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Who Went Home on AMERICAN IDOL?

March 17, 2010 by  

I don’t know about you but I’m nervous. After last week’s bamboozle, I don’t what’s going to happen tonight. Will the voting public send home Crystal or Siobhan…nah, but then again I would never have thought Lilly and Alex were going home last week.

The great thing about reading this post is that you don’t have to sit through the musical guests, Ryan’s dramatic pauses, or the horrific Ford commercials. You’re welcome.

Only one contestant is going home tonight. Who will it be?

  • Looks like the production team for a few graphic interns this year.  The forced drama of is really quite breathtaking.
  • Simon addressed the awkward behavior of Seacrest last night.  For two guy that are really good friends in real life, their on-air banter just gets more awkward with each year.
  • The judges save is back! Too bad they didn’t have it last week as I think Alex would still be around. If you forget how the judges save works, here it goes.  One time during the season, from tonight up until the Top 5, the judges can save one contestant who would otherwise be voted off. The judges must be unanimous in their decision or else the contestant leaves. Once they’ve used up their save, it’s done, no other saves.
  • David Cook takes the stage with “Jumpin’ Jack Flash”. Show these kids how it’s done, Cookie. Yes, David is an artist in his own right now, but he brought the same enthusiasm and stage presence when he was a contestant. His performance makes me like this season even less.
  • The Ford commercials are back and they are as cheesy as ever.  With this bunch, I kind of wish they were filming Toyota commercials.  (Too dark? Ok.)

Time for the first round of saves. Dim the lights, here we go.

  • Paige Miles – BOTTOM THREE
  • Lee Dewyze – SAFE
  • Aaron Kelly – SAFE
  • Andrew Garcia – SAFE
  • Tim Urban – BOTTOM THREE

Unless Katie Stevens is sitting on that silver stool I’m going to be annoyed.  I’m ok with Paige or Tim going home, but I would have liked to see Aaron in the bottom three tonight.

  • Orianthi takes the stage to sing that “According to Him” song which is played almost as much as anything by Lady Gaga. Oh the beauty of the fast forward button.

Back to Ryan, the menacing music and the results.

  • Didi Benami – SAFE
  • Crystal Bowersox – SAFE (Before the voting results were revealed, Ryan asked Crystal about Simon’s comments about her thinking she had the competition in the bag.  Her response? “Don’t put words in my mouth.” – Bow-er-sox! Bow-er-sox!)
  • Katie Stevens – SAFE (Ugh)
  • Michael Lynche – SAFE
  • Casey James – SAFE
  • Lacey Brown – BOTTOM THREE

So we’ve got Paige, Tim or Lacey going home tonight.  Simon says one of the three is worth saving.  We all know that he thinks that person is Paige.  I don’t think he could ever get the other three judges to vote his way.

The first person safe is Tim Urban (he’s really cashing in on that deal with the devil.)

  • Ke$ha took to the $tage and my brain damn near $hut down. $omeone tell the$e wannabe IDOL$ that they $houldn’t be $triving for that. $he’$ what my Nana would call a fla$h in the pan.

As for the lady leaving the competition tonight, it’s LACEY BROWN. Paige is safe.  The judges decide not to use the save, so Lacey’s farewell performance tonight was her last.  Best of luck, Lacey. If it’s any consolation, you weren’t going to be this year’s American Idol anyway. Stay in L.A. and make some connections so when 19 Records lets you out from under their tight grip you can go make a record of your own.

Ok IDOLizers, were you happy with the bottom three tonight? Was Lacey the right person to go home tonight? Who should be next?


2 Responses to “Who Went Home on AMERICAN IDOL?”

  1. Jaime on March 18th, 2010 7:56 am

    So glad she finally left. She was one of those that I could never watch perform. Honestly, I’d have been ok with any of the bottom three going last night! I’m with you on Katie Stevens, she needs to go too. She’s not ready for this level of competition in my opinion.

  2. Forts on March 18th, 2010 10:24 am

    Ugh. Another week of Paige. Dangit.