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FRINGE: Over There, Part 1

May 14, 2010 by  

Wow – where to begin??!!! What a killer episode. I loved every minute of it and cannot wait until next week to see how it all ends!

The Grass is Greener Over There

Walternate has taken Peter back to his home universe and I have to say, I can see no reason why Peter would want to leave. Over There, Daddy Bishop is kind of a big deal and Mommy Bishop is ALIVE! Not to mention that they live in a gorgeous house in a world that seems much cooler than the one in which Peter has spent most of his life. The scene where Peter reunites with his real mother was sweet but kind of confusing emotionally because you had to wonder which mother Peter was remembering when he looked at her. A combination of both, I guess. Either way, it is clear that Peter is thrilled to be in her company.

Back in the regular universe, Walter learns of Peter’s departure by viewing his hotel’s security footage. Walter is freaking out about it and not just because of his personal sense of loss. He knows that there is a reason to worry about Peter crossing over to the other side, he just can’t remember what it is. The Observer drops by to give Olivia a clue; a drawing of some type of weapon with Peter’s face below it, power flowing from his eyes. The drawing helps Walter to remember that The Observer had told him that he must never let Peter return because if he did, Peter would bring about the destruction of the world.

Using the help of three other Cortexiphan kids (you never really believed that Nina Sharp didn’t know their location, right?), Walter and Olivia cross to the other side. One of their group dies soon after they cross, leaving Olivia, Walter, Mr. Emotion and Fire Starter Girl to try to get to Central Park and enlist the help of William Bell.

Alt Team Fringe is on the case:

  • Broyles: has ditched the suit and is looking super hip. He leads his team from a swanky office, using tech that is much cooler than what he gets to use on the other side.
  • Astrid: honestly I wasn’t following exactly how she was determining whether or not to quarantine, but it was very apparent that what she was doing was a lot more exciting than babysitting Walter. Plus, she was wearing a cute beret.
  • Charlie: we knew we’d see him again at some point. Olivia’s partner once again, scar faced Charlie is rougher around the edges, and bald!
  • New guy: Jeremy Darling…I mean Seth Gabel…no, I mean Jeremy Darling!! I was never expecting to have my DIRTY SEXY MONEY and FRINGE worlds collide, but AWESOME!!!! Too bad he ends up badly burned, thanks to Pyro-Girl…good thing medical care is better Over There.
  • Olivia: White bra wearing Olivia has a cool tattoo, a hot boyfriend to come home to, some serious style, red hair and BANGS!!! (Once again, just like DSM when Karen Darling got bangs and I was hung up on it for weeks – crazy!). Gotta say that other worldly Olivia is way cooler. I’d want to hang outside her window and watch myself, too – don’t worry about it, Olivia.
  • Walternate: Alternate Team Fringe was created based on the information that was revealed in Walter’s book, “ZFT”. “ZFT” revealed the existence of openings in the universe, beginning with one that happened on a lake (Peter’s kidnapping). Team Fringe was created to protect the universe from such events.

Who’s the Big Bad?

Someone is responsible for the storm that is coming, the war between worlds, but whether it is Bishop or Bell is still unclear. Walternate seems to be the likely candidate. He clearly is in a position of power, has a massive weapon at his disposal and, in Peter, its power source.

William Bell clearly can’t be ruled out of the running. He didn’t show up at the Central Park meeting location, but Alt Team Fringe did. Olivia may have made it out ok, but when we last saw Walter he was falling over from a gunshot wound. William Bell shows up outside of Alt Olivia’s apartment, presumably to help, but who really knows. Maybe the William Bell from the universe that we know really is to be trusted, but Alt-William Bell is not. Where is Alt-Bell anyway? Shouldn’t he be turning up somewhere? Maybe next week….

Tune in next week for Over There, Part 2, the exciting conclusion of the Fringe season finale!!!

Your thoughts on last night’s episode?

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