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24 – Day 8: 6:00am – 8:00am

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Well, that was eventful. I love that they planned a two-hour “event” to not only combat the juggernaut that is the NCAA Tournament and its incredible Butler Bulldogs, but also to really get you roped in early and unleash a ton of twists and turns in one concise package. There’s a ton of information and analysis here, so let’s get started.

Debrief (As brief as possible!)

* Hassan gave himself up and went with Tarin. Jack was going to intercept them when Dana told Tarin that he was being followed and led him to a parking garage. After a chase through the garage, Hassan was transferred to a different car while Tarin drove himself off the garage.
* Dana was found out through Tarin’s cell phone. She made a deal for full immunity in exchange for her cooperation in saving Hassan. She led them to the apartment building where they were going to stream Hassan’s confession and death live on the internet.
* As the broadcast started, CTU tried to save Hassan. But, once they found the apartment, he was already dead and they realized that the internet feed had been delayed. There was no way they could have saved him.
* In unrelated news, Rob and Sec. Douchebag were discovered by Jack and arrested. Ethan was rescued and is at the hospital doing fine.

Agent Philboy’s Assessment

I was so excited about this week because I knew, by the laws of “24” time, that so many things had to happen tonight. And, even though I mistakenly thought we were going to see Fmr. President Logan this week, all of my Jack Bauer-related wishes came true. Some might call this predictable, but I would rather call it knowing what you’re good at as a writing staff and executing it with gusto in your final 10, now 8, episodes.

I was thankful to be able to rely on Hassan’s altruism. His entire life was the peace agreement and you knew there was no way that he would have cowtowed and confessed to his “so called crimes.” I also thought, somewhat naively, that CTU could save Hassan. And, had they not been outsmarted, they probably could have.

I also wanted to see Dana and Jack come to blows. The producers knew this and also have finally, after hundreds of hours, respected the gravity of Jack’s badassness. Any terrorist or terrorist mole within CTU knows that if anyone was going to get them out of the crappy situation they’re in, it’s Jack. If they don’t know that then they don’t deserve immunity in the first place. It’s going to be interesting, however, to see what happens to Dana now that Hassan is dead. Obviously the existing deal is off the table, but could she still be able to lead CTU to Samir? I think so, but she will be on extremely thin ice.

And while we might see the crimes of Cole come back later, I think it would be at the very end when we really didn’t need him anymore. As long as he’s still Jack Bauer Jr., he’ll stick around.

These next eight hours are going to be interesting. I can predict them to a certain extent (see above) but I think the fact that the writers know that they’re finishing up the series means they will go all out. Characters could be killed or changed forever with the next, and final, eight episodes.

Weekly Kill Count = 16 Total Kill Count = 61

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