to address what’s happening in a real way. Perhaps they’ll resume the search for God with a little more gusto after the hiatus? I suspect that we’ll be deep into mythology and less with the fun for the rest of the season, and I’m okay with that. I just can’t wait to go along for the ride.

As always, I’m including the preview for the next new episode, set to air March 25th. It looks really good – it’s got a personal favourite of mine, ZOMBIES, plus some major Bobby action. Check it out:

How did you like the episode, and more importantly, did anyone vomit? Do you like the gross stuff or is it a bit much for you to handle? What did you think of Famine and do you think he’s dead? What are your thoughts on how the ending of the episode will translate going forward? I can’t wait to hear from you!

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4 Responses to “SUPERNATURAL: My Bloody Valentine”

  1. Patty on February 12th, 2010 4:23 pm

    There was so much about this episode to love. The grossness (that rivaled the first 5 minutes of Bones) the humor (oh naked huggy Cupid! Dean’s face of disgust at the fat naked touchy guy) and the total heartbreak at the end.

    I am with you, not worried so much about Sam. He was honest with what he was craving and they just dealt with it. But when that dick Mr Burns (Famine) told Dean he was empty (I was really waiting to hear he had no soul already) it just broke my heart. Not because I think it’s true but because I think Dean bought it and thinks it’s true.

    I am going to watch this one again this weekend. There were parts when I had my eyes covered.

    One thing I DID notice is that Jensen Ackles has enormous feet.

  2. Tessa on February 12th, 2010 6:01 pm

    I think Famine was lying. I don’t think Dean is really empty inside and I think the ending of the episode proved that. If he really felt nothing, he would not be calling out for help, and he certainly wouldn’t care about Sam’s addiction. I think he wasn’t hungry for anything because he really, truly believes he deserves nothing. He is just continually punishing himself, and repressing his feelings. But just because he is repressing them doesn’t mean he’s not feeling them. That boy has some serious issues with himself right now, and who can blame him? After what happened in Hell and afterwards. It will be interesting to see what happens from here on out, after that ending.

    Did anyone else think he was about to say the big “Yes” at the end? It popped into my head, but then I realized it wasn’t really likely for that to happen so soon.

    All in all, I really loved this episode. And Cas was on fire! That whole cell phone conversation had me howling. And then Cupid’s scene was great too. I loved Deans, “Is this a fight? Are we in a fight?” So funny.

  3. Eliza on February 12th, 2010 9:42 pm

    Actually, I think Dean was infected. Just in an unexpected way instead of being hedonistic person that likes to fornicate, Dean has a hunger for nothingness. And that is what Famine gave him.

  4. Jane on February 13th, 2010 8:20 pm

    Ive often wonder the same thing about the whole eating thing with Cas….. but as for Vampires, I think Damon mentioned to Elena that as long as he drinks blood then his bodily functions…………functions………